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Chains of Hate DLC March 10th CONFIRMED

SpirezSpirez Member Posts: 667


  • Salty_PearlSalty_Pearl Member Posts: 1,367

    We don't need an extra week though? It's just unnecessary...

  • ChopChop Member Posts: 32
  • TFjawbreakerTFjawbreaker Member Posts: 43

    I agree as well. I’m hoping the new killer is balanced and not too strong/weak, I’m just speaking on my play style. This new chapter seems very exciting and I don’t want them to rush if it’s not as polished as they’d like it to be

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,889

    My guess, it's taking longer to get through console certification.

  • MistikusMistikus Member Posts: 1,348
  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946

    What I find kinda lame about this is that the next tome is also next week.... could have been nice if we had either the new DLC or the new Tome this week to have something to do.

    Are the cosmetics also kidna moved with the DLC or is that not related at all?

  • xChrisxxChrisx Member Posts: 917

    Im disappointed, its time to play civ

  • brokedownpalacebrokedownpalace Member Posts: 8,267

    Sounds good to me! Obviously I want to play it ASAP but if waiting an extra week means a more polished experience then I'm all for it

  • MistikusMistikus Member Posts: 1,348
  • theArashitheArashi Member Posts: 998

    So extra week. Makes me wonder if this extra week will somehow affect the typical, BHVR style, not trigger happy change within 2 weeks after every killer release that drastically changes how killer performes.

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,666
    edited March 2020

    Well, ######### me, i am busy all day the 10th and tomorrow I have just about enough time to play.

    I hope the delay at least is worth it :T

  • A_Can_Of_AirA_Can_Of_Air Member Posts: 1,527
    edited March 2020

    Well it does get pretty annoying when the community is left to speculate a release date for a content drop that really, should have a release date by now. If they really did plan to release the DLC a week later, I find it odd that they said nothing until the last minute. It’s also very likely that little will change between now and next week.

    People are allowed to be angry and express it, especially when the developers lack the co-ordination to keep the community well informed. It’s pretty much standard nowadays.

  • K1LLR0CKNR0LLK1LLR0CKNR0LL Member Posts: 175

    You guys at BHVR do what you have to. So excited for Deathslinger!

  • JakConstantineJakConstantine Member Posts: 117

    Not a surprise though considering they needs to be balancing with the new upcoming stuff. Deathslinger needs a buff, sabotaging hooks needs a balance, new matchmaking needs to work etc. Hopefully some of the changes will be put in the PTB before it becomes live so we can test them out first.

  • dastrudastru Member Posts: 165

    whaat? bhvr delaying an update? that's like... unheard of

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