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Developers, do you have plans to adjust or rework the game to accommodate for top level survivor's?

It is as straight forward as I could put it, i've been playing dbd for over a year now and after enough time playing both killer and survivor it has become apparent that when facing off against a certain caliber of players especially on a good portion of maps the game becomes less fun and entertaining on the killer's side of things.

To put it into perspective i'll say it like this. It is obvious the game's average is around 2 kills, 2 escapes. Whenever I go against these type of teams and I am not playing spirit, generally if they focus gens as a priority the usual result is 2 kills 2 escapes. I'm a type of person that likes to review my gameplay, I don't blame mechanics until I see how I could have done better. More often than not in most cases I apply pressure and spend very little time doing nothing, doing nothing being described as time i'm not forcing survivors off gens or getting hits or chases going. I'm a big advocate for chase little and spreading the pain and I used to think that when people said survivors have control of the game; I thought it was just killers that failed to apply enough pressure. As the months went by and I got better expanded my time played on both ends and went against some pretty amazing players my opinion has been slowly shifting.

What I see now is that you in many cases you do not need to be the best looper or have the best mindgames to win against majority of the top end of killers. All you have to do is simply abuse the map layouts, and focus gens. And this conclusion becomes more of the case for the majority of killers. Frankly if you are not playing spirit, usually your best outcome is 2 kills 2 escapes.

Now you see I have seen the statistics and I have seen how all the kill rates for the killer cast seem to be above 50%, which is a good thing, so these games and scenarios I talk about should be in the minority and appear less often. That statement is exactly correct but here is my gripe... despite these types of games and types of optimized survivors being in the minority the rate of it happening occurs enough for it to be an issue. There would be not this heavy level of killer/survivor side controversy for so many years if there was not an issue.

So, because of this fact... my question to the developers is what are you going or are doing about this issue?

The main area's I am specifically interested on knowing are map reworks which I understand there are some already done and some going to be done, but there are many more that need to be taken a look at that haven't been officially announced. The next is core gameplay changes, survivors have gotten to this level of efficiency because of around two main points, which are maps and generator speeds. I'm not saying decrease gen speed, what I am saying is put something in place that makes gen speed harder to accomplish so easily, now you cant make every map as small as say "the game" but what can be done is a mechanic or mechanics that help bridge the gap survivor efficiency and killer effectivity because there would be no problem if every killer could handle how efficient survivors can be on most maps.

As a side note, I am asking these questions because I really do like DBD, I want to be able to play any killer and feel no matter the map or caliber of survivors I have a fair shot to be able to get a 4k despite what placement they are on some tierlist. I don't want every killer to be juiced up to the point of insanity either, just having the ability to play leatherface and feel I have the same chance at winning as say the spirit would be nice to feel and make the game a whole lot more fun for killers. If the game was more balanced at the higher ranks there would surely be less cases of seemingly toxic killer playstyles being implemented. Thus making the game more fun for both killers and survivors.


  • kidmaxxkidmaxx Member Posts: 57

    They're aware of the issue, they're not going to fix it. Hopefully the new elo system will have this type of survivor only going against the best killers, but unfortunately I don't have faith that elo will be much more accurate than rank. The crux of the problem is that every killer except nurse and spirit rely on survivors making mistakes. Fortunately, there are lots of opportunities for these mistakes to be made.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,681

    Considering old nurse was the only killer that could handle top tier survivors and they nerfed her into the ground, I would say they have no intentions of having a competitive killer for high rank survivors, hence the long wait times for high rank survivors because nobody that has any sense would play a killer they know is impossible to win with.

  • OBXOBX Member Posts: 854

    they will introduce the new and improved matchmaking that won’t miraculously bring with it more killers. after that the Q times will continue to be bad for survivors (this whole supply and demand thing inexplicably escapes these devs) and at a point 15-20 years from now they will get over their egos and adjust the maps or gen speeds or whatever it is that can make it less stressful for the killer side of the game. Until then pray a triple A developer makes a game like this.

  • GalklifeGalklife Member Posts: 726

    i get what youre saying but that has other side of coin

    "As a side note, I am asking these questions because I really do like DBD, I want to be able to play any killer and feel no matter the map or caliber of survivors I have a fair shot to be able to get a 4k despite what placement they are on some tierlist. I don't want every killer to be juiced up to the point of insanity either, just having the ability to play leatherface and feel I have the same chance at winning as say the spirit would be nice to feel and make the game a whole lot more fun for killers."

    other side: i want to have fair chance to escape no mather if its LF or instasaw billy or wakizashi Spirit or iri head huntress :)

    this game is impossible to ballance around everything and they already gave up on that, now they are only buffing/nerfing killers that are "overperforming" and "underperforming"

    if killer wants surv dead he is dead no matter what he will do, so its bad if good survs can escape if they tryhard?? before ruin rework EVERY killer had above 65% kill ratio (even clown), now devs will get data how games go without ruin in almost every game in red rank, then after patch they will see data after toolboxes nerf and we will see that will come next (hopefully keys and moris rework at the same time)

    and unless youre rly rly bad those good teams (that makes you 0k or 1k) should balance out with full potato team (hell huge majority of survs is bad), but thats problem with most killers personalities if they 0k "this game is crap, how could i lose, unbalanced game", after 4k "thats how it should be" after looking at attitude of killers they dont feel good with 4k but feel bad if they wont, so whats the point of playing then? (ok small disclaimer i have over 900h only on killers and never push kills because rank doesnt matter anyway)

    and there is 1 big issue in balancing around good players, youre taking as given, good players/veterans are giving their all when they play xd i have ~1500h on survs and i think im decent but i dont push gens, im doing chests, 5 totems, some head on memes xd so should i get punished for playing more than others?

