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Doctor is cheated !

Well, we remove the old Freddy (because too "cheated"), the Demogorgon supposed to scare but is useless, Nurse nerve like never and like many other killers ... But we will make us a Doctor almost completely cheat ...!

I paid killers, who are useless, but we make a free killer completely cheated ..... Where is the logic?

It will be 8 games (8GAMES), in a loop .. is that all you find to attract people? I understand why there are people who no longer want to play!

The new killer doesn't even have the privilege of being a good one. LOL ! 🤣


  • NeaMainNON_TOXIC3NeaMainNON_TOXIC3 Member Posts: 260

    Ummmmmmmm.... i couldn't understand that

  • Fengmin200Fengmin200 Member Posts: 64
    edited February 2020

    That's not the truth ? He's a free killer, completely cheated. Everyone is playing it now and seriously it's no longer possible to play a game. The doctor is the only one able to slow down a game without perk! 🤣

    EDIT: it's for my english? Sorry but i use the translator.

  • NoodleNoodle Member Posts: 103

    I think a part of my brain just oozed out of my ears. I can't make heads or tails of this post. Killers are cheating or feeling cheated what is going on?

  • Fengmin200Fengmin200 Member Posts: 64
    edited February 2020

    Easy (Doctor is OP), or cheat, or maybe too strong? 🤨

  • UkilledLegionUkilledLegion Member Posts: 647

    Voice teamspeak its cheat :D doctor only killer

  • CardgreyCardgrey Member Posts: 1,421

    Who cheated him and of what ?

    not sure why I care as this is what my life used to be

  • Fengmin200Fengmin200 Member Posts: 64

    Lol, I play random !

    I play a lot Killer too, so i I know what I mean !


  • Realx128Realx128 Member Posts: 27

    Oh i get this now. Freddy was reworked cause he was weak, so OP says doc is weak

  • Fengmin200Fengmin200 Member Posts: 64

    Put the survivors to sleep yourself, invisible, etc. It was specific to Freddy.

    Anyway, Time will prove me right for the Doctor.

  • DreamnomadDreamnomad Member Posts: 2,847

    He is saying that Doctor is overpowered. He is also upset that Doctor is a free character but he paid for other killers that are now weaker. He's also not surprised that people don't want to play anymore because they keep going up against Doctors and aren't having fun. At least that is my version of interpreting his google translated text. Part of the problem is google translate and part of the problem is that he doesn't have a solid train of thought. But in a nutshell he doesn't like Doctor. Which I think he has a point. I enjoy playing as the Doctor but I hate playing against the Doctor as a survivor. It is just a miserable experience imho.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 14,114

    No, new Doc is not OP.

    The only reason he would be OP is if he were at low ranks, specifically sub Rank 10.

  • Fengmin200Fengmin200 Member Posts: 64
    Exactly! Thank you very much. I am learning English 


    I mean it's difficult, because when you receive a discharge you can't loop, and you have to shake yourself before you can continue ... No hide-and-seek, run or it's the hook, suddenly a pursuit is impossible because the Doctor wins in advance.

    I have been playing for 2 years, killer and survivor...🤣

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