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Ruin nerf motivated me to start learning nurse and i do have to say I’m impressed ( console)

I play on Xbox and PS4, sometimes pc but I don’t have much on pc so I stick to console. Since ruin was nerfed I couldn’t play as well as I used to I used to get consistent 2-4 kills a game with my freddy build but since ruin its very inconsistent from 0-2 kills, so I deicied to throw away everything and try nurse. A little after I went into a Kyf on console and the killer said they were a baby nurse but as soon as I got in she completely destroyed us, this made me realize “ holy ######### nurse is actually good on console “. So I kept practicing, and here I am now a decent nurse player. I’m able to wipe out most teams unless they are very good, I’m currently rank 6. I don’t know if I should be thankful for the ruin nerf because I have a lot of fun playing nurse


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