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I think I'm done playing killer.

OtakuFreakOtakuFreak Member Posts: 161

Playing killer is nothing more than a frustrating and terrible experience. Ever since the death of ruin, the amount of time actually spent in the game has gravely decreased. Generators get done at blinding speeds and there's nothing you can do about it if you're playing against optimal survivors (I.E they know what they're doing).

An average game in red ranks consists of:

-A generator being done before I can even get to it or apply pressure.

-One chase taking 2-3 minutes because the survivor is running around a broken or OP structure that apparently still has yet to be fixed (wretched shop, god windows, etc). By the time I down them, another 2-3 generators are done.

-With 1-2 generators left, I chase another survivor, go through the same experience and hook them. Now the doors are powered and the game is pretty much over.

-God forbid I decide to tunnel, camp, or slug the survivors because this ''ruins the experience'' for them. And even if I do this, survivors have a handful of perks to give them second chances at every moment of the game.

-Even if I play by the survivor rule book, I get flashlight clicked and tea bagged to high heaven because how dare I even play the game right?

Whatever, think I'll start playing survivor now for the rest of the game's lifespan until killer is fixed, seems like the fun role.



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