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Release the new chapter tomorrow

KelluthienKelluthien Member Posts: 10
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Hi i am new on this forum, however i am a veteran in DBD playing since the release. I noticed a official post about the new chapter coming on march the 10. instead of tomorrow. The release of the chapter was usually two weeks after the PTB started, it was so all the time. Me and lots of people exited for the new chapter took vacation in the work to play and stream it, and all of the sudden you change your mind and take a week between? For what? I dont mean to be rude, however this game will aslways have bugs, we all know it whats the point for this delay? The excitement for the chapter will only fade by the time you release it. So i would humbly ask to reconsider this decision. I know it is not in stone that it must release 2 weeks after the PTB, but most people were use to it.

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