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New hex perk idea. should it be in game?

Halloween2005Halloween2005 Member Posts: 73

Hex: blight of courage

The bond between the killer and the entity instills major fear into even the most courageous survivors.

You become obsessed with one survivor, everytime you hit your obsession your terror radius increases by 8 meters to a maximum of 32 meters and everyone within your terror radius screams revealing their location for 5 seconds. After you've hooked your obsession you may kill the obsession by your own hand. Any other survivor that you hit that's not your obsession will reduce every survivors generator repair speed by 15% to a maximum of 30%, reduce healing speed by 20% to a maximum of 35%, and will reduce exit gate opening speed by 5% to a maximum of 15%. Your increased terror radius will remain after you've killed your obsession but survivors will no longer scream. Blight of courage effects will disappear once the hex totem is cleansed.

Ps: This hex perk does not stack with hex: ruin, or the huntress lullaby. So you have to choose between the three.

New hex perk idea. should it be in game? 14 votes

Yes it's well balanced
Yes but it could use some work
GreenPufferFishAzgarthusclaudeetFobbo 4 votes
No it's too overpowered
Seiko300ad19970Fog_KingKarl_ChildersKnotEnthusiastEnderloganYTzmassaninoname11223345Awkward_FiendSilacko 10 votes
No it's too underpowered


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