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RIP. Solo is dead to me

Yet again, I'm the only high rank in a sea of beginners.

Matchmaking just doesn't know what to do.

Throw in a high rank in with a bunch of low ranks, with a killer that is too hard for them, but not hard enough for me, and it all averages out, right?

Except it doesn't when 1/2 to 3/4 of you team gets killed at the start of the match.

And if rank means nothing, then why is it then that when there is another high rank on the team, me and him are always the last 2 alive?

SWF is now the only choice for me, and I'll just farm BP with killer when I want to solo.


  • Reborn2020Reborn2020 Member Posts: 1,138

    Maybe now that people are resorting to swf killers games will get more interesting

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632
    edited March 2020

    Most survivors play with at least one other person. Notice how when they posted "swf statistics" it was compared to Solo VS 4 Man SWF? They left out 2 and 3 man SWF. By observation alone you can tell across most of your Killer matches you are being put against at least 1 swf of either 2 or more players.

    I just wish they would add a voice feature already, and start balancing around SWF and be done with the giant balanced divide - skewing statistic's everywhere.

  • darktrixdarktrix Member Posts: 1,790

    The five+ minute wait times for a lobby is doing it in for me. I enjoy just doing memes on killer lately - at least those games are instant.

  • Kongtwenty12Kongtwenty12 Member Posts: 140

    Hey I dont know if any of you noticed but matchmaking is getting a rework with the new chapter so all your complaints are invalid at the moment. You are complaining about a system that's about to cease existing.

  • Polychrome_BakuPolychrome_Baku Member Posts: 404

    Yes. More people play with one other friend than BVHR realizes. Solo generally isn't worth the headache, unless you're a masochist like me.

  • megdonaldsmegdonalds Member Posts: 742
    edited March 2020

    Yes, I really thought about quit playing solo as well. Too frustrating, too unrewarding and I'm really sick and tired of carrying people which do nothing useful the whole match. Now you literally get punished in this game if you don't play SWF.

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  • Reborn2020Reborn2020 Member Posts: 1,138

    Not that a lot but quite many. But never 4 man swf its very rare. I see plenty of 2 man - 3 man swf. Also a bunch of people with private profiles.

  • Tactless_NinjaTactless_Ninja Member Posts: 1,791

    Yeah I watched the new Star Wars too.

    Badum tish.

  • evil_one_74evil_one_74 Member Posts: 312

    I prefer swf over solo. You know you have someone you can depend on. Thanks to the recent issues with match making, we have high rank survivors that don't have the skill, or experience to be those ranks, because a lot of them have ranked up by going against low rank killers that do not challenge them.

  • TodgeweihtTodgeweiht Member Posts: 3,666

    Solo is tolerable, although the biggest challenge is ######### teammates, its so annoying having to run kindred just to get saved.

  • evil_one_74evil_one_74 Member Posts: 312

    Possibly, but there will be some killers out there that will throw a fit, because swf usually have a private chat, and they don't like that.

  • 28_stabs28_stabs Member Posts: 1,474
    edited March 2020

    First survivor dead = auto-depip

    2nd survivor dead = half emblem points for pip

    3rd and 4th = full emblem points for pip

    Noob survs should stay in brown ranks.

  • WheatersWheaters Member Posts: 3

    With survivours I personally always saw rank as more accurate representing playtime than skill. Perhaps the queue keeps snagging you newbies or less frequent players? Though, like others posted, it'll at least be moot soon because of the rework.

  • DrunkenXSMonkey8456DrunkenXSMonkey8456 Member Posts: 53

    I stopped playing awhile ago. The game just takes too long and the match making is terrible.

    They need to just scrap ranked. It's just a headache. Mix people of all 'skill' levels so newer people can learn, and older people can have an intreating game. Lets look at it this way. If 4 high rank survivors face a killer. The game is ungodly boring. Same tactics, same perks, same outcome. This is why I never try and reach high ranks. Its boring and generally the most unpleasant experience in the game because everyone is so toxic.

    Removing rank from the equation and just going on, who's available is better. Since you only see skill in its raw form not as a number dangling over your head in a lobby. Yes you could potentially see unbalanced killer games but to be completely fair this game is asymmetrical, balance isn't a word that exists. The game doesn't need balance it needs people to play the game and actually have fun. And removing rank is the best way to fix it.

    Because in the end, your shiny rank one pin means nothing if your the only person left playing.

    Secondly, and this idea I'm borrowing from another person in this post is voice comms in game but with my spin. Give voice comms range. And encourage people to use it. On console it's more simple to do. Remove the option to use party chats and instead move them to ingame only. This would nerf swfs a bit tho they'd be people using external apps to communicate which would complicate things. But it could work, swf would be nerfed a bit, solo players could still join in etc and would actually get a minor buff. It works for everyone.

  • MegaWaffleMegaWaffle Member Posts: 4,172

    Well I don't really play so when I hop on I'm a rank 15 yet I play at (I guess what people expect rank 1 players to be) because I have experience. Sooo rank is still a bit of a grab bag when it comes to skill. Too many boosted rank 1s and too many "de-rank" players or those who have slowed the frequency of their matches.

    I also only play survivor solo.

  • Johnny_XManJohnny_XMan Member Posts: 4,988

    That’s what I do.

    If I ever go into a solo match I go with 0 expectations from my teammates, or else I get a headache. It is literally a worse experience than playing killer for me.

  • XximpostorxXXximpostorxX Member Posts: 13

    I will only play solo and will never SWF again. It literally kills the fun of the game for me.

    I remember when I first started the suspense and feeling of horror when the killer found me and chased me down. The game was scary and I feared for my "survivor's" life. This was the reason I got hooked and kept coming back for more.

    After trying SWF, I lost the "fear" and wasn't having the same excitement from surviving solo. There was no feeling horror and the game was noticeably less fun for me. Meta perks and try hard survivors were usually enough to win the games and usually bully the killer. This wasn't the same game anymore.

    I took a break and came back a few months later with no intention of SWF and am having a blast once again.

  • StardustSpeedwayStardustSpeedway Member Posts: 795

    I love playing solo. Yes some matches can be frustrating, but I prefer it over a 4 man SWF any day of the week. SWF is truly boring. There's no suspense or tension for me.

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 2,060

    I mostly play killer, but honestly i think they should buff solo to swf level.

  • SafetyOffSafetyOff Member Posts: 68

    That's why Killers are broken. Because going solo is awful.

    Only way killer is not broken is because you can SWF. Which is then broken.

    Still no fix for either. There should be a penalty for SWF so solo gets buffed or killers nerfed.

    Solo is not fun. I dont have fun, I stopped playing the game. So I dont support devs with microtransactions till these systems are fixed.

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