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kicking gens is literally and absolutely useless



  • TunnelVisionTunnelVision Member Posts: 1,310

    You're most welcome!

    That's going to be 50$ please sir..

  • fleshboxfleshbox Member Posts: 494

    This 2 out and 2 die scenario is so rare it is not even funny. In over 100 games i played as surv 2 out was maybe %5. Id have to do the math to see the actual percentage. Most were 4ks. Followed by 3k. Then 1k, Then 0k. Then 1k. In that order.

  • iBetClaudetteiBetClaudette Member Posts: 299

    Lol, I do my worst against GhostFace. My Claudette is usually crushed by him

  • PapiQuentin_PapiQuentin_ Member Posts: 889

    Are you like ok?

    There's GAME BALANCE for a reason. Both sides are to have an equal chance and the skill of the players is what determines the outcome.

    But sure we'll have 4 survivors load into a match and each of them know they only have a 25% chance of survival. Get outta here.

    Survivors work as a team to get out. Killers kill.

    You're probably one of those people that thought insta mori was fine.

    And realism isn't an excuse, survivors literally backrub each other to heal after being sliced by a chainsaw and put on a meat hook to be sacrificed by a spider-like entity. Not to mention survivors never tire, always know how to repair generators and fall from great heights unscathed.

    The game isn't meant to be realistic or follow a trope. It's a game that requires balance.

    Deal with it

  • K1LLR0CKNR0LLK1LLR0CKNR0LL Member Posts: 165

    Maybe your just not good at GF?

  • LordEmrichLordEmrich Member Posts: 258

    The GAME BALANCE is that I have am by myself and have powers and as such I'm going against multiple powerless people alone.

    This is literally the only game in this genre where the 4 is more powerful than the 1 (with the exception of Evolve where the power role shifted from the 4 to the 1 as the monster evolved).

    It's like they sat around and were like, "Let's make a game based around horror movies, make Killers based around horror movie Killers and get some actual licensed horror movie Killers!"

    "That sounds like a great idea! But instead of the Survivors being afraid of the Killers let's make it so it's encouraged to run straight up to them and dance around and block them with their body while also making it almost impossible for the Killer to win!"

    " Oh my gosh I think we have a gold mine here!"

    And if course all the people who suck at playing Survivor in the other games where the Killer is the actual power role they came in droves once they realized they could no effort this game as a Survivor.

    And here I am today waiting for Last Year to get to consoles so I can uninstall this game.

  • undeadcookieundeadcookie Member Posts: 198

    A 4v1 is inherently imbalanced. If you want perfect balance, then asymmetrical games aren't your thing. The 1 needs to have insane power over the 4 in exchange for not having the benefits of teamwork and communication.

  • RaptorrotasRaptorrotas Member Posts: 2,469
  • deadbyhitboxdeadbyhitbox Member Posts: 1,113
    edited March 2020

    This game hasn't been stealth focused in a long time. There is literally nothing wrong with 2 kills and 2 escapes. Even if they balance it more for that, you're still going to be getting 3-4 if you're a good player.

    Nearly every horror game that has a dominant power role fails. It's almost like people play for FUN and not realism that hands one side the majority of the fun.

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,677

    I'd have to disagree. I've had gens that I've kicked completely regress before, but more importantly, it's a very good source of information.If you don't know where anyone is, kicking any gen with progress is a great way to find them. The second you see one isn't sparking anymore, you know there's someone around.

    There's definitely some though required in when to kick as well. If you kick every gen you see, you're just wasting your time.

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    Brutal Strength, Fire Up, Overcharge, and Pop Goes The Weasel. You need to be running at least one of these perks to give kicking gens any real value against strong survivors.

  • LiunUKLiunUK Member Posts: 875

    i think my main issue with how damaging gens works is how it takes a full animation for the killer only to make it regress at -8x of repair speed only for the survivor to just tap a button as they run past it mid chase to completely stop the regression mabey make it so a survivor touching a regressing gen has the same effect as after failing a skill check where progress is paused for a couple seconds and if the survivor lets go too soon the regression continues?

  • PapiQuentin_PapiQuentin_ Member Posts: 889

    Cant wait for it to come to consoles so ridiculously sensitive people like you are gone from this game.

    "If I want survivors dead then they should die no matter what"

    Get outta here, everyone is to have an equal chance REGARDLESS of what horror movies say

  • siren_sorceresssiren_sorceress Member Posts: 321

    Sorry try playing r1 Myers in 2017. That was when the game was actually survivor sided. And kicking gens is not useless. You wanna know why that was implemented? (assuming nobody in the thread already mentioned this). It was bc survivors would 99 gens and then go to the next one. Killers would have no idea which gens survs were working on and youd suddenly have like 4 gens pop at once.

