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Why do survivors have to be like this sometimes

UniSansUniSans Member Posts: 53

Okay, so what happend is that this guy was hooked twice and the others a few times. So once all the gens were done after my 3 gen, this guy gets downed and mori'd from Rancor because I've never used Deathslingers mori. After the game he was telling me I may as well have brought a mori and complained about getting one shot by rancor, saying that at least a mori doesn't one shot him. Then he went on to calling me a baby killer and well, you can see the rest :^)



  • Sweet_FengSweet_Feng Member Posts: 48

    Yea sure, they're definitely getting on rank 1 because Ruin got changed and not because the devs destroyed the rank reset. Because ruin was the only reason why not everyone was rank 1. Shows how stupid some dbd players are. Ruin wasn't a God tier perk it was useless on high rank. It doesn't have anything to do that they changed ruin that everyone is getting rank 1. It's because the rank reset

  • Sweet_FengSweet_Feng Member Posts: 48

    Can't be nice to someone to who says that ruin was more important than the rank reset. Ruin wasn't important for the game, I'm playing DbD long enough on both sites to know that ruin wasn't important for really good players. I know enough players that don't need to play with ruin. Oh and they still get 4ks. Weird huh?

  • CleviteClevite Member Posts: 1,247

    And him with the key..like wtf?

  • toxcitynacltoxcitynacl Member Posts: 464

    Self-care is hardly a baby perk and isn't comparable to rancor. He should have known he was the obsession and the killer had rancor and got out as soon as the gate was powered though. I will say SC does take forever and Inner strength+detective's is 1000% better than sc. Not sure why anyone would complain about rancor though...you know he has it and you know you are the one with the bullseye on your back.

    And not sure about you, but the last reset I went back to the same rank as it has always been. I should have been sent to rank 9 as a rank 6, ended up at rank 12. I'll see this time if I go to rank 5 or back to the way it was and go to rank 11. And as for ruin...it was annoying for sure but hardly something you couldn't power through--had games we didn't find the ruin hex until the 4th gen was done--and typically it would be found before the second was done and very doubtful it could be credited with keeping people from red ranks. It is pretty funny really that before ruin was changed killers kept saying how trash a perk it was as it didn't stop good players from doing gens and the hex was found within 30 seconds anyway and then after the change it was a god perk and the only thing that made playing killer viable.

  • TinyMoon3TinyMoon3 Member Posts: 42

    The only time I use Botany and Self Care is when I need to work on specific dailies or challenge. Yet I'm a yellow ranked survivor. (I play survivor so much, yet the game isn't letting me progress to the next rank. I keep switching between yellow 14 and 15. I should be higher)

  • Mister_HoldoutMister_Holdout Member Posts: 2,488

    Survivors feel empowered by the recent balance changes.

  • ZamblotZamblot Member Posts: 224

    Red rank should be hard to get. I got rank 1 with survivor from looping and I don't play much and didn't sweat. It pissed me off that they just give it away so easily. It should be something you have to sweat for AND it should reward for you obtaining it (cosmetics)

  • HuntarHuntar Member Posts: 813

    I went up against a guy that typed exactly like that, and had the same complaints. He then started complaining that I was being too nice, and that I "wouldn't go anywhere" as long as I "faked" being a nice person when I let him know that I was sorry he didn't enjoy the match, and wished him a good one next time around. He was also super rude to his teammates, calling them all a bunch of unpleasant stuff before giving up after nobody else responded. Hopefully they can find a way to enjoy the game sometime.

  • PB182PB182 Member Posts: 80

    Self care is necessary if playing solo. Even more than inner strength

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 638

    Not really. It is a waste of time IMO and I play in red ranks solo since 2018. I only use it for some challenges.

  • OkapiOkapi Member Posts: 651

    Ha ha. No.

    Self care is something that holds the average player back. It only helps the killer.

  • evil_one_74evil_one_74 Member Posts: 171

    Yep. Between ruin change, and horrible match making, we have potatoes at purple and red ranks.

  • evil_one_74evil_one_74 Member Posts: 171

    At one time it was difficult and challenging to get to r1. It actually took some skill and hard playing to achieve it.

  • YamaokaYamaoka Member Posts: 2,419

    I like how you call me stupid even though you don't even understand my post in the first place. I've never said "people are getting to rank 1 as survivor because Ruin got changed".

    I said "the Ruin change caused many new people to hop onto the game resulting in lots of red rank potatoes due to the fact it's easy to rank up".

    The current rank reset contributes to the number of red rank potatoes, too.

