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Crows Need To Shut Up!

Please for the love of God DBD can you PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE make a perk for the Killer that will make the crows shut up when you walk pass them! I hate going through a map and the stupid crow squawk at me when I'm walking by, that sound drives me nuts. Is their a way to silence those dang birds? If Jake can have a perk to make the birds be calm why can't the Killers have the same perk to make those crows shut up! Please tell me I'm not alone here because I love DBD very much but those crows make it hard for me to play when they are squawking every time I walk by. I know it's a minor thing and I know I should get use to it and you'd think after 2 years I'd be use to it but it's still annoying and I wanted to see if I was alone in this or if others agree with me.


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