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Can killers stops complaining so much?



  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 10,150

    You're really gonna count MM tombstone?

    If he ever even reaches T3 with that addon before the gates are powered your team was really, really bad. It's literally just for meme's, it isn't strong.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,620

    First thing: killers are not to blame for the high DS usage. From my experience the camping/tunneling has increased noticeably after the ruin change. (also to @thesuicidefox :) The increased DS usage came along with the DS change, way before the ruin change. It is simply the power of DS that increased the ussage. I don't doubt that increased tunneling also causes a part, but the pickrate increased mainly because of the DS change

    In addtion to that, just as a side note, camping is just that common and successful, because a lot of survivors are really greedy for dem goddamn unhooks. It almost always pays out to stay near the gen. If more survivors would make usage of the minute they have before next state, camping wouldn't be so popular. Killers can be sure that someone is in close proximity of the hook.

    You hate 4 man q? For what reason? If you don't go on comms? And toxic survivor behaviour does not begin with the killer. Already said above, you are quite biased. You complain about the generality of killers, and think the generality of survivors behaves like you? (If you do act like you write). You never see survivors complain? Maybe because you don't click the right threads. I can tell you something different. And you are one of the examples. I also read that you apparently think that 'each' killer wants 4k. This is also not true. But they want less regular 4 escapes. Like you probably want like 50% escape games or chases that last longer than 10 seconds.

    @Zaitsev would be cool, the problem is that this splits the player base and might cause even longer queue times.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,620

    This is funny XD like the forum was full of "it is ultra rare it needs to be strong and is now useless" on insta heal nerfs and even toolboxes declared useless even before they are released.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,620

    With the current Ruin state I can hardly believe that "not chasing for 2 minutes" is really resulting in a 4k. I'd like to see videos of that. Doing so normally should mean that there are 3 gens finished before you start your first chase.

    And I don't get your "why killers are the superior role". Knowledge of gens is necessary to be playable at all. I mean, how much time do you want to spend searching for gens, while survivors spawn right next to it? And Invincibility / only one being able to attack... I don't know why you list that. Because Jason could be killed in Friday 13th? Just think how ridiculous it would be if survivors could fight back. Like having infinite mobile pallets or unlimited pre-rework DS? I think, the "Power Role" here should be more defined by the killer's ability to definitely end chases. And that is for example not possible if someone really knows how to run Ormond map, because there is one safe jungle gym beneath another.

    The things you list are simply a requirement to get a base. Sure that makes the, the power role in the first place, but that is kinda common sense. What exactly do you want to say with these points? "Take advantage of being invincible"?

  • ermsyermsy Member Posts: 581

    Could you post some footage of this? I am genuinely curious.

  • The_Bootie_GorgonThe_Bootie_Gorgon Member Posts: 2,340


  • ItzPixelYTItzPixelYT Member Posts: 613

    Not sure why I even read all of that or even bothering to reply. Like i said in another comment, I've been playing a lot of killer lately i've yet to have any issue with someone running DS or BT. I'm not sure anywhere in my post I said or asked you to traverse the otherside of the map when you could just go back to the hook to down someone, i Said Killers tunnel, it's not tunneling if you go for the guy who just unhooked the other survivor? Legit that whole DS paragraph made 0 sense to anything i've said. Survivors only run DS beccause they get tunneled so much, it's a FACT. As for your concern i'm not Rank 1 i've got plenty of proof of that.

    Again a reply about trying to slow the game down even more, as a Killer and Survivor slowing down generators is such a boring and cheap way around making matches longer. Just saying survivors don't want to be sitting there for 2 minutes holding down the same button doing "skill checks"...I was glad when they got rid of it and if you really want to slow down generators Thanataphobia with a few stacks of Dying Light works pretty good too...might take till 2 or 3 gens are done before it has a real effect but it will still make the game "last longer"...

    Yep maps are too big (certain ones) Crotus Prenn is a broken map with the main building containing too many loops and pallets...yeah gen pressurising is good at a certain point in the game, being clever and trying to force survivors into a 3 gen situation is a fun tactic for a killer to try...

    Pretty sure i didn't say anywhere that survivors want a free escape...I actually said i enjoy getting into chases with the killer and i don't mind if i die, i'll move onto the next game and continue to have fun.

    BT is a boring perk, i only run it with Were Gonna Live Forever for the stacks. But if the Killer really wants to hit the same survivor who's the most vulnerable then they deserve a BT hit.

