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Deathslinger is objectively the worst killer

Okay so I've just finished playing deathslinger for about 12 hours straight now and I think I can confirm he's worse than any killer we currently have. I'll prove it by comparing him to clown who most people agree was the worst. Each time deathslinger fires he has the clown's slow from throwing a bottle and each time he reloads he has the clowns slow from reloading but what do each of their powers give you? a deathslingers shot should give you a hit and deep wound or a hit and down. But you can counterplay his power just by dropping pallets, sitting at certain loops, having a friend sprint up and take the hit for you (which doesn't apply the deepwound to either of them) and if he misses he gets slowed by the shot AND by the reload. Clown's power can deny loops and slow survivors as well as mess with their vision and with addons even apply exhaustion or slow them further and you can't really counter play a good bottle besides baiting him to throw it where you aren't going. So in theory clown can almost always capitalize on a bottle by making chases shorter and he can throw several without needing to reload.

But lets ignore all of that and look at only the numbers. Both abilities slow the same amount for the same duration if not deathslingers slows him for longer. It takes clown 5 seconds to reload all of his bottles which is 4. It takes the deathslinger 2.75 seconds to reload 1 shot the clown has already saved more time than the deathslinger if the deathslinger has to reload twice. Then add in the clown is 115% and the deathslinger is 110% meaning even if you completely removed their powers the clown can end chases faster.

The only real advantage deathslinger has over clown is a smaller terror radius and his ability to theoretically get an injury or down from 18 meters which has a lot of ifs such as cover and other survivors.


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 5,229

    I dunno, I think he is better than Clown and such for sure. In general though he's just too slow.

    I take BBQ on him and like, I see three people on gens so far away, by the time I reach one of them all three pop. Like he has no means of stopping survivors from doing gens really, I've literally gone to gens with 2 people working on them and by the time I get there they are so close to done they just let me hit them and the other one stays on while the injured one runs off and complete it.

    Like there is zero threat to him stopping you from just doing gens.

    You need a lucky start so that they have to go for people on hook, heal, etc...otherwise you can't get a foothold in the game at all and he is pretty much helpless. ESPECIALLY on larger maps.

  • Wooden_EnthusiasmWooden_Enthusiasm Member Posts: 81

    I mean the thing with clown though is his power can hit multiple people and he is only slowed when he throws the bottle and when he reloads death slinger is slowed when he fires, when he reels you in, when he reloads, he has a legion long stun if you let the chain break and of course he physically cant move as fast. I swear its like they tried to pile on every downside possible to him

  • GHOSTfaceP3GHOSTfaceP3 Member Posts: 1,276

    I completely agree with you I’d much rather play clown then this sad excuse for a killer right now I’m hoping the devs will see there mistake and buff him but then again I was hoping the same with the sabo changes but they didn’t... his power is to weak for a 110% killer they either need to buff his power massively or increase his speed but look at ruin it’s to weak for a hex perk yet there keeping it a hex because in there words “it would be to strong” if it wasn’t (I disagree with that)

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 5,229

    Deathslinger is pretty much a guaranteed hit; if I could get a hit every time I used a bottle as clown I would be playing a lot more clown. Also clown can't yank you out of areas where you are safe to hit you elsewhere; he can't bottle you through a window and get a hit, yank you off someone you are unhooking and down you too cause you tried to unhook while injured. There are so many upsides you are just leaving out to try and say he is awful. You can break the chain yourself with an M1 as well to avoid that stun fairly easily, and even then if you probably are going to get stunned you usually know and just don't fire anyways.

    If you actually want to talk balance you need to look at as much as possible from all sides, if you just pick out what you think is weak trying to make him sound awful you are going to have a hard time convincing anyone.

    My only issue so far has been gen pressure on larger maps because of the slower speed; and maybe his M1 not tracking properly sometimes for some reason; I think because of the auto aim.

  • OtakuFreakOtakuFreak Member Posts: 206

    I agree they're pretty comparable right now, but DeathSlinger might have the edge since he can threaten survivors at a much longer range.

    Clown's power is only threatening if he's right on the survivor, whereas DS is effective at all ranges.

  • GHOSTfaceP3GHOSTfaceP3 Member Posts: 1,276

    No 18m all you need to do is run in a straight line and let his 110% speed cuck him lol while clown has 115% speed

  • OtakuFreakOtakuFreak Member Posts: 206

    Oh yes I forgot he's 110 eventhough there is absolutely no reason why he should be.

  • GHOSTfaceP3GHOSTfaceP3 Member Posts: 1,276

    Sprint burst is your best friend for the next few days lol

  • OtakuFreakOtakuFreak Member Posts: 206

    Oh man I love wasting 30-40 seconds just to catch up with a survivor, clearly balanced. /s

  • GHOSTfaceP3GHOSTfaceP3 Member Posts: 1,276

    In fact the only times I’ve died to him today is because of trashy teammates but we can thank BHVR for that because ranking up as survivor is so easy

  • Wooden_EnthusiasmWooden_Enthusiasm Member Posts: 81

    okay lets talk about the upsides you just pointed out. Quite frankly you either bottle to deny a loop which nets you a hit or bottle a loop to get a hit so in an ideal sense they both do the same thing you get your hit using your power. True clown can't yank you off of unhooking someone and he cant hit your through a window but he can deny a window or even certain structures with just a good toss which is the equivalent of hitting someone through windows. That leaves grabbing people off unhooks which to be honest is kind of situational and really his only upside clown doesnt have. But lets look at it from a pure numbers standpoint and say it takes both the deathslinger and the clown 1 use of their power to down a survivor and they are as optimal as possible. death slinger shoots, hits,reloads (2.75s), hits again down; clown bottles, hits, hits downs. Even if we say deathslinger needs 1 shot per down and clown needs 2 bottles per down clown now has 2 bottles and deathslinger STILL has to reload extend the scenario to 2 downs in quick succession death slinger has reloaded twice now for 5.5 seconds of dead time where you are doing nothing. Clown still has to reload after using 4 bottles and that reload time is 5 seconds. No matter how efficient you are with deathslinger you will always lose 2.75 seconds per shots say you shoot 10 times over the course of a match you have waste 27.5 seconds doing nothing at all. Ignoring all killers that is an insane chunk of time that no matter how good you are you physically cannot avoid. Keep in mind its not like a power recharging that is time that you cannot do anything at all besides walk slower than survivors

  • beck__beck__ Member Posts: 24

    I think people are missing his main strengths. He cant stop gen rush, so focus on keeping 3 gens close together. I believe his key is in hex totems that grant exposed, including NOED. He seems easier to guard close gens due to his range and 1 shot with exposed.

  • creeping_deathcreeping_death Member Posts: 25

    Just make him 115 speed

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,173

    Hella fun though

    Never had this fun losing

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