  • LoverOfDemogorgonLoverOfDemogorgon Member Posts: 168

    So your analysis is do nothing? No, something should be done, despite what you are saying here we should balance to a point where both sides of the spectrum can enjoy themselves, and if killers have certain extremely strong addons then they should be nerfed. It is simple, why is it so hard to ask for everyone to be happy? I know it can't be perfect for everyone but do you really think that this is how this game should be? Killers feeling like an uphill battle and survivors feeling like invincible juking gods? No it should be quite the opposite, Killers should pose a threat to EVERYONE, each and every one of them, this is a HORROR game, and should be treated as such.

  • GalklifeGalklife Member Posts: 726

    my analysis is they cant do anything xd, because lowering skill cap is worst thing they can do, and they cant make holding m1 longer (because that wont fix anything, just high kill ratio will be even higher)

    "why is it so hard for everyone to be happy?" because its impossible?? we're not living in perfect world, do you remember old event where survivors got 2nd objective (drain juice from flowers)? and instead of playing game normally with 2nd objective they drain them and then asked killer to kill them? or perk ruin that was made to help weaker killers but every billy, spirit, nurse ran it? or slowdown add ons on freddy? if players wouldnt abuse crap out of stacking slowdown those add ons wouldnt ever be nerfed(now are dog ....) etc etc

    devs had a lot of great ideas but community abused crap out of them, and youre telling me there is perfect solution that makes game ultra ballanced (when "strategy" where killer tunnel crap out of 1 surv and then play 3vs1 normally is still a thing)

  • BulletsNonstopBulletsNonstop Member Posts: 364

    it would just be nice if I could survive with randoms 😂 but it appears I can’t win either way because you guys just complain about communicating teams of 4. It’s the dumbest ######### I’ve ever seen. Killers are OP as hell what do you really have to complain about? The FEW things survivors have at their disposal to keep you off their ass? To prevent the whole team from falling apart because losing even one guy feels detrimental to the team? And yet the devs hand you guys Mori’s and such amazing speed and melee attacks that feel more like I’m getting sniped in the head from a mile away 🤦🏽 I can’t... I want a refund too. Vote below if you want one too?

  • BulletsNonstopBulletsNonstop Member Posts: 364

    Essentially you are asking for 4K every game by slowing down gen speed progress via toolbox nerf or whatever else. I don’t want to stay on the map one more minute with how swiftly I’ve seen killers wipe survivor teams. If that’s entirely a possibility why is there an issue? Can they just strip Mori’s and those damn lunge attacks? Maybe their fvcking speed? It’s nuts that there’s such a lack of cover and dead ends and open area everywhere because map design is terrible.

  • avilmaskavilmask Member Posts: 600

    Well, they did address high ranks by adjusting the killer that performed well only in high ranks (and a perk that had outrageous use rate only in high ranks). So it seems they do pay attention to high ranks and satisfied with it as it is.

  • BulletsNonstopBulletsNonstop Member Posts: 364

    Sure I can bring the killer to a specific area and loop him, even if that were possible to get this OP loop rolling you really have to learn where those are and they’re in very specific areas. Then they just complain about that too 🙄 I feel cheated in this game it’s not fun getting your ######### kicked in by bubbas and trap killers that have a MILLION fvcking traps everywhere in bushes and #########. It’s too easy to make a mistake or get caught and when you do it’s deflating. Killers get 4Ks too easy unless you really get those SWF hit squads and even then i think killers can be a little too excessive. People that play this game still on survivor side should be asking themselves why they still support a game where they come in to die most of the time for some sweaty guy in his moms basement trying to maintain his rank 1 killer 4K streak. Yeah I’d rather not. Killers need to get their ass whooped too. You’re telling me it’s not fun for the killer if people escape or get their objectives done too fast? I’m sorry did you REALLY not find anyone that entire game? Did you not get some good chases in or a kill or two? Of course not right? Damn, no wonder why this games on Game Pass 😂

  • BulletsNonstopBulletsNonstop Member Posts: 364

    It needs to be more like a jungle out there lines of sight to break everywhere. Farm is okay, but I think it’s too easy to get screwed over by latency, killer lunge through pallets and vaults melee attacks

  • snozersnozer Member Posts: 776

    High ranks are the most addicted and are more willing to fork over cash for cosmetics 👍️

    Need to keep them happy as Larry.

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 3,592
    edited March 2020

    Frankly if you are not playing spirit, usually your best outcome is 2 kills 2 escapes.

    Couldn't it be that you're better with the Spirit than with the rest of the cast?

    For example I don't play her a lot and I'm not that good so I average 1-2 kills, but if I play my mains (Wraith, Trapper, Legion, Doctor and Demogorgon, all considered not top tier) I consistenly get more than 2 kills.

  • LoverOfDemogorgonLoverOfDemogorgon Member Posts: 168

    It refers to my point of you not playing against these top level players every match, to this reason is why DBD is still playable and the issue I am discussing is in the minority, however it happens frequently enough to why there is such controversy on the topic. I guarantee you that if you play a swf 4 man sweat team every match your results would not be the same as average red rank players.

  • LoverOfDemogorgonLoverOfDemogorgon Member Posts: 168

    My point is simple, I don't want perfect balance I want killer to be a threat and not a survivors plaything

    Doing something is better than doing nothing

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