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How does one buff the legion?!

re5_gamer2263re5_gamer2263 Member Posts: 53

Before we talk about how to buff them, what does one use their power for?

3 main ways

(For information)

(Map Pressure)

(Gen Pressure)

The problem with legion, is that their power doesn't apply ENOUGH Map Pressure. The Legion relies on survivors to heal. Some people might say "Oh but they have mend!" for a short amount of time, but legion can't effectively chain stab survivors without 1 person mending before he gets his next stab off. So how would I "Change" them. (BTW all changes are to their base kit)

(QOL) When legion misses a frenzy stab, deplete 25% of the power gauge and keep him in his frenzy instead of depleting 100% of the power gauge and knocking him out of his frenzy. The legion regenerates his frenzy 5 seconds quicker.

(More Frenzy Effects) When the legion kicks a generator in their frenzy, regress that gen 5% instantly and apply a moderate overcharge effect.

(Even More Frenzy Effects) Chain stabs on multiple survivors now apply more severe effects. This is meant to signify the fact that the legion stabs MULTIPLE SURVIVORS during their frenzy with a different survivors blood getting on the blade each time. The following effects are applied:

1st survivor- Deep Wounds

2nd survivor- Deep Wounds, Hemorrhage (Until Healed)

3rd survivor- Deep Wounds (+5 sec to mend) , Hemorrhage (Until Healed), Hindered 15% (60 sec)

4th survivor- Deep Wounds (+5 sec to mend), Hemorrhage (Until Healed), Hindered 15%(Until Healed)

Change to Frenzy:

The legion's frenzy cooldown is reduced by .5 seconds. The legion gains the iridescent button addon's first effect ( his terror radius effects the entire map in frenzy). This gives him WAY more information without making him overpowered or forcing him to use addons. The legion also gains the Undetectable status effect after he leaves his power. The duration of Undetectable is 5 seconds.

(I'm running out of time so I'll finish this tomorrow), probably. Let me know what you think. These changes were actually balanced around console.


  • PokPok Member Posts: 100

    I agree with the QOL idea, I feel like it's way to punishing to miss a hit in frenzy right now. And reducing the frenzy cooldown is a good idea too. The rest, I'm more sceptical, I think it's too much for now

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303
  • RobMeister88RobMeister88 Member Posts: 351

    Here's what Legion needs:

    -Shorter Feral Frenzy duration

    -Reduced lunge during Feral Frenzy

    -110% movement speed

    -Reduced vaulting speed during Feral Frenzy

    -Reduced movement speed during Feral Frenzy

    -Iridescent Button no longer breaks vaulted pallets during Feral Frenzy, but instead increases vaulting speed by 1%

    -Flashlights instantly blind Legion during Feral Frenzy

    -Repair and healing speeds are increased by 10% when within in the Legion's terror radius. If survivors are in Legion's terror radius while he is in Feral Frenzy, the repair and healing speeds increased by 20%

    -The efficiency of items while within Legion's terror radius are increased by 80%. If survivors are in Legion's terror radius while he is in Feral Frenzy, the efficiency of items are increased by 100%

    -Legion cannot close hatch regardless of whether he is in Feral Frenzy or not.

    -Legion cannot force open the exit gates

    -If Legion is within close proximity to a hooked survivor for more than 10 seconds, his movement speed is automatically reduced to 95%, and stays at that speed until 10 seconds have passed AFTER the survivor is unhooked. If the hooked survivor reaches 2nd stage due to Legion being within close proximity, Legion will only receive a silver emblem in the Devout category. If the hooked survivor gets rescued after reaching 2nd stage from 1st stage, he is instantly granted a free health state. If he is rescued with Borrowed Time, he is granted two Endurance status effects.

    But all jokes aside, your ideas actually do seem balanced. It makes Legion slightly stronger but within in a reasonable measure. His current power is basically a knife with the essence of BT.

  • re5_gamer2263re5_gamer2263 Member Posts: 53

    Ok, since I have more time now, I'll finish what I started

    (QOL changes FOR SURVIVORS) The legion now goes through the cooldown when he is blinded during his frenzy. Legion can't detect survivors in lockers with killer instinct.

    Addon changes (THE 1st)

    So, legion has TERRIBLE addons. I made them worse. If an addon isn't present I didn't change it.

    Let's start with the ultra rares:

    Iridescent button: Pallets the Legion vaults are broken

    The legion applies and Entity Blocker for 20 seconds on any window they vault during frenzy

    The legion depletes his entire power gauge when they exit frenzy

    All survivors scream when the legion ends their frenzy

    Fuming Mixtape: Tremendously Increases the legions undectable status effect when they exit frenzy (+10 sec)

    The auras of survivors who are mending are shown to the legion within a 20 meter radius

    Now very rare:

    Filthy Blade: Survivors who are hit by frenzy now suffer from the mangled status effect until fully healed

    Stab Wounds Study: Tremendously increases the time to mend (+5 seconds)

    Tremendously Decreases the duration of feral frenzy (-2.5 seconds)

    Franks Mixtape: Considerably Reduces time to mend (-3 seconds)

    Missed attacks with feral frenzy no longer deplete the power gauge

    Rare addons:

    Nasty Blade: Survivors who are hit by frenzy are deafened for 10 seconds

    Legion Pin: Survivors who are mending are oblivious

    Susies Mixtape: (Revert back to speed addons)

    Uncommon addons: (yellowlike)

    Defaced Smiley Pin: Survivors who are mending breath 50% louder

    Never-sleep pills: (Revert back to speed addons)

    Common addons:

    Friendship bracelet: (Revert back to speed addons)

    Smiley Face Pin: Survivors who are mending suffer from the blindness status effect

    And that's all she wrote. Please do tell me your thoughts. (I really hope the devs read these)

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