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another week i wont be playing.

so chapters delayed, yay! a whole week for such a little tweaks. guess ill add that week onto the other 2/3weeks i havent played this broken as game, after 2+ years i can honestly say this is the lowest DBD has ever been. you have lack of killers, red ranks versing yellows, red ranks that cant lead on chases or touch gens, multiple bugs that are still in the game, xbox dont have working servers... do i really need to continue. shame, i enjoyed this game so much but its just been going down hill recently.


  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 4,511

    Wow what a rant for a whole week for dlc.

    As if the dlc will fix the issues you're complaining about at all.

    You act like you would he coming back for the dlc with all the issues you state are rampant.

    And then come back here to complain about them?

    Why not just either quit, and dont tell everyone (bc nobody cares), or realize that them having it release a week later than normal has nothing to do with what you're ranting about, and wouldnt change why you're complaining in the first place.

  • EleghostEleghost Member Posts: 817

    uh what are you playing on? i'm pretty sure they set an all time high recently on steam. Also there is ton's of survivors because if played decently it's almost impossible to lose.

  • mrdeadmrdead Member Posts: 51

    Um? Bye for now, I guess?

    Nobody cares?

  • mrdeadmrdead Member Posts: 51

    And releasing later is pretty much always a good thing

  • BulletsNonstopBulletsNonstop Member Posts: 364

    Why is there a lack of killers though? It’s too fun to be a killer. If anything the ones that are leaving are the ones that complain because...what, they can’t get their 4Ks as often as they used to? But I feel it’s the opposite, killers still have good systems in place and it really can be frustrating to play survivor. I don’t enjoy watching my team get slaughtered and walk out with 5K points while killers reap it in. If they buff killers anymore than they already have been have fun finding one less survivor in the lobby. SWF is necessary or at least consistent communication. I see people complain about that ######### and that’s what makes me wanna quit. Just complain about everything for these killers. Kills should be harder to get anything that speeds up that process is really ######### up because that’s less points I’m getting at the end of a match playing survivor. To all killers I say have fun, get YOUR POINTS, GET WHO YOU CAN and if you don’t get people move on. Don’t complain because people DS’d you or stun you with a ######### flashlight. It’s dumb. just because you get your ass kicked as a killer don’t let that get to you. So what the other 4 people are supposed to be your bitches every game? Get the ######### outta here.

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