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What killer cosmetics would everyone like to see?

It bums me out that Leatherface and Freddy don’t get the cosmetics treatment that Ghost face got even though it was probably part of the deal made for them to be added. But if not, I’m sure there could be some awesome knife gloves and a Robert England type of head gear for ol’ Fred head and leatherface could get his multiple persona’s like the pretty woman outfit. And for original killers it would be awesome to see a deathslinger with robotic attachments like since his leg has that metal thing why not make a whole metal leg? Or maybe for Doctor give him a full plague doc outfit or a cool mummy type out fit for plague and for Huntress maybe a human skull instead of just animals since she’s killed tress passers in her domain before. Just spitting balling ideas out here, a lot of cool things could be added.



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