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So the new desired killer meta is camping?



  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 3,014
    edited February 2020

    Hooks are definitely not close enough together. Often I only have time to make it to a single hook, depending on the map. Just got done with a match where I downed a Claudette near the exit gate. I couldn't hook her right at the gate, because I had someone hooked there already. I did NOT have time to make it to another hook, she got free, and escaped. That's with me KNOWING I couldn't hook her at the first hook. Now imagine a survivor showing up and sabotaging a hook in 2.5 seconds, where I don't know I need to head for a different hook before I get there. And as for just leaving her there.. well she had unbreakable. (Everyone in that match did.)

  • thefallenloserthefallenloser Member Posts: 1,227

    The only nerf was to SWF, actually lol? That was the entire reason for the change. Sabotage is actually much easier to pull off in solo-queue now.

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 2,246

    This is the thing most people have trouble to understand, endgame with the sabo changes will just be a free escape. What you gonna do as killer with gates opened and nothing to hook somebody on? Down people as much as you like.

  • Atrushan88Atrushan88 Member Posts: 2,083
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    Funny how the killer saw the saboteur right there and STILL walked immediately to the hook he was saboing instead of turning around like a smart killer would do. Totally a buff to sabo because you can already be saboing the ONE HOOK in front of the killer and then body blocking him as he continues going to the ones farthest away on your side of the map instead of making you walk past him to the hooks behind him where he's likely to get the hook. Yeah, totally game breaking gameplay right there. Not the killer's fault in that scenario AT ALL.

    Also second clip, clearly has someone on a hook. Old sabo would not have anyone on the hook at all all game. Few clips after in the new map killer completely ignoring sabo guy, while walking to the same hook over and over. Nothing to see here. At this point I'd think this was a custom game where the killer was TRYING to make it look overpowered by showing clips of him playing like a complete numbskull. There was one situation in which two different solos were saboing hooks, that he was having trouble but that was because of hook placements being so far away in every angle(you can see the hooks) on Haddonfield, but even in that situation, he could have slugged that person and chaced the guy who posted the clip, got them both. There's a lot of situations(most if not all) where the killer just was being stupid in that video. "Sabo OP, not killer bad!".

    Really? How is it easier? Pre saboing hooks is a lot more useful than that because anyone can undo it with a toolbox. Once had a game where a solo player was 99ing hooks, and I saw him doing it to one, a Myers was chasing me, and I happened to have a toolbox and ran to that hook to drop it right before I went down at the gates. He pretty much just stood there over me and memed for the rest of the game while also just camping me until I died, lol. Definitely couldn't do that with these changes.

    This is pretty much the only time you'll face this scenario though, and even then if you act directly you can go to that other hook. Either the person trying to stop you has to go down, or you get your hook. In your scenario though I imagine you downed her INSIDE the exit gates. If that's the case then yeah it's gonna be pretty hard. You can't expect two hooks side by side or another one right outside the exit gates. That'd be stupid. The only thing they could do in that scenario is make the exit gates themselves the actual escape for the game, where you walk right through and get out, but I don't think they'd do that and it'd probably nerf survivors pretty damn hard. because hooks during EGC are usually gotten with NOED or something and it doesn't give you time to try to heal up(if there isn't NOED), and coordinate a save among other things. It'd also probably be a nerf to Blood Warden because survivors won't be cramped up in that hallway.

  • Whiskers93Whiskers93 Member Posts: 95

    Thing is is that you cant get to a new hook from the one your going to in the time it takes to struggle free

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 5,855
    edited March 2020

    There's no point arguing with them - They're clearly biased and also lacking in general game knowledge.

    I'd suggest looking at their earlier replies in the topic (stuff like not knowing killer is slower than survivor while carrying - which is a huge concern regarding this change, etc).

  • Whiskers93Whiskers93 Member Posts: 95

    What I'm thinking is Aggitation or iron will, nurses calling, pgtw and mad grit

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