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New Toolbox Spring Clamp addon - Technician should get rework

They basically made a yellow addon a perk.

Spring Clamp - The noises caused by your Repairs and their hearing distance are reduced by 8 metres.

Technician - The noises caused by your Repairs and their hearing distance are reduced by 8 metres.

Now I know the new toolboxes have way less charges so they don't last long but it still feels a little weird to have an addon do the same thing as a perk. And I don't think they stack and reduce the noise by 16 metres, can someone confirm?

Here's an idea that would make Technician more useful and rewarding for hitting Great Skill Checks:

You are apt at handling machinery with the greatest care and precision.

The noises caused by your Repairs are silent.

After performing a Great Skill Check gain a Token up to 5 Tokens. For every Token you have the noises caused by a Generator that you are repairing are reduced by 5%. This effect persists after stopping repairing a generator and gradually fades back to normal for 10 seconds.

Technician does not stack. (So you can't have 2 people with Technician working on a gen and reducing the noise by like 50%)


  • ToxicboiiToxicboii Member Posts: 348
    edited March 2020

    .... I don't get why we need to rework Technician just because a toolbox, which doesn't even last for that long now, has the same effect through an addon. A perk is permanent, but a toolbox.. well, isn't. There's no reason to change something just because it does the same thing, but worse. The worse thing being that the addon is a poor copy of Technician. And yet your logic suggests Technician is the issue here?

    I should ALSO mention that Technician was built specifically for new players, who don't understand how a skill check works. It was meant to give the survivor a chance that a skill check will not expose your position, which is the main effect of Technician. If this perk rewards only great skill checks, only pros will be gifted with a perk that does nothing as they don't care if a generator makes noise when being repaired. It will also be useless to newbies, so you would turn this into a meme perk, not into a more useful one.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,795

    I don't think technician needs a rework but a bonus for hitting great skill checks would not be bad.

    That way I could still be used as a beginner perk to help new survivors with skill checks. Due to the failure prevention

    However it can be used by veteran players who can create some pretty reliable builds if it rewards them for greats.

    The noise reduction is good no matter whether you are a veteran or a new player

  • SnootBooperSnootBooper Member Posts: 33

    If a perk is designed to help new players then it should be on a free survivor. I don't think new players just buy the DLC with Feng as soon as they buy the game. And by the time they'd be able to buy Feng with shards I think most of players are used to skill checks by then. But fine the 50% chance to mute explosion can still be there, I have no problem with that.

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