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NOED shouldn’t reward the killer for doing poorly



  • SquirrelKnightSquirrelKnight Member Posts: 951

    I build an endgame build, remember me, blood warden, noed and one various perk.usually pgtw. My bad

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807

    Current DS and old MoM reward failure.

    BT and NOED mitigate failure.

    The difference is that with DS, I would rather be downed and DS the Killer than not be downed. And MoM gives you a health state for being hit, again making you better off than not being hit.

    However while BT and NOED give you a power boost relative to not having the perk, you are still worse off compared to if you had just succeeded to begin with.

  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,966

    Survivors control if NOED activates. . . I don't think I'll ever be able to understand the thinking that it rewards 'bad' killers, when they themselves dictate if it gets into play or not.

  • ToybasherToybasher Member Posts: 903

    IMHO NOED is fine. I do think it can be "Abused" as a crutch but it can be countered by doing all the totems. Killer plays without a perk slot until the end. Survivors have plenty of 2nd chance perks. (Dead Hard for Distance can't be baited and it's basically a "Oh no I screwed up at this loop imma just DH for distance and get another loop out of ironworks god window etc." perk. DS is being flat-out abused as a godmode for 60 seconds perk.)

    I feel like I'm the only one doing totems when I play survivor although I use Detective's Hunch. It's as if survivors are flying through gens as fast as possible without even attempting to do a single dull totem. They do that, they accept the risk the killer could possibly be running NOED.

  • IrisoraIrisora Member Posts: 1,326

    I dont have a problem with noed getting nerf/removed if all perks that gives a free escape for survivors are reworked too. Free escapes and free kills shouldn't be a thing in the game. It don't feel fair at all.

  • Polychrome_BakuPolychrome_Baku Member Posts: 404

    This obsession with 100% fairness will doom this game. Dead by Daylight is the only game where everyone wants everything to be 10000% balanced in every conceivable way possible.

  • Polychrome_BakuPolychrome_Baku Member Posts: 404

    I'm thankful you cleared this up. The people complaining about NOED don't seem to understand the purpose of endgame perks. Nor do they realize that any killer running NOED is using 3 perks for the whole trial. Maybe you guys should turn it back into a regular perk that can't be preemptively deactivated like it was before. Then they'll have something to complain about.

  • CountVampyrCountVampyr Member Posts: 1,050

    I did 4 totems an hour ago and NOED still activated because apparently I was the only one actively looking for totems. Talk about annoying!

  • IrisoraIrisora Member Posts: 1,326

    Well that's because it lacks balance in a lot of aspects. If it wasn't the case, probably not many people would come here to discuss. Its all for a better gameplay experience for survivor and killer.

  • BigBrainMegMainBigBrainMegMain Member Posts: 3,826

    It was 0 requirements to activate other than leaving a totem alive.

    It should at least have more requirements. Remove the totem, and give it heavy requirements.

  • DBD_PinheadDBD_Pinhead Member Posts: 721

    If a killer 3 or 4Ks because survs didn't do bones, that's an utter failure on their part and not because of a "crutch" perk. One "crutch" perk that can be easily negated is nowhere near as bad an issue as the multiples awarded to survs. The only thing bad about NOED now is that other hex perks are useless to run anymore, further restricting build variety.

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 5,854

    Do the bones,

    Make it home.

    Pass them by,

    Prepare to die.


  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    This nails it exactly, if you’re going to “gen rush,” that is fine I mean it is the primary objective... but ignoring totems is a risky play

  • emptyCupsemptyCups Member Posts: 1,262

    Are you downed and killed while the exit gates are powered ? Then boi do I have the solution... it's called open the gate and leave or exit out the hatch.

    Seriously... if the killer is far open it before he gets there. If ur gate is close to the killer wait till he gets there looks and then turns to the next gate, you will have the time open before he returns.

    If solo get hatch.

    If hatch closed and the gates are together and you have no perks and you dont bring items and your team is dead and your awful awful awful at the game then...

    then look inside the 4-6 boxes on the map for a key open the hatch and leave I mean... at a certain point it's on you

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    To agree with you and partially add my own view, the constant split between survivor and killer will be the end of this game.

  • 28_stabs28_stabs Member Posts: 1,474

    Its Adrenaline counter. Why only survivors must have counters to everything killers have?

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,876

    Is two reasons they simply just like the perk or they want to run an end game build.

    The opportunity to use head on doesn't come up every single match but I still like equipping that perk I don't have to have a reason.

    People really need to get off their high horse when it comes to no one escapes death.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,876

    It really isn't I've run solo survivor before just with small games and I've been able to destroy most of the totems on the map in fact I could even give them up a quick clean sweep just to make sure my perk doesn't go off.