    Trust me, you new killers have no idea how much better you have it now. And if you cant handle not 4king every game and having to learn tiles you have multiple s tier killers to brainlessly 4k every game now.

  • TheEdMaverickTheEdMaverick Member Posts: 101

    You gotta be kidding me, even Last Year survivors can kill the killer multiple times and survivors that have communication works better as a team.

    DBD is balance with 1 killer and 4 survivors, nowadays the killer has been buffed like the times to carry a survivor, the time to put him to the hook, the audio can be heard closely to 12m of a gen, the pallets are now vital and less, etc. Being a killer and have 3k and 1 scape as the average isn't fun. As a killer you need to think how to mindgame them and where to go and wich one chase, 2 and 2 with both optimal sounds balance but 3? lol you want killers flyin'

  • thefallenloserthefallenloser Member Posts: 1,227

    I main Ghostie and can get Merciless Killer pretty often. Doesn't mean Ghostie is great or anything. Any killer can get a merciless victory. He does need a few changes.

  • ArxaionArxaion Member Posts: 104

    How would you feel about a small 3-5% regression added to kicking generators (essentially a miniature PGTW). That small of a percentage doesn't take hardly any time to re-repair, but if you go back too soon and the killer notices, it becomes a bit more punishing after a second kick and patrol / chase.

  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,677

    I wouldn't be passionately against it, but I do think if someone's tapping it like that, you probably kicked it at a bad time. Though if such a thing were to happen, I'd like to see that same amount knocked off of PGTW as to not indirectly buff an already very strong perk.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,329

    One thing I find why kick gen does nothing against good Survivors, is the time Killers pay to kick the gen (3sec), is much longer than the tapping (0.5sec) to make the regressing stop. However, for Killers, you have to get those 3sec animation complete to make the gen regressed.

    We here all saw people tap gen in mid chase before.

    I think there must be startup animation to make thing works. Repair gen should have at least 2sec startup animation before it make progressing

  • ArxaionArxaion Member Posts: 104

    @C3Tooth I've noticed that as well, sort of slipped my mind. The fact that a survivor can so much as breathe on a generator to stop its regression is a little much. Maybe add something like you said with a start-up to working on the generator, or make a survivor working on a regressing generator simply pause its regression for three seconds - then allow progression to kick in.

  • LordEmrichLordEmrich Member Posts: 258

    Correct but in Last Year the Killer can completely dominate and end the game 5 minutes in.

    A 3k sounds completely reasonable. If you don't have fun losing then why would you pick the weak role? You FREELY pick the role you know is weak and is probably going to lose but expect to have fun even though you know you're probably going to lose? You can't make losing fun unless you just enjoy losing.

    They died because people like you don't understand what you're walking into when you download the game. You pick the Survivor side because you like that extreme challenge of being at a great disadvantage and like to overcome adversity. Not because you think you should win every single match at this great disadvantage. In case you missed it:

  • ClickyClickyClickyClicky Member Posts: 3,536

    GF isnt weak at all.

    Kicking gens is useless though. It should have probably applied like 5% regression by default. Otherwise you just get 2 survivors back to back tapping a gen with no punishment

  • Reborn2020Reborn2020 Member Posts: 1,138

    I guess you were already losing a game and you kicked gen in hope its going to help you thats why you think its useless. Be smarter than that.

  • ImmortalReaverImmortalReaver Member Posts: 243

    I mean, why not? That's what survivors do. Even skillchecks are too hard 😂

  • Ghost_Face_MainGhost_Face_Main Member Posts: 590

    I play Ghost Face rank 1 with no issues regarding gen control. You just need to know what you are doing to keep people on their toes. You are definitely suffering from several mistakes if you've lost several times under the same issue.

  • deadbyhitboxdeadbyhitbox Member Posts: 1,113
    edited March 2020

    Yeah no. I walk into the game to play both sides and have an equal chance to win on either of them. Like I said, the amount of people who want to fight a losing battle in 90% of the matches they play are so minuscule. You'd be foolish to accommodate to those people rather than the majority. This is a game. Not a horror movie.

    You said it best yourself, "You can't make losing fun unless you just enjoy losing."

    This is why almost all games that balance around a dominating power role fail miserably. I'm thankful DBD has not followed the path of failure that other games have.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,374

    Useless to kick generators.

    Challenges us to play Ghostface.


  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 2,236

    Overcharge does literally nothing to prevent gen tapping. It's the only skill check in the game that lets you cancel the action and still complete the skill check while you're running.

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