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Does pineapple belong on pizza?

toxicmeggtoxicmegg Member Posts: 662

i know this isn't DBD related, but i just want to see what people on this forum think :D in my opinion pineapple is disgusting on a pizza.. it's like putting ketchup on cereals lol

Does pineapple belong on pizza? 83 votes

pineapple belongs on pizza!
FoggyDownpourAdelooAllu12finI_am_NeganTragicSolitudeTheRockstarKnightJawsIsTheNextKillerDeadeyewhammigobambamStopDropPANICFichteHiromusstang62Raven014SunaIIanuDetailedDetrimentTunnelVisionPigMainClaudetteinferjusPet_The_Lizardsnimesulide 30 votes
pineapple doesn't belong on pizza
Dwight_FairfieldWhite_OwlSeiko300InjiBigyo369GhostRoaster29FibijeanCheersTCarslaNDimekSpiderTashKnucklesToppingPanicHoodiedsmappdoodaZwyczajneKonto123320GrootDudeRacKrilkalKeezo 44 votes
i don't care
TapeKnotpootis_BearAhoyWolfWRussoWPhaloxYGeminosCephalon_LebronMisterNegativesVeckman 9 votes


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