    If no one escapes death is such a problem as a solo survivor equip small games and occasionally just run around the map to find totems if you don't want to do that don't complain

  • KwikwittedKwikwitted Member Posts: 641

    Again, symptom of the disease, not the disease itself.

    You don't think it's possible that the destruction of old Hex:Ruin which was crucial for a lot of killers to counter early generator pressure, particularly M1 dependent killers who needed that pressure cause maps are so ridiculously huge, caused a lot of those killers to decide to supplement with a perk that is powerful at endgame do you? Like, they've noticed that since no one is running ruin anymore (except me but I run it with surveillance for sweet, sweet, information more than anything) survivors just seem to ignore totems altogether as there's no point in risking a haunted ground pop and the other hex totem perks are mostly useless?

    I mean the old Hex: Ruin was usually gone in the first minute of the game, so many killers ended up with three perks anyway, they've just flipped their power spike from early game to late game. Even better, this is countered the same way Ruin was.

    Do Bones, you idiot.

  • IronKnight55IronKnight55 Member Posts: 2,383

    Iagree with the OP. It needs some changes in my opinion.

  • Mert_MKMert_MK Member Posts: 631

    It actually does reward bad killers though.

    The other day i got downed very early in the match because my CTRL key was stuck. He hooks me, someone unhooks and he immadietely downs me again before i could move. I DS him, he ignores everyone and everything (of course, why wouldn't he, he's got NOED) and tunnels. I run him for 4 gens and get hooked again, i tell the others not to save and finish the gen instead. They finished when i died on hook and Wraith manages to get to them before they could open the gate and slugs 2 people with NOED. The last one standing couldn't do much because gates were in a very bad position and he eventually got found and downed too.

    You can't do all gens and totems when someone is being tunneled. Now imagine this mess on a map like Hawkins, Lery's or Gideon, big yikes.

    Make it require the Killer to do something at least, i'd rather have that and see the perk get activated every game than this bs.

  • DehitayDehitay Member Posts: 1,723

    What kind of limited fractions of playerbases have you been dealing with in what games that players don't want their game to be as balanced as possible? I've never played a single game where balance wasn't highly desired by the vast majority of the playerbase.

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 5,033

    Yes, actually I would. I've suggested in the past it should be on a timer. Each hook would earn a stack. Each stack would add to the timer. You'd then have a perk that helps the killer in the end game that rewards them for playing well. The better they play, the more powerful it becomes. It has the added benefit of being no longer in the survivors hands.

  • AshleyWBAshleyWB Member Posts: 4,062

    Why should killers be the only side punished for 'playing bad' which is usually out of control to them in the first place.

    Survivors can play as bad as they like and will always have a decent chance of survival or contributing to the team in some way. Don't take the only thing killers have to play cheaply away.

  • ImmortalReaverImmortalReaver Member Posts: 243

    DS shouldn't reward players for playing poorly. Adrenaline shouldn't reward players for playing poorly. DH shouldn't reward players for playing poorly. Unbreakable shouldn't reward players for playing poorly.

    Do I need to name more?

  • Foxfire47Foxfire47 Member Posts: 227

    Time and time again when I see these kind of posts of people whining about NOED, you're not doing the other objective which is cleansing totems. Cleansing totems is an easy 1000 points and 1500 points for hex totems. Why is this hard for survivors to comprehend? There is usually a set pattern for the totems. Make note of their locations every time you play. Yeah it's randomized but it's a good to take mental notes on where they are.

    NOED is not rewarding killers who fail. NOED makes endgame a lot more tense to where survivors actually have to fear for their lives. It makes the game more interesting. Survivors who complain about NOED are usually the ones that hide and hold M1 the entire game. What's the point in playing this game if you're going to do the same thing over and over again? Whenever I play survivor, I cleanse totems and hey if I managed to miss one and it activates as NOED, then game on. It's a fun and thrilling challenge to try and find the totem.

    Seriously, to any survivors that read this, suck it up and do totems instead of holding M1 on generators all the time. I really am tired of people still whining about NOED. DO BONES NEXT TIME.

  • bonsaibeardbonsaibeard Member Posts: 40

    I get so much satisfaction out of running detective’s hutch now with the increase in NOED usage. I CRAVE TOTEM. I MUST HAVE TOTEMS. NOMNOMNOM feed me the bones

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,666

    okay but to be fair almost every survivor meta perk rewards failure

    dead hard? you made a mistake, but its corrected by this perk

    sprint burst? your caught out of position but can quickly get to a loop

    unbreakable? you got downed and slugged (still think its a fine perk, but it does reward failure)

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