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What is your "I get it" killer?



  • NescauNescau Member Posts: 49

    Old Legion. :'(

  • ChiChi Member Posts: 774

    Pig and Huntress kinda. I play killer very sporadically though, kinda makes it harder to keep that understanding.

  • OrangeJackOrangeJack Member Posts: 266

    Nurse, although I haven't played her in a while so now I'm bad at her again.

    My best games against people who actually know how to play survivor were with her.

  • OkoruOkoru Member Posts: 144

    Ghost Face definitely. Sometimes I just want to be flat out aggressive and run Oni too. Both are lots of fun.

  • Tunnel_Me_PleaseTunnel_Me_Please Member Posts: 353

    Clown before I got Thompson house against red ranks. They made me look like a clown 🤡.

    Now I play pig because she’s more viable than Clown and the ambush can be a lot of fun.

  • Deadman316Deadman316 Member Posts: 418

    I'm really bad with killers, but I run Michael Myers because of the silence/stealth element.

    I've played way too much Metal Gear and Splinter Cell...

  • BlazelskiBlazelski Member Posts: 46

    Legion, Doctor (even the old one), and sometimes Spirit seem to fit me like a handmade glove. I've only played Oni a few times, but he fits me like a wood chipper so far. I'll never forget lunging in his power and hitting consoles in the lab that were below my field of view. That experience shattered me.

  • WiredGamerOniWiredGamerOni Member Posts: 61

    WHERE ARE (Most) OF THE FREDDY’S AT????????

  • Dr_LoomisDr_Loomis Member Posts: 2,356

    Pig. Snuffling after dem survivors like truffles!

  • whammigobambamwhammigobambam Member Posts: 494

    Bubba because he is sloppy and derpy and if he doesn't catch you he can just swing his chainsaw around

  • Whiskers93Whiskers93 Member Posts: 94

    Legion. I didnt play him before the nerfs so I dont know exactly what he was like to play before but I play him really well (consistently 2k to 4k against red ranks) and he/she is just fun to play.


    My sweet sweet doctor, he is so satisfying to play and I love his giggle xd

  • yakul1nausicaayakul1nausicaa Member Posts: 75

    For me, it's the hag. I feel so at ease with her, also i know i have at least a fighting chance against good swf teams when playing her.

  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 1,502


    It's the killer I'm the best at, and I like to believe I'm at least decently above average at her with all the time I've put into her by now. Love both playing her and playing against her.

  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 2,512


  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 4,679


    sucks that i am leveling others atm and he is running out of bag add ons :/

  • MiniPixelsMiniPixels Member Posts: 335

    Demo and Oni.

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 1,154

    I only just recently started playing Trapper, and it’s just so comfortable! The satisfying snap! Smug contentment with well-places traps. The movement speed! It’s just enjoyable. (Now for the record, I play casually, not competitively, so there’s that. Pips mean nothing to me!)

  • KwikwittedKwikwitted Member Posts: 609

    The first killer I ever "got" was Hillbilly, not the biggest AHA! moment to be sure, but once I realized how strong map pressure is the light bulb clicked pretty quickly.

    The second killer I ever "got" was Legion, I started playing him after he got nerfed from his toxic first iteration so I've always played him with the penalty for missing during frenzy along with his other issues, but I just seem to understand how to get the most out of frenzy to slow the game down to compensate for his laughable ability to actually down survivors due to being M1 reliant. He's definitely the one I got that I enjoy the most as people often underestimate him.

    The third killer I ever "got" was new Freddy, which really isn't hard to understand, once you understand how to use his teleports to pressure the map and bait survivors into leaving gens the rest comes pretty quickly.

  • Booper_Of_SnootBooper_Of_Snoot Member Posts: 856

    Freddy and Spirit. When I play them, I feel unbeatable.

  • Brucecastro81Brucecastro81 Member Posts: 1,609

    Billy: I know how to curve so I'm really confident on hitting survivors with my chainsaw

  • DahliasdollieDahliasdollie Member Posts: 46

    Nurse, I play on xbox one btw. I just feel comfortable on nurse for some reason, minus all the bugs of course

  • DudeDeliciousDudeDelicious Member Posts: 7,849

    Honestly, although I do like the rework, old Freddy was much much better at controlling the flow of the match.

    I feel good about my proficiency with new Freddy, but I’m much much more lethal with Clown.

  • hex_genrushhex_genrush Member Posts: 736

    Nurse, every time a get a 4k I look back at how much I’ve grown

  • DudeDeliciousDudeDelicious Member Posts: 7,849

    I’ll sometimes go through periods of playing add-on-less, or just brown on my mains to bank 1mil bp for the sole purpose of spending it ALL just to restock add-ons.

  • scarslookgoodscarslookgood Member Posts: 157

    Doc. Even before his re-work, he was my go-to. I found him easy to use and had a good feel for his abilities and strengths right away. I love his look and all his cosmetics too. He's just my dude

  • WRussoWWRussoW Member Posts: 715

    The Spirit. Not because she's strong (but it's probably a reason why my nerve cells are still alive) but because I like her design overall. Plus, her gameplay is just interesting, I like playing both as and against Rin.

  • KeezoKeezo Member Posts: 263

    Despite being a Pig main, i'd have to say i'm most comfortable with Evan, he's got a very simple power, but unlike killers like Clown, Freddy & Wraith, its not just one note.

  • SupernautSupernaut Member Posts: 1,109

    Bubba! I love that part of the match when every pallet has been dropped and its business time! That aside there is a purity to his gameplay that I admire; every flick of his hammer is perfectly weighted...

  • Eightball_uwuEightball_uwu Member Posts: 37

    Mine would have to be Spirit, Hag, Huntress and Plague as I play them the most and find them fun, but no super bullcrap for survivors to deal with

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