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Camping, Tunneling, and Area Camping

So.. I have a situation as I have to deal with games on Xbox One, most people will agree on this type of subject.. Us survivors playing correctly have been dealing with terrible players, what do i mean? Killer either camps, tunnels, or area camps around the specific survivors. It bothers me to the point that me and a few friends try to play this game cause we Love the game a lot but we just hate the situation to tell the person playing as killer to "play correctly and not ruin the game". When we'll get messages back saying were either "trash", "no lives" or just "bullies". Were bullies for what playing the game right? So this is just an idea

Camping, Area Camping, or Tunneling Penalty:

1st strike: 5-10 mins

2nd strike: 25-30 mins

3rd strike: 45mins-1hour

And so on and so fourth

(It gives you a warning and has a timer go down from 10-15 seconds, so the killer will move. Not like around in one spot but to go get the survivors and play right.)


  • Animalheadskull Animalheadskull Member Posts: 478


  • LifeQuestionsLifeQuestions Member Posts: 26

    I definitely agree there should be more of a punishment then what there is right now, but a time-out isn't a good one.

  • PurgatorianPurgatorian Member Posts: 1,137

    If your suggestion went through that would mean killers would have to leave the area even if they know another survivor is nearby waiting to unhook. I have noticed that if a survivor is looping next to a hooked survivor the emblem that takes being nearby hooked survivors into account still takes points from you.

    Ultra altruistic swf teams would love this idea though.

  • ClaudinhoClaudinho Member Posts: 7

    Mano rank 1 camper e tuneleiro!! Cada dia q passa sinto mais raiva desse jogo

  • ClaudinhoClaudinho Member Posts: 7

    Se cara quita na partida de camper e punido por 5 minutos e com camper não acontece nada. Muito justo

  • UistreelUistreel Member Posts: 627

    I can kind of understand people wanting punishments for camping (despite it realistically being stupid, and to an extent already existing), but punishments for tunnelling really is something else. It's annoying for the opponent yeah, but it's efficient. It's the equivalent of punishing a survivor who runs a killer around for over 30 seconds straight, because it's 'unfun' for the opponent, despite being efficient.

    Examples: It's end game, exit gates are open and your have one hooked survivor beside them. Want to secure one single kill? Nope, walk away or you get punished, give them a free escape. You hook someone and know for a fact there are others nearby because you saw them 3 seconds before hooking. Want to look for them? No, walk away and give them a free unhook or you'll be punished. Game is going really poorly and you quickly need to get a kill for pressure. A guy who's on second stage gets unhooked by a guy who hasn't been hooked once and is very skilled, want to quickly kill the dead hook guy to make the game actually possible to win, nope go for the guy that will guarantee you a loss or you get punished.

  • kaylawakekaylawake Member Posts: 15
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    @Uistreel The whole goal of the survivor is to run the killer around. We’re supposed to just let you hit us??? You need to learn when to give up a chase. Tunneling is not that effective considering you get far fewer points when you don’t hook multiple survivors. Tunnel two survivors and you’re likely to not pip up at all. Camp the survivors and you’ll likely lose a pip. There’s nothing wrong with proxy camping. The entire system is there to help everyone be able to get points. Y’all whined about gen rushing and toolboxes...we can’t whine about getting 1 min of play because someone tunnels us after getting farmed? Ok.

  • kaylawakekaylawake Member Posts: 15

    OP - you need to learn when to let someone go. If they’re face camping go do something else. They may leave. Face camping mostly happens at lower ranks or if you are being toxic. There is nothing wrong with proximity camping, and tunneling is a legitimate (albeit POOR) strategy. So is camping. They will secure a kill but at the cost of losing a pip. Take the L and move on. They will never adjust these things.

  • LuckilyLuckyLuckilyLucky Member Posts: 10

    @kaylawake heres the thing though. Proxy camping can be bad as well, because they camp around the area survivors will get to them at, you unhook them and what happens? Either we get tunneled OR as a respectable killer they are chasing the other person(which i wish tunnelers and face campers would learn from) but as said again. This is an idea i had at hand and i wanted to say something to hopefully get feedback or agreements/disagreements(which whoever disagrees i know what type you are) but yeah. Im not saying this in a rude matter, just wanting an understandment

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 4,467
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    You're kidding, right? Do you have any idea what this game is actually like? It really seems like you don't and just want to bully Killers into submission, especially because you want them to play by your rules. It seems like you kinda deserve the replies you're getting from those Killers.

    An SWF on comms can be extremely powerful because of all the information they receive. Killers sometimes have to camp and/or tunnel because of how fast gens go and how badly map RNG can ######### them over. You are suggesting that Killers be punished for trying their best in a situation that was FUBAR from the start. The devs even accept camping and tunneling as strategies, because sometimes they can quickly turn the tide of a match. They also have multiple counters in the game for you to use.

  • LuckilyLuckyLuckilyLucky Member Posts: 10

    Technically you cant counter camping and/or tunneling. Im not bullying those killers at all, it just gets us survivors upset and we De-pip, we worked hard to get where we were. You dont realize how people deal with this and actually agree with this problem. But you dont need think its funny, cause a lot of people think its funny when its techincally ruining the fun out of the game. So... Am giving basic feedback.. 😕

  • DeshDesh Member Posts: 1,118

    Ranking doesn't matter aside from the fact that the higher you go, the more toxic and frustrating survivors/killers are. You have perks that counter camping and tunneling such as DS, BT, Deliverance that can help you avoid being tunneled and camped. Yes, there are the people who will take a Bubba with Insidious and facecamp you all day long. There's also people though who will see a survivor clearly in the area while hooking someone, and is chasing said survivor around who refuses to leave the area. Punishing a killer because you expect him to walk across the map to give you your "mandated" 3 hooks is ridiculous. I've personally see where if a killer is hooking someone, another survivor will literally stand right behind that killer and immediately unhook them afterwards when they barely walked a few meters away.

    Hell I've had it where Survivors Gen locked themselves. These gens were SUPER close together so when I hook someone, it's within my Gen route. Am I forced to leave the area entirely just so I don't get penalized for making sure they don't escape? Specific scenarios are specific but they do happen, and the scenarios where its not the killer's fault is as equal if not more than when it is the survivors fault.

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