    Not sure what to say about SWF because I've came across it loads of times, getting bodyblocked etc and it is annoying, i've also had 4ks alot against SWF. If it is such a big issue i'd make the maximum queue with friends at 2 and make a ranked mode for 4 swf or something. But last thing this game needs to do is split it's playerbase up.

    The whole matchmaking change i dont care about, end of the day i just want to have fun playing this game, I get 0 joy out of sweatting for a pip at rank 1 and not getting anything for it.

    Not sure where i insulted killers for running Ruin? The only thing i said was i bet most Killers struggled if it got cleansed straight away...also i'm pretty sure it was 80% of Killers in general because they removed it for newer Survivors to find the game more enjoyable which from a business POV is a smart choice, when i came into this game, every game was Hex Ruin and Thanataphobia or Dying Light, it's boring and put me off playing it. Lery's is such a good map now, I couldn't tell you the last time i escaped on that map because it genuinely is balanced and they'll work on more maps to be balanced like this.

    I feel like you're just trying to make me look like an idiot or something. But everything i said in my post i stand by. Killers need to stop moaning and just get on with the game, "i'm doing behaviour a favor by playing Killer"...seriously...then all I see is DS/BT nerf questions too...k let's just let all the survivor perks get nerfed because we want to make it much easier on a killer :) okay maybe 60 seconds is a bit much for DS but even then slugging stops that player from doing anything anyways so it's easily counterable.

    Killers just need to try and have fun instead of feeling like the game owes you free kills.

  • MigrantTheGreatMigrantTheGreat Member Posts: 1,318

    I play both sides as well, I just haven't reached red ranks as a solo survivor yet. As a killer main here is my take on the situation

    DS: I simply refuse to play in a way that annoys survivors since it increases the chances of them DCing. My only problem with DS is that I shouldn't get hit with DS after hooking another survivor because after that it no longer becomes tunneling and it isn't the killers fault for getting another hook in less than 60s

    Ruin and Sally's nerf were unjustified.

    PT. 2 of my take is that all this complaining that's going on is because the devs are nerfing everything that's making killers strong and/or viable

  • DCh4rlieDCh4rlie Member Posts: 62

    "The DS complaints... DS is used so much because of killers who are lazy and just want an easy kill. While I get that survivors would feel less reluctant to use DS if they weren't getting tunneled every game, I hate running DS it's boring as hell. But sadly I gotta force myself to run it because killers feel like it's fun to instantly down and target a somewhat exposed survivor. You only got yourselves to blame for the high usage of DS."

    Let's be honest though, DS was meta basically since day 1 this perk was introduced. Saying that people use DS now because "kILleR sToP tUnNelLinG" doesn't make sense to me. Unless of course killers suddenly started to tunnel after DS got reworked? - No, I don't think so.

    Meta is meta because it's the strongest setup/build. Not because it's some kind of reaction to an opposite side (e.g. what was old MoM supposed to counter). Meta is boring and ppl will naturally complain about it.

  • PBsamichShoePBsamichShoe Member Posts: 314

    Footage of the lobby crashing or of me playing killer?

  • TurtlesrockTurtlesrock Member Posts: 46

    Counter arguement, can survivors stop being whiney toxic entitled kids when they die at the end of each game?

  • M4ST3RM1NDM4ST3RM1ND Member Posts: 33

    Nothing would happen if theres a "casual mode", good players will abuse it to play agaisnt bad players. Why would i go for a hard match (ranked) when i can have fun vs noobs? (casual mode). Theres no sense to release that, however if its enabled for ranks 12-20 it would be great and more balanced. I wouldnt derank to just play easier, thats boring actually.

  • PBsamichShoePBsamichShoe Member Posts: 314

    I'd be glad to! Once dedicated servers come back I will. I was actually thinking about making some sort of YT channel of me playing killer that way but I was only able to play as killer when the dedicated servers were up. Without them my killer lobby just crashes out.

  • DisappointedUserDisappointedUser Member Posts: 420

    Lol what? So you’re saying that hooking two more people and going back and downing someone that was just unhooked and somehow didn’t wait the mandatory 60 second timer is tunneling?

    No.. what you really mean.. “ah crap, i lagged which is why I was downed, so now I want a free reset for 60 seconds when you can’t hook me again no matter what else you do because I’ll cry like a child if you do.”

    Not for a second do I believe you play killer above rank 15.

    DS is anti momentum not anti tunneling. Being downed “too soon” is not being tunneled.

    BT is a mandatory perk as it guarantees you a free Safe Unhook.

    And not to mention, most of the time I see people complain about all those perks you mention is in a thread where someone just lost their mind over a killer.

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