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Let's all take a break

It's no surprising fact to say that a lot, I mean a lot of the player-base hates this game down to the smallest fibers of their heart, yet can't help but play the game either from the lack of other things to play in the genre or simply because they're only playing as a chore to keep progressing in the game. Overall, that's mostly due to the fact that the devs, uhh, let's just say haven't been making the best of patches recently.

*cough cough*

*cough cough* well I must have a bug in my throat

These patches have led me and many other players to drive ourselves up the wall because we try to play the game, constantly, but with these kinds of patches coming out constantly along with unreasonable reworks, band-aid fixes (*cough cough* Ruin *cough cough*), and really stupid challenges on the archive to do (Why would anyone want to complete 12 gens?), it leaves us at a standstill because we know that the game is not good by any means, encouraging ranked play in a game that's built to be casual but catering to people with no experience and it just makes no sense at all.

So this is my proposal, let's organize a day where nobody plays Dead by Daylight, as sort of a detox possibly and either do something else with our lives, get a life, or go play Deathgarden or something.

I'm not even gonna propose a date because I know this post won't get any traction but I think it would be healthy if the fanbase took a break, a step back possibly, and just reconsidered the life choices that lead them to become addicted to this... special game.



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    I think we all hold the same hope that things will be fixed. And sure you can blame the devs but you can also blame the community. Some people speak about real bugs and fixes that need to be done and some just want things to go their way. The game is meant to be casual but it's PvP so someone has to lose and since it's four against one in most cases, the four usually win. We want to stop playing but deep down we all know we love this game too much and again hope things will get fixed as time passes... Unfortunately the player base is too large, people complain too early about things they don't understand. Some high rank players decide things that lower rank or even mid rank players can't keep up with and it changes our play styles and who we enjoy. I love to play Nurse and Spirit yet it's so hard to play them casually when everyone is at the throat of the other trying to win rather than have fun. All in all... It's just another game that was meant to appeal to the people who started because it probably was never meant to be a game that became this big (player base wise) a small team in Canada (I believe, unless I am wrong) started this game with high hopes and I know they still have it... It's just hard to make over hundreds of thousands of players happy when everyone wants something different and we all just need to accept that the game is "not to our standards" for most of us and either move on or learn to live with it for the most part.

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    Biggest issue is early game pressure. And some light fixes like Blendette. I played a game earlier with a SWF with four Blendettes, one map offering for MacMillan, and multiple fog offerings. Let's just say I couldn't find anyone when they turned a corner.

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    Dbd is just fine. You can’t always win..

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    I can and have taken weeks/months off this game, and every time I come back its worse and worse. I've been playing more and more other games these days specifically because DBD is in such a state.

    Today I had the lovely time of trying to throw a pallet, but instead a locker I hadn't even seen pulled me in. Ok fine. I must have.. not been paying attention (Not the case) So i get out of this locker, approach the pallet for the killer stun, and NOPE LUL back in the locker.

    Tonight I played 10 games. I got 10 gunslingers. 1 new map.

    I am now thoroughly sick of the gunslinger to the point I'm hanging up my DBD and going to play something else for a few days until this calms down a bit (ha ha)

    Tools and add ons for survivors are a joke now outside sabboing for the lulz. ("BuT iTs FaStEr.." STFU a fart of progress at a farts speed is still a GD fart ok?)

    Killers are sweatyer than they've ever been still butthurt over ruin (IT WAS A TERRIBLE CRUTCH BS PERK AND I WILL FITE YOU ABOUT THIS :P) BBQ is now KING It's now replaced Ruin in use, every damn killer I face runs it.

    I'm bored. I'm tired. And this isn't and hasn't been 'fun' for a long time.

    Also, my game broke again on the update, forcing yet another 40 minute validate files and reinstall (happens every update, patch, etc) and my rift is once again broken and I can't progress.

    Why do we bother?

  • Hag.is.DtierHag.is.Dtier Member Posts: 1,398
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    I play because I like the foundation of the game. I get to play the some of the greatest horror icons in the history of cinema. Who doesn't like to scare the crap out of survivors as Michael?

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    I haven’t read most of the comments on this site lately because it all just seems like a bunch of griping to me. I don’t have a problem with the game overall but I will say that I am a bit burned out by the grind of the rift, which I feel obligated to complete because I paid for the rift pass. I’m on tier 65 so only 5 left to go. After that I think I’m going to enjoy the weather, or get Coronavirus, or something once I get to 70 and won’t be completing all of the challenges of level 4. The path of least resistance seems to be through the killer challenges this time. I’m already halfway through the close two hatches challenge (closed three in a row, 2 during the last challenge of chasing for 300 seconds). The last challenge is get 100,000? It’s grindy, but totally cake. Honestly was expecting harder tasks this level but I’m glad because it means that I’m that much closer to taking a rest from dbd.

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    For about the past 2 months I've been taking two weeks off at a time. Then I'm like "why haven't I played this in awhile? I loved this game 🤔" then I play a match or two and realize why I stopped. I can really only play for maybe 2 hours before I just get fed up with what's happened to this game over the past 2 years I've been playing and I give up.. this game just depresses me.

  • evil_one_74evil_one_74 Member Posts: 312

    Think what you want, and say what you will, but I want the old ruin back. It did seem to slow the game down " just a little bit ". Sure there were times that it didn't last very long, but there were also times that it did, and it was quite nice. Call it dependency. Call it relying on a little help. Call it what you want, but At least back then you could get a chase or two. Even a hook or two before 3 gens were done. Not everyone is an ace at playing killer. I'm sure as hell not, so I struggle some, and it can be frustrating at times..

  • AcculllaAccullla Member Posts: 984

    I'm actually enjoying the game a lot and have been for a while. Aside from poor optimisation, lobby times forcing me to play killer only and a couple of annoying bugs I think the game has never been healthier in terms of gameplay.

