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Why are alot of killer mains so mean



  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,520
    edited March 2020

    I have always feel the war between survivors and killers only in the forums and other social media plattforms.

    Sure I had also see toxicity sometimes in the game, but I had blame it then on the person and not the role, they are decided to play.

    That said and also as already mentioned, -in the forums is the war real. From my killerpoint of view for good reasons and I assume, some survivors have also their reasons.

    Edit: And to say it clear: By all what had happened, I can understand killers and survivors.

  • RespectfulnancymainRespectfulnancymain Member Posts: 1,816

    Yea i agree that alot of survivors are toxic. But alot of killer mains insult survivors for no reason and then act like all killers are angels

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    Your username is "toxicnancymain"... 🙄

    Obvious bait thread is obvious.

  • BigBrainMegMainBigBrainMegMain Member Posts: 3,826

    I've been staying at Rank 16 killer and I'm still being paired up with Ranks 3, 8's and 12's.

    So much for "not ranking up."

    And yes, I'm purposefully staying Rank 16 for a while because killer worse the higher you go.

  • RespectfulnancymainRespectfulnancymain Member Posts: 1,816

    My name is toxic nancy main cause i used to main nancy and got called toxic by my teammate when i bodyblocked him then flashlightsaved him

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,520
    edited March 2020

    After my experiences is talking to survivor mains, like talking to a wall:

    No matter how you argue and how much you listen by yourself to them - they just ignore everything and going forward with the things they want to say, even if you have them multiple times prove wrong.

    This sitution was as example, what had make me clear that the discussions were less about topic X and more about killers vs survivors and that had let me pick a side.

    If survivors are not interested in what a killer thinks and just want to talk them down, it is wise to realize this and draw your conclusions from that.

    I don't say, that my story fits to everyone, but I also think that I am not alone with that mindset and experience.

  • BigBrainMegMainBigBrainMegMain Member Posts: 3,826

    Killers can't sit down and relax while holding M1 on a generator.

    Playing killer means chasing the survivor through a plethora of T Walls, Pallets, shacks and generators during a chase.

    It's quite stressful, anything a survivor complains about (except for tunneling and camping which to me are valid complaints) is marked as invalid. The game has been pandering to survivors for the past year so they have literally nothing to complain about.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 5,229
    edited March 2020

    Most of us don't, the community as a whole basically insults anyone who has an opinion about anything. It's not a killer or survivor thing it's a this community is generally unpleasant thing haha.

    I find survivors to be more toxic in the post game chat however, but killers to be more toxic with their in game actions. Herd mentality can really amp that up too, 4 survivors to one killer, human nature makes them gang up on the killer most of the time. I've had games where survivors would literally just leave a guy to die on hook, and then postgame they would be like "#########?" and a survivor would go "Lol sorry they were camping like a *****" and then that survivor that died would be like "Oh well **** that guy" like just immediately believe a straight up lie passing the buck, and then all four ganged up on me for "camping" as I chased other people on the other side of the map?

    These are who they are calling entitled, not everyone who has an opinion:


  • RivynRivyn Member Posts: 2,969

    Killer mains can't 'relax' when the game actively punishes them for doing so.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 4,190

    Most of the "mean killer mains" (those guys that just say "bait" and never post any actual arguments) are quite simply bad at the game and thus consider everything that could possibly buff survivors/nerf killers a personal attack.

  • ZFennecFoxZFennecFox Member Posts: 510

    When a pallet hits you the survivor Tea bags and then flashlight blinds you not once but 5 times in a match it gets annoying very fast.

  • KrispiesChickenKrispiesChicken Member Posts: 171

    The very fact you're telling killers to stay in low ranks to have fun is exactly what's wrong with this game.

  • YeetoDoritoYeetoDorito Member Posts: 55
    edited March 2020
  • CountVampyrCountVampyr Member Posts: 1,050

    Damn straight. I can’t wait until the 13th because right now I am rank 5. And let me tell you, there ain’t no way that i deserve a rank higher than 10!

  • batax90batax90 Member Posts: 879

    In a game the killer cant relax he always need to be active and on edge not only that but right now the game is not forgiving for the killer if you compare them to the survivor and all the salt you receive from the killer is because they get t bag every single game and harass in the chat after the game

  • batax90batax90 Member Posts: 879

    Yup the time all my fun is when rank reset happen like that i can play all the killer and still do good then i hit rank 5 and im only spamming my main killer if i dont im getting bully really hard

  • CrispyChestnutsCrispyChestnuts Member Posts: 175

    Mains on both sides are super toxic. Just encourage people to play both sides and not to be toxic.

  • LedgyLedgy Member Posts: 18

    Not going to lie i think they stealth buffed the pipping for killers. Was doing a killer game for points got my bbq stacks then started playing like a braindead squirrel. No kills and still pipped somehow...

  • KerJuiceKerJuice Member Posts: 1,495

    Because their butts hurt from SWF, and they take it out on solo ques. :)

  • FattyclownFattyclown Member Posts: 73

    Every time a killers complains about anything they get harassed by survivor mains who call them crybabys, toxic, git gud instead of just discussing ;)

    If you really think that the survivors don't complain or insult the killers for an opinion, you should do yourself an examination of conscience, look at yourself in the mirror and repeat yourself "I'm a clown and I should look for a Circus to welcome me"

    It is the players who are toxic, not the factions. Unfortunately, there are few intelligent people like you who believe that the problem lies only in one direction and not in both because they do not have the slightest idea of ​​what is happening around them.

    Repeat with me "Whoever is toxic will be toxic, survivor or killer." Maybe this way you will stop thinking one way so superficially ;)

  • OmishieOmishie Member Posts: 1

    Killer main here! I say gg after every game and do my best to avoid face camping, and the main reason I will personally get frustrated is because of survivor loops and gen rushing, I understand that survivors wouldn't be able to do much if they didn't have loops, but it's just personally frustrating to me, and most likely a lot of other killers.

  • NinjaDette1NinjaDette1 Member Posts: 1,289

    I remember when this one killer got mad and called me selfish for escaping him.Said he would report me for Existing and that I was the ugliest survivor in that match said I Should of died a so he could have his Precious 4K.

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