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Why do an overwhelming amount of players not use cosmetics?

teatea Member Posts: 102

Basically title. Cosmetics are one of the best things in the game, imo, other than the actual gameplay itself. It keeps the game visually fresh and it's fun to customize different outfits.

Playerbases from games like Overwatch and Fortnite are huge on skins and customization. But in DbD I mostly see characters in their default clothes or bloody prestiges. Especially strange to me since so many cosmetics can be bought with shards without spending a dime.



  • batax90batax90 Member Posts: 879

    You see i mostly play killer and cosmetic on them are useless you dont see them so i will never pay for that and the game you mention you can unlock a lot of skin just by playing while in DBD the skin you unlock by playing are the bloody one and dont forget you pay for the game you pay for some character and if you add skin on top of that this can be expensive for some people specially when every new patch come with a bug or 2

  • teatea Member Posts: 102

    I usually see around 1/4 players using some sort of store cosmetics. Almost everyone uses the base free ones or the bloody ones. Been playing since '16 and it's always been this way, even after the Store went live in 2.0.

  • RezblazeRezblaze Member Posts: 714

    Yeah you don't even have to pay for full sets. I pay for the best looking bits that go together well.

  • PigMainClaudettePigMainClaudette Member Posts: 3,842

    Well, I like the idea of NOT BEING SEEN, so buying a neon or bright outfit really doesn't help me and I buy all the DLC outside of Leatherface (hate his playerbase and kit) and Ash (never going to use those perks!) but if they were to go on a mad sale, then I would.

    And none of them look that good for Yui. I get the idea, but it doesn't work on me.

  • GcarraraGcarrara Member, Mod Posts: 1,889

    Personally, i like playing with a character on default customizations. I do this on most games tho', not only on DBD. That is to say i won't switch sometime when i feel like it, but 90% of the time you'll find me with default outfits. 😄

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 2,051

    Only one reason. Too expensive, even with shards

  • TunnelVisionTunnelVision Member Posts: 1,223

    I just refuse t spend money on cosmetics when there are other things more pressing in terms of fixes. When the game becomes more stable on console, maybe i'll be inclined to spend some cash. It's a shame console optimization is just a myth.

  • CountVampyrCountVampyr Member Posts: 1,050

    Most of the cosmetics cost more than the characters themselves. I think that it’s rather ridiculous. Gee, should I pay $5 for a survivor or killer I don’t have access to or $12 for a silly outfit for one I already own? What to do... what to do...

  • Brucecastro81Brucecastro81 Member Posts: 1,609


  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 3,670

    I cant bring myself to pay for cosmetics . I'm sitting on like 87000 shards and my son is like spend some.

    On what....a pretty dress. No thanks

  • SleepyWilloSleepyWillo Member Posts: 1,768

    I have a bunch but find that I get tunnelled and camped if I wear anything as the majority of cosmetics are apparently "toxic"...

  • fleshboxfleshbox Member Posts: 494

    I do not want to draw attention to myself as i find it hard enough to get away from the killer. If i really want to get away i have to use all perk slots just to do that. Iron Will, Dance with me, Lighweight and SB. All just to get away cos i cant do 360's and disappear like some people do. I am an old man. The hands and reflexes are not what they were when i was young.

  • CountVampyrCountVampyr Member Posts: 1,050

    That’s an awful lot of shards. What are you going to do with it if not for cosmetics? Trade them for bitcoin?

  • GodotGodot Member Posts: 806

    Exactly this, yeah.

    I'm already supporting the devs by having almost all chapters, so...

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 4,441
    edited March 2020

    People might like the default cosmetics or they don’t want to pay the insane prices for them. Who thought it was a good idea to have cosmetic prices higher (and in a lot of cases twice that) than that of a new character in a paid game? 500 Auric Cells or 9,000 Shards for a character versus 700-1188 Cells or 13,500-21,900 Shards for a cosmetic. It has to be a damn good cosmetic for me to justify paying those prices.

  • Auron471Auron471 Member Posts: 1,308

    most people arent whales you know. Also all our shards are spent on new characters so we cant use em to buy skins.

  • Archimedes5000Archimedes5000 Member Posts: 1,589
    edited March 2020

    Why would I waste shards for cosmetics if I can buy perks and DLCs with them?

    Also default claudette outfit is the best on every map. The only other cosmetic that is worth getting is the P3 claudette, but you cant buy it with shards anyway

  • fleshboxfleshbox Member Posts: 494

    No, you have to slog through three complete bloodwebs and hope you get decent perks fast on the last one

  • Archimedes5000Archimedes5000 Member Posts: 1,589

    Yeah I know, thats why I use the default claudette.

    Its the best outfit on the second best character in the game, Ace doesnt have camo outfits unfortunately

  • WateryWatery Member Posts: 1,118

    Simply put, Chic ain’t cheap.

    Most people have to pay bills THEN get cosmetics.

    Some people may just like the default.

    There’s so many contributing factors to go against being able to get cosmetics, setting aside ten dollars isn’t exactly easy when you have to cover gas money, bills, and whatever else life throws at you (prescription drugs, Check Engine Light coming on, Natural Disaster), all of which are a pretty penny.

    People may also not feel like spending money on cosmetics as they are PURELY cosmetic. It’s not worth the money for some people, and that’s okay.

    I personally spend some money on cosmetics, because if I’m gonna die as survivor, I’m gonna die pretty.

  • Archimedes5000Archimedes5000 Member Posts: 1,589

    Because bloody one are the only that are worth getting. There are very few outfits that give you advantage, and even less are for shards. Basically default are one of the better ones, or even the best (like claudette)

  • fleshboxfleshbox Member Posts: 494

    The darkest moon days are over. P3 claudette can actually be harmful on quite a few maps now, being so dark. I wish they would help us stealthy in am not in the killers' face all the time players a bit more. Not all are able to go one on one against the killer. I can hold them off and get away but not often. I try to waste as much time as possbile for the team but i will get caught the longer the chase goes on or they give up.

  • kill_billkill_bill Member Posts: 60

    most of the cosmetics look like emokids.

    gimme decent bill cosmetics and i ll buy them. sadly they have to ask valve for this .(

  • kazakunkazakun Member Posts: 581

    A lot of the diehards do wear cosmetics. Otherwise some people aren't buying stuff on principle,and the others probably just don't have money to spend. The few that play stealth probably don't want to buy the brightly colored loud outfits,lol. Some of the outfits can be $10+ or an insane amount of shards. Most people are going to use those shards for characters. Takes like 40 levels to get 9000 shards. That's like 160 matches if I'm not mistaken. That's a good bit of time. I'd rather get a free character,perks and all,than one outfit for a guy I already have. Personally I'll just wear my Prestige and Event stuff,and use my $10 for the Rift pass.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 2,775

    Hm I see actually alot of players using skins. The majority uses them in my games atleast.

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