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Tool box rework is pathetic.

All because of cry baby killers the tool boxes are useless now. The developers make the game worse every update and yet all that the high rank killers do is camp and tunnel survivors because they suck. Your game is a joke and it's no wonder why players quit matches. The reason why quitting is down is because fewer players are playing because this game is trash now.



  • LordEmrichLordEmrich Member Posts: 258

    Best thing to do is to not allow Survivors to bring in items PERIOD! You come in and have to search a chest to find an item. It makes zero sense as to why they're allowed to bring items in to begin with.

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 704

    I think some Maps also have their own issues that affect the game a lot too, such as the God Lop on Wretched Shop. I think the Devs should redesign most Maps to make them more balanced, just like the new Maps they've been publishing.

    I kinda understand why they are able to bring in Items, there are only 3 Chests per Trial, so the possibility of all Survivors getting an item is zero if no Chest Offering is burned.

  • rickyray101rickyray101 Member Posts: 90

    I put more time in this game than anything Believe me I know enough about it. What I'm getting at is developers catered towards certain players and they don't care about how things are supposed to work.

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 704

    The Devs wanted to change the overall function of Toolboxes with the Sabo buff, and since the Gen Speed is already fast, they decided to make the impact Toolboxes have in the game less major.

  • LordEmrichLordEmrich Member Posts: 258

    Sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles. They're given waaaaaayyyy too advantageous positions in a scenario where they should have little advantages.

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 704

    Yeah, the problem is, most Maps have some sort of God Loop, and that's quite problematic when Survivors know how to use them as effectively as possible.

  • Spectre13Spectre13 Member Posts: 157

    As a survivor it is kind of annoying to be more careful with my toolbox. But as a killer I don't feel so intimidated now if I get a lobby with 2 or 3 boxs in peoples hands.

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 704

    Yeah, true. Since Toolboxes aren't that impactful anymore, they aren't as feared as they used to be.

  • LordEmrichLordEmrich Member Posts: 258

    Oh I don't mind the loops. If I get into a chase where I feel like a Survivor knows the loops well I'll just break it off and find someone else. Even in a SWF there's always that weak link. You find it and the whole chain breaks.

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 704

    It really depends on RNG. If a given iteration of a Map has far too many strong, interconnected loops then it's quite difficult to get a down.

  • SodaheadSodahead Member Posts: 60

    I agree with god loops being an issue. I usually leave them if I see them running it well and move on to another survivor.

    Playing killer is about time management. I do not have the time to bloodlust someone through god loops. I will take the god pallet and catch them later away from the god loop or cut them off if they run back to it if possible.

    I suggest you do the same. I usually injure them and move on until everyone is accounted for. Most run self care and are to scared to play injured.

    Someone said Survivor should bring anything in? Lmao ok. Killer can't bring a weapon in then. See how dumb that sounds? Same argument reversed.

    How about people actually be gamers and learn how to play instead of calling for specific nerfs to fit their garbage playstyle? After all, we have seen one game nerfed so bad it is dead now. Behavior seems to be following that model. :(

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,237

    Dude all they did was pull there foot off the killers head. There still drowning. You must be a potato because survivor is STILL dominating AF. Most on ps4 are swf's. What joy that is. Try playing killer, and not at tater ranks. I bet you'd change your tune real quick...

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 704

    It depends, like I said, RNG is really a factor in this game. It is possible for practically all areas of the Map to have strong, interconnected tiles. If the Survivors know how to use them as effectively as possible, there isn't much you can do if you're not playing a viable killer.

    The Devs are trying to balance the game out for the majority of the Community since it is quite divided on the core issues of the game. Survivor players are an effective majority in the game, hence why most changes are made to improve their gameplay. However, the Devs are constantly trying to make everyone happy, however, that is very difficult to achieve with such a divided Community.

  • toxcitynacltoxcitynacl Member Posts: 464

    To be honest, I don't really see much camping at the higher ranks...sure you get some but it really is rather rare in my experience anyway. Now, at the gray and yellow ranks...they camp like there is no tomorrow because well that don't know any better either that are they are just awful and that is the only way they can actually kill anyone.

    Be honest now...you're just not that good now are you?

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 704
    edited March 12

    Agreed. From my own experience, I don't see many Killers camping at Red Ranks. However, slugging became more common with the Ruin Nerf since it's one of the most reliable strategies to try to get map pressure and a 4k. Besides that, there isn't much you can do to slow the game down other than downing and hooking Survivors, which can be quite the challenge depending on the Map you're playing on.

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 704

    Yeah, Toolboxes aren't that impactful anymore since Gen speed is just faster in itself right now. The Devs probably tried to change the main function of Toolboxes from repairing to sabotaging with the Sabo buff.

  • SoylentPixieSoylentPixie Member Posts: 703

    The amount of people who throw a hissy fit rather than adapting to a situation is astounding.

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