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I was considering not posting this

KingOfBadRNGKingOfBadRNG Member Posts: 425
edited March 2020 in General Discussions

I was playing demogorgon on coldwind farm and found a survivor on a gen. I hooked the survivor and went up stairs because I heard the gen had progression. I kicked the gen and heard crying down stairs. I walked down and saw a trail of blood leading to a locker, upon opening it was the same survivor I hooked earlier I hooked them again. Went to the same gen where i found the survivor the 1st time he was fully healed and I hooked them again and got this.

Calling me a bad word kinda pissed me off. I'm still deciding if I should have posted this. No hate I just wanted to tell a story. I really hate these messages because if I say something offensive I get ban. I did it once and I got ban 7 days.



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