  • TheMadDoctorTheMadDoctor Member Posts: 248
    edited March 13

    Player entitlement. It’s part of the reason I left DBD for a while...that and I felt the game didn’t offer much more. I only came back cause of the Deathslinger and breakable walls. But I feel the other issue is there isn’t much to survivors. You have perks that only change certain things with maybe one or two drastic game changers, but gens are boring as hell with the only thing with some depth to it being looping and even that has serious limits. Why I hate playing survivor is it feels like there is only so much you can do before you die. You don’t really have control over whether or not you can survive fully, you gotta rely on team mates or randoms knowing what they’re doing. If they don’t, you’re punished for it, which I think isn’t really fair for people who don’t wanna do swf. It really feels like solo survivors are punished on the flip of a coin. It’s why I prefer playing killer cause it feels like you’re in control...at least for the most part.

  • TeddyRTeddyR Member Posts: 46

    You proved his point i know youre an aggressive [BAD WORD], but if you said you know plenty of GOOD players who dont need ruin youre saying good players filtered through it, also its not rank reset its swf and how easy it is on survivor ranks compared to killer

  • AlsendDrakeAlsendDrake Member Posts: 99

    It's not like they didn't know you had it too

  • WitherrrWitherrr Member Posts: 52

    Imo rancor is kind of unfair, but he brought a key, so he can't really complain

    And what even are baby perks at this point? Barbecue and Self care should not be put in the same category of being called "baby perks". One is clearly way better than the other, and imagine complaining about a perk that literally gives you double bloodpoints for doing your objective. So are baby perks time waster perks? Convenience perks? I'm really confused

  • HuntressIsMyFavXDHuntressIsMyFavXD Member Posts: 132

    Going to be honest comparing killer to survivor perks doesn't work, the purpose of killer perks is to help the killer or tweak small things that could make a large difference. With survivor it's vice versa. I'm a killer main (feature console nurse main btw) and I got so many hate messages even when I do good. I always get told I'm bad when said person had lowest BP and prolly died first. I just respond cooly with the facts. The community is backwards and stupid (in most cases) I was in a KYF once and got DDoSed just cause the killer was tunneling and I told him so. That alone tells me the pettiness of the community is > 9000. I can't understand this at all. Its true in so many online games: the community is petty, and likes complaining and getting mad over the smallest [BAD WORD]. I seriously don't get it. I play the game for fun, not rank, not sweating, not ruining the game, just playing the game, getting better, and using these skills in games for BP. And yet not giving last one hatch, tunneling when people are toxic, etc makes me the worst person. When it's the hatch sitch, I usually say that it's my job to kill them

    As for being toxic, I say, don't be a complete asshat and maybe I won't be to you either.

    Like I said, the community is [BAD WORD] up bad and the ranks don't help, you get red ranks at green rank which means either they are super gud or bad (the latter mostly) or you get a poor bunch of rank 20s who can't hit skillchecks to save their life. I'm sorry but if this goes on I may stop playing actual games and just play KYF where I know there isn't toxicity. The survivor side takes for granted that us killers still play. If we stopped playing, the survivors would complain about there never being a available game. But the moment we start playing again they complain about the usual [BAD WORD]. If one side revolts, the entire game goes down. I'm sorry you survivor mains but soon enough you won't get Games anymore because the things you do in pub games is making killers stop playing. I'm a killer main through and through and I will never stop playing killer but I rarely play pub matches anymore from the toxicity. Much of the playerbase has done the same.

    TL;DR: Survivors stop being so toxic or you won't have any killers to be toxic to

  • TruTru Member Posts: 5
  • TunnelVisionTunnelVision Member Posts: 848

    lol It would be the guy with the key of course.

    Some people just love to complain.

  • Joao_BandicootJoao_Bandicoot Member Posts: 269

    Rank reset occurs at a monthly rate, 1-2 weeks doesn't equal a month, in my understanding a 1-2 week playtime user didn't even experience a rank reset yet.

  • PB182PB182 Member Posts: 80

    Medkits run out, looking for totems if there are any left to heal can take up time aswell, and looking for other survivors that you can't communicate with to constantly heal you when injured is another time waster cause alot of the time your teammates are incompetent idiots. Self care while slow still gets the job done, does not run out or have charges and does not require additional help from an item or another survivor for it to work. That's why I say it's necessary

  • LmronbyLmronby Member Posts: 272

    He was implying that whole Ruin Reset Era; where a Lot of things shifted at the same time.

    Just the Ruin Change is most memorable

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