  • TunnelVisionTunnelVision Member Posts: 1,350

    I would get that cough tested for Covid-19, just to be on the safe side!

  • Jacoby2041Jacoby2041 Member Posts: 843

    Part of the reason I keep playing is there aren't really that many good alternatives. It seems like every other asymmetrical game that pops up dies before long or doesn't quite tickle my fancy. I gotta get my asymmetrical fix somehow (literally my favorite type of game) so here I am... still playing this...

    Another part of the reason is I'm like "hey I should unlock X perk(s) on X character it might be fun" and then I have to grind forever and never end up getting it and I've been playing so long that I get tired of it and quit again

    I don't hate the game or anything though, it's still fun (sometimes), it just gets tiring doing the same old stuff all the time with nothing (whether it be another game or something in this one) to freshen my brain up

  • CodelaCodela Member Posts: 96

    I'd love to have all of those entitled little brats on both sides take a break - may it last forever.

  • xChrisxxChrisx Member Posts: 917

    Get your break, see you tomorrow

  • legionIsBackBabylegionIsBackBaby Member Posts: 32

    You know they shutdown death garden right?

  • Eye66Eye66 Member Posts: 808

    Because that'll take like 4 full hours alone due to que times?

  • DoomsdayDameDoomsdayDame Member Posts: 62

    Dude I agree. I was a die hard.. every morning before work I got 4 games in and every night when I got home I played until I fell asleep. I've but 2 1/2 years in this b*tch and here we are. 2 whole weeks without even touching the game. I feel like- IF the majority of the community took a break for a day that wouldnt even do anything. The devs have the tail wagging the dog on this game... and its offensive to the veteran playerbase.

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    The communities I've joined. That's the only reason i'm still playing. Also the only reason i'm going to keep playing. If I didnt' have the friends I made playing this game, and still playing this game - I wouldn't be playing it either. Honestly they are also the only ones keeping the game fun at this point - at least until Resident Evil: Project Resistance comes out.

    Which is another thing. There is a possibility with the recent updates to the game, and the direction the game is going. It could be they are getting their money worths out of the game before it dies to the big competition that's just around the corner. Instead of trying to fight a big triple A company head on they are instead just counting, and getting as much coin as they can from the current playerbase. While at the same time catering to cult followings like Entitled Survivors to keep them running afterwards.

  • AlonzoAlonzo Member Posts: 151
    edited March 2020

    That sounds about right. So far I didn't had any issues regarding the game but now it feels like they are trying to cash out. The game isn't going to die because they got a good player base right now but I feel it is going to go down soon™.

    For me it started with the way they handled the tome. I got the pass and yet I have to buy a character I won't ever use just to get 4 challenges done. I know that buying the pass is just for the rift but I don't understand why even if I own all 3 character perks I still got to spend 9k shards on a character I don't need.

    Yesterday I got the new dlc (which I was gifted) and started to play the new killer. My first two matches have been a total disaster because of a major bug. I couldn't do anything because I was stuck in the chain hook animation and I couldn't DC because I would get banned for that and I don't even want to ruin the match for everyone else because they are not to blame.

    Matchmaking (rank 17 killers going vs red ranks and vice versa, solution is to hide the ranks?)

    Server ping (Over 150 most matches)

    Plus other bugs and focusing on releasing new content instead of fixing game health.

  • bonsaibeardbonsaibeard Member Posts: 40

    You might want to get a cough drop for all that coughing

  • TruTru Member Posts: 5

    If they limited survivor movement for turns and fixed some of the auto aim issues that would be a start.

    I mean in no horror movie ever has a victim literally ran a circle around a killer

    Reduce the bonus for multiple people on gens.

    Increase base cleansing time

    Fix hit boxes through vaults

    Fix grab animations

    In a game where seconds matter some of the killer moris take way to long while others are extremely fast. Fast Mori on a strong killer vs long on the weakest is not balanced.

    Remove God loops at structures

    Hell put survivors in first person view mode and don't touch anything else.

  • chefdave12118chefdave12118 Member Posts: 193

    OP stop coughing. This Corona thing is effing my head up.

  • deadkiddeadkid Member Posts: 3

    If any of u guys play this on PC u don't know the real struggle of playing this on PS4 is trash killers hitting u 3 steps after vaulting or getting hit when ur behind killer this game is bunz killer is stupid easy I get Al least 3 ppl a game but when it comes to looping I feel the killers are faster on PS4 than PC and it's crap all I ever see is ppl bitching about the stupidest things and not what needs to be fixed

  • bonsaibeardbonsaibeard Member Posts: 40

    You might want to get a cough drop for all that coughing.

  • RainbowPatooieRainbowPatooie Member Posts: 322

    I'd say the community is deteriorating faster than the game. I enjoy the game but the community has just grown more and more toxic.

  • M3ndeleM3ndele Member Posts: 2

    Well tbh, I kinda enjoy the game because the base idea is really cool.

    But the toxicity from killers and survivors takes my last nerve and in the end I tilt more than I want.

    I think a main problem here is the stupid fact, that you literally are forced to rank.

    For example: I play DbD mainly with 3 premades, but 2 of them have nearly no experience (one of them has around 17 hours) and I try to stay around rank 7-6, which is obviously way too high for new players.

    And if your lows get downed easily just to get camped it already triggers. If you add the fact, that many killers actually combine the camping with 1-hit skills/perks and tunneling, it's difficult to help them.

    So in the end nearly the whole squad dies and everyone gets more annoyed instead of enjoying the game at all.

    I really dont want to talk about balancing problems and bugs here, because we all know how fckn annoying the game can be for both sides.

    But I support the idea of a player based day off, just to calm down and give the devs something to think about

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