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So we gonna fix Nurse or what ?

Okay, so whoever plays Nurse or is a Nurse main knows the pain you have to go through to play her atm.

I do not care nor I'm talking about the nerfs, they were necessary, but holy macaroni Nurse has so many game losing bugs.

The number of times I've lost a hit or even a game through a stupid bug is countless, so I'm gonna name a couple of the bugs I know of, may miss some since I'm writing this out the top of my head.

1. There's the bug where your 2nd blink starts bugging out and you hear the blinking sound over and over while not being able to use your 2nd blink then going into fatigue and the bug persists for a good amount of time before magically fixing then starting again.

2. There's the bug where you just can't blink through anything even though you've charged your blink fully, which gets x10 times worse when you're on Haddonfield where literally half of your blinks don't go through.

3. The bug where you're near the basement and you look up to blink forward but it just takes you to the basement anyway and you just lose the survivor for no reason.

4. There's the bug that you get slowed the hell down whenever you pick up a survivor or sometimes after hitting a survivor with your 2nd blink and sometimes the first blink, which loses you a lot of distance.

5. And the most infuriating one for me, when you charge your blink fully and it proceeds to do what Nurse mains call a baby blink (as if you've just tapped RMB) which 9 times out of 10 makes you lose the survivor since you had to charge your blink fully to get to them.

and I'm not even gonna talk about how many times Nurse's auto-aim screwed us over near edges and lost us lunges that were hits (This happens 24/7 on the stranger things' map which has a lot of objects to hit)

And that's about some of the things I remember at the moment, believe me, there are more.

I want to say that this is a topic that concerns killer/Nurse mains so if you're a survivor main who wants to comment "oH bUt ThE nUrSe iS oP" even after the nerfs, don't waste your energy.



  • ClocksoClockso Member Posts: 853
    edited February 2020

    the pitiful thing is that these bugs existed before her nerf, how did they not fix it and give her a chase music as well since it's considered a killer update, the nerf itself wasn't well thought out and was clearly rushed, i like staring at a survivor gaining ground on me while i sit around waiting for my 2 blinks to recharge, super fun and interactive

  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 2,159

    It's not their priority right now. Easy like that.

  • AcromioAcromio Member Posts: 1,737
    edited February 2020

    They won't, because survivors, somehow, still manage to get rekt by a killer that you counter by holding Shift+W.

  • OrangeJackOrangeJack Member Posts: 464
    edited February 2020

    You should add aim assist/ aim dressing. This affects all killers but Its by far the worst on her since you need to land a hit quickly before fatigue.

    These bugs aren't even rare btw.

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  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 5,049

    The bugs are unreal and the amount of times I lose hits to aim dressing is insane. Not a single game goes by where I don't encounter 2 bugs within a minute and visibly rubberband to smack a box instead of a survivor.

  • wisdomwielderwisdomwielder Member Posts: 319

    I can confirm most of these. I'd really love to f**king play Nurse right now but I can't because of these stupid bugs, and it just seems to get worse with every update. If survivors were wondering why they don't see Nurse anymore, this is why. 🙃

  • JC316JC316 Member Posts: 693

    Ask yourself this on any bug in this game... Does it affect survivor fun? If the answer is yes, it will be fixed within days. If the answer is no, it might be fixed in a year or two.

  • xllxENIGMAxllxxllxENIGMAxllx Member Posts: 923

    I play her every single day and yes she's bugged. She's my favorite killer but it's becoming frustrating with these bugs. Hawkings please god help me she's so buggy on this map.

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