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[STATS] Killer Pick Rates + Kill Rates AFTER Doc and RUIN Rework in RED RANKS

AtchooAtchoo Member Posts: 320
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I wondered if the pick rates changed after the release of 3.5.0 and how the kill rates were affected. I already posted stats about the pick rate of survivors and killers in red ranks before the release of the 3.5.0 PTB here: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/119274/stats-killer-survivor-popularity-in-red-ranks#latest

The following stats are based on my personal games while solo queuing as survivor (sample of 228 matches)

I do not claim that the following stats are statistically significant nor representative for everyone. The lower/higher the pick rate the less/more meaningful are the kill rates.

6 most played Killers in Red Ranks + Kill Rates

6 Medium played killers in Red Ranks + KILL RATES

6 least played Killers in Red Ranks + Kill Rates

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  • AtchooAtchoo Member Posts: 320
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    Well the Doctor got picked so often since he got a rework. I think this explains it. Huntress, Spirit and Nurse can deal with loops, yes. But there are certain spots a Huntress cannot do anything. Their kill rates speak for themselves.

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  • CashelP14CashelP14 Member Posts: 2,336

    Honestly I don't think the stats will have dropped that much for kill rate. The really good teams were escaping easily before ruin rework and the bad teams were dying regardless of how quick ruin was destroyed.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 1,615

    Nurse is also plagued with a couple bugs that have been around for months and still not been resolved.

    Failing to teleport through objects

    Auto Aiming locking onto trees/hooks to name a few

  • Spooky13Spooky13 Member Posts: 1,333

    Ghostface and Spirit's kill rates are really surprising. Ghostface is one of if not the best of the basic M1 killers, and Spirit is arguably the best in the game.

  • twistedmonkeytwistedmonkey Member, Trusted Posts: 3,873

    Interesting stats and ones which could be useful to the devs.

    Did you happen to see the ranks of the killers you versed in red ranks? It would be interesting to see the disparity of say a rank 12 result verses a rank 5 and downwards.

    Also what region and platform? these would also be cool to see and separated by the devs as I think it would be cool to see if some regions really do have lower or higher kill rates.

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    Can you also tell us your region, and which platform you play on?

  • AtchooAtchoo Member Posts: 320

    I only counted red rnk killers (rank 1-4). I did not include other killers. It would be very interesting to see how these stats would change in purple, green, yellow and brown ranks.

  • AtchooAtchoo Member Posts: 320

    Yes, I wondered about those kill rates aswell. I always thought they would be quite decent. I usually play more killer than survivor nd those kill rates definitely do not reflect mine.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,186

    Just to mention: you playing solo doesn't mean there is no 2-3 SWF beneath you. And what platform and ranks are you playing?

  • AtchooAtchoo Member Posts: 320

    Of course! I just meant I was playing solo but most of the time you can tell if your mates are SWF or not. I play on PC, red ranks.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,186

    I noticed the GF problem as well. If survivors pay attention or run spinechill/premonition, it seems like he is just a trapper without traps. Very strong on indoor maps though, but despite that, if he can't make use of his power to end chases quickly, he simply doesn't get pressure built up. But regarding this, I wonder why Myers is so strong then.

    Biggest mismatch for me is nurse pickrate. I almost see no nurses at all. Like 5 this year or so.

    And regarding the targeted average of 2 kills per game: before ruin change it was a bit above 50%, now it is a bit below 50%. So it shifted towards survivors, which was expected, but killers are somehow now at that spot where survivors were before. Probably just needs more adaption to change a bit to the better. But in total, this is a drop by 20% which is quite astonishing for a single perk rework, which tells a lot about the state of the game

  • QuolQuol Member Posts: 607
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    OP I think you forgot to include the percentage of 4k's that Clown gets. Hahaha.

    Joking aside, I always like reading this type of thing. Thanks.

  • PyroGLPyroGL Member Posts: 140

    This is the kind of data breakdown that the devs need to put out, separated by platform, region and for different rank brackets. What is presented in the OP is marvelous. I only wish the devs were willing to output the "official" stats on a regular basis (and also not immediately dismiss their own numbers as anecdotal, and not to be taken seriously).

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,003

    Freddy at mid-pick ... this tells me everything I need to know about these statistics.

  • TheEdMaverickTheEdMaverick Member Posts: 65

    Oni is strong but almost nobody plays with him

    (main Oni here)

  • aregularplayeraregularplayer Member Posts: 735

    OP, a suggestion: X-axis could be divided in 25, 50, 75 and 100% since there are 4 survivors. But still, amazing charts! well done!

  • DreamnomadDreamnomad Member Posts: 2,711

    People need to chill when looking at this data. It's not official data. It's data collected from one player. Which means that there is one constant. The player collecting the data. Which means that the 40% kill rate is only accurate when that specific player is in the game. The player is clearly better than average. Based on this data the deadliest killers are Shape and Cannibal for example. Is that consistent with your experience?

  • AlonzoAlonzo Member Posts: 151

    Myers so ...efficient. I can't really rely on these statistics because I play my survivor matches and barely seen any nurses.

  • MonsterInMyMindMonsterInMyMind Member Posts: 1,541
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    Im not shocked no ones playing hag the fact her lunge is still bugged makes her garbage.

    Other then that this just shows how bad this dev team really is honestly starbreeze was better and i hate saying that.

  • BeHasUBeHasU Member Posts: 536

    I can't believe ghostie has a lower kill rate than clown or legion.

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