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Adept Hag tips?

So far this is the most difficult one for me to get, even more than Nurse. I started out trapping my totems but they end up getting cleansed often while I’m busy chasing other survivors, so I find myself running perkless a lot of the times. Anybody have any tips on doing this? I’m rank 3 killer but just picked up Hag.


  • DeathslingerDeathslinger Member Posts: 570

    I dunno if you’ll like my suggestion but it’s just a suggestion...

    if nothing else works when the next derank happens, just not play for 2-3 days or however long you can stand it and then try again. I think your biggest obstacle is your rank and I don’t like in-game deranking so I can’t suggest that. Ruin got nerfed so you lost that edge and not being able to use a forth perk really hurts ya.

    putting trap on totem isn’t terrible but once it’s found then it’s going down at that level, so actually running up to your trap is just tipping survivor off. I think at that level most survivors know the totem locations too. I think maybe burning for the preschool map might help. Some maps have better totem hiding spots that might help you.

    anyway, no matter what if you just play over and over you will eventually get the rage quitter and snowball from there. Just gotta get them quick and they will prolly die on hook instantly~

  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 3,256

    I have the perfect tool for dealing with survivors when playing the hag.

    Totems are unnecessary, consider them bait for your mighty triangle. Spread as many triangles as humanly possible.

    Then slap people with your hand.

    Adept in three easy payments of $9.99!

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