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Make all offerings hidden to opposing team

Might_OakkMight_Oakk Member Posts: 1,243

Noticing more and more dcs in loading screen as soon as a survivor sees a hidden killer offering (mori) or a killer sees an unfavourable map.

Make it so all killer offerings are hidden to survivors and vice versa. Survivors can still see each other's offerings.


  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 7,391

    That would take years of discussion and more years to implement.

    They're a small development team, damnit!

  • ImmortalReaverImmortalReaver Member Posts: 243

    I approve of this message. People would still quit if they got that map but at least there's a chance that you would get a different map instead.

  • ToybasherToybasher Member Posts: 903

    Really we just need more hidden offerings. I saw a suggestion somewhere that the Scratched/Cut Coins (Less chest offerings) should be secret, and the same amount of chests spawn, only empty. Meaning when a Coin is used survivors have to open the chests to rule out if it's a mori or not and survivors waste time opening possibly empty chests. (Normally less chests mean more survivors on objectives)

    Currently 99% of secret offerings are Mori. The only "secret" is which kind of Mori and it's just cheesy to see the black offering not flip over like gee whiz I wonder what it could be.

  • DehitayDehitay Member Posts: 1,723

    While I agree that most offerings should be hidden. I don't think bloodpoint offerings should be. It vastly changes how I play if I know somebody brought party streamers into the game.

  • oh_0koh_0k Member Posts: 712

    what @Toybasher said, it's the lack of hidden offerings that make the offerings that are "secret" not secret at all

    some offerings that should be secret are:

    Black and White ward

    All the coin offerings

    The oak offerings

    Luck offerings

    With that they could definitely add more offerings as well

    (killer) Broken watch: Decrease the end game collapse timer

    (survivor) Shiny watch: Increase the endgame collapse timer

    (killer) Reeking Trashbag: Decrease the rarity of items in chest

    (survivor) Expensive Briefcase: Increases the rarity of items in chest

    (killer) 13th floor elevator button: Considerably decreases luck to all survivors

  • BigTimeGamerBigTimeGamer Member Posts: 1,752
    edited March 2020

    I mean i will still DC as huntress on a garbage map

    a DC penalty is worth not wasting my time

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 3,144

    I would like to know if BP offerings were used.

  • MrjuiceMrjuice Member Posts: 94

    Except BP offerings others should be secret.

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,667

    okay but survivors who burn haddonfun offerings deserve to have the killer dc in the loading screen

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