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Ghost Face: Fix Ideas

So, the entire reveal mechanic is really buggy and no one likes it on either side. I feel like removing this part of the killer will be overall better for the experience on both sides as well as making the match flow better. A few thing would need to change in order to make this work.

  1. (Necessary Change) - Ghost Face would only be removed from his power after interacting with a survivor. (exp. Hitting, pulling, and starting a chase) This would make Night Shroud worth the hefty cooldown that it currently has. Popping your power and immediately losing it shouldn't happen to any killer that has a timer on their power.
  2. Necessary Change) - Ghost Face would only be able to lean and stalk. This is a necessary change if Ghost Face is in control of his power. This will allow Survivors who spot him stalking to move towards an area that he can't lean as easily;adding a bit of counter-play since reveal would no longer be the counter. This would also remove "backrev" stalks while not removing the ability to "99%" stalk. (opinion: I think "backreving" a stalk is really dumb and defeats the point of a "Stalk" mechanic.)
  3. (Possible Change) - Allow Ghost Face to stalk at all times. Since stalking would be restricted to leaning this would allow him to get more use out of his stalk than he currently does.
  4. (Possible Change) - Take away the red stain while crouched at all times. This would actually make this part of his kit present in every match instead of only getting used for BM and the occasional "1000 IQ" play.
  5. (Necessary Change) - Almost all of his add-ons would need some changes, but most of them don't really get much use now, so they need to be looked at in general.

I believe these changes would make playing and playing against the Ghost Face more consistent and enjoyable. While the back and forth between the survivor revealing Ghost Face and Ghost Face avoiding detection sounds fun, it often doesn't work properly and results in being frustrating and tedious on both sides.


  • jokerdude23_jokerdude23_ Member Posts: 102

    Some nice changes, I've always would love the 1st one, should only lose shroud when interacting

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