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The proper buffs for Deathslinger

notsonewnotsonew Member Posts: 190
edited March 10 in Feedback and Suggestions

i played him a bit in the ptb and now with the live i can tell he does need some buffs and most of them are pretty simple.

reload speed:

from the wiki, the reload speed by default is 2.75 seconds, change it to 2.25, half a second faster will make him more viable right away since it will allow him to use his power more frequently, reload speed add-ons doesn'T feel too much like it does reduce it so making it slower by default will help.

Reeling speed:

same for reload speed, just give it a tiny % speed buff to it, maybe just 10% by default, it really feels slow without add-ons.

chain durability: i know obstacles are meant to break the chain, which makes sense and is normal, but even with the prison chain add-on, it still feels like it breaks insanely fast, from the wiki, if the chain is in colision with objects it breaks the chain by 20 charges per second, the chain by default has 100, so change it to 15 charges instead and change the reeling one to 10/12.5, this will add an extra second of durability and honnestly will make him power way less useless if there's so many trees or walls around, just a very good quality of life, and the prison chain add-on could add 22.5 charges, so a second and a half.

this is more a quality of life change, but add a personal sensitivity for aiming in the settings, this could helps a LOT of people who are used to play shooting games and want to aim with high sensitivity, just a good quality of life change people will appreciate.

stun duration when breaking the chain:

reduce it to 3 seconds, 4 seconds is insanely long, and for a killer that goes 110%, it's way too high, yes there is add-ons to reduce the stun duration but i'd rather have them nerfed and have a smaller stun by default

harpoon hitbox:

this has many issues, latency doesn't help at all, but the very small hitbox of the projectile is really annoying and often feel like you go inside people without getting a hit, so making the hitbox a little bigger, maybe like a huntress hatchet hitbox would be way better, and unlike untress, you won't be annoyed as much if you get hit by the harpoon when you are on the other side of the wall since it will require a direct hit from the killer, so you will simply hide behind the wall you are in, and you'll be fine

overall i really enjoy the killer, but he does need some love, nothing too major, mostly number changes


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