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I must admit, matchmaking suddenly got better?

Played three games tonight and people there were around my rank. And it felt... not so frustrating to play? Like I was even able to get 3-4 k and at the same time it wasn't boring. Could this be that Behaviour did a good job or is it just a coincidence?


  • MrjuiceMrjuice Member Posts: 94

    JUST A COINCIDENCE. I am still facing red ranks from green ranks.

  • deolliedeollie Member Posts: 168

    Not sure. I was playing killer as a green rank and I was getting some red and higher purple ranks earlier today 🤷😂

  • ImmortalReaverImmortalReaver Member Posts: 243

    Don't be fooled by playing just three matches. It's still as broken as it has been.

  • MewMew Member Posts: 1,667

    yeah, me too. for some reason tho my killer queues started taking longer while mt survivor queues were almost instant, which is weird bc killer queues are usually instant while survivor takes liks 5 mins.

    anyway, got a rank 1 bubba with rank 4 teammates, was actually fun to play

  • mmainmmain Member Posts: 430

    Played a match a few minutes ago with a rank 1 killer and the lowest rank rank survivor was a 10. There was actually a rank 17 survivor in the match.

  • poplavokpoplavok Member Posts: 40

    yeah, never mind I guess?

  • CotJockyCotJocky Member Posts: 199

    Matchmaking is still screwed up and survivor lobbies are still painfully long. No changes here. Occasionally get a survivor lobby under 2 minutes, but not often.

  • UrbanEvasionGamerUrbanEvasionGamer Member Posts: 39

    Obviously the matchmaking is still broken, as 3-4 kills is overperforming according to the devs themselves. Matchmaking is not fixed at all, it was just skewed in your favor this time so you didn't notice.

    Also, 3 games is not a great sample size.

  • Immersed_PlayerImmersed_Player Member Posts: 3

    I have never been loved by the matchmaking system. EVERYTIME I PLAY KILLER I PLAY AGAINST RED RANKS BUT IM RANK 14. I conclude that your recent experience is just a case of better luck than salty lips.

  • HellDescentHellDescent Member Posts: 4,505

    Nah it's still the same

  • poplavokpoplavok Member Posts: 40
    edited March 2020

    Couple more, actually. And some games it was 1-2k but still felt fair

  • Cheeki_Beaky_BirdCheeki_Beaky_Bird Member Posts: 148

    Nope. Still going against at least 2 red ranks a game despite being in green.

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