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Quattro_LVQuattro_LV Member Posts: 3
edited March 2020 in General Discussions

Why have the splinters been removed? They were a goodmechanic for trying a new killer out without having to purchase his DLC. I understand that most proplecan try a new killer in the PTB, but thats only for when a new killer comes out. Also it was nice to play DLC killers when spending money on buying them was not an option.


  • StorntStornt Member Posts: 145

    I never got the opportunity to try splinters since I've never found one in the web, but I've seen many people use them in the past. I want to say they removed them because of them maybe being buggy, but I'm genuinely not sure.

  • Quattro_LVQuattro_LV Member Posts: 3

    Yeah, they did recently get buggy, as in didnt work for most of the time, but I did find at least one in each web at level 50.

  • Kaiser_EmotionKaiser_Emotion Member Posts: 52

    its outdated since youtube exists now. it was kinda meaningless since you become perkless meaning they are useless at high ranks. also you can get them even if you have the killer purchased so it can eat 7k points in a bloodweb. overall it was a good idea at first. but now its purposes arent really useful anymore. imo they probably should have just added u could keep ur current perks or lowered it to 4k

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