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Deathslinger and how i feel playing as/vs him

xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,972

I have waited a while to judge, it might be still a bit early, but i dont see my opinion change anytime, until they make something with that killer.

Let me explain why i hate Deathslinger with all my heart and he is by far the worst killer to verse and to play right now (imho!)

He has 0 mobility therefore no genpressure. In that sense, he reminds me about the clown. All survivors do is sit on gens and do them as quickly as possbile.

In chase you have absoluty no chance and almost no defense at all (beside los and distance), a good Deathslinger willl use quickscope mechanic and gets every single shot. He reminds me off a Huntress on Crack.

Therefore it is Genrush vs super fast Killspeed. It is also almost impossible to get anything better then low gold on chaser emblem vs him (against a good one ofc).

Idk how you guys see that, but for me this is extremly boring and a very bad, frustrating experience versing him.

Playing Deathlinger is the same, you get genrushed most of the time and you end chases within less then 15 seconds, especially when you have safe the best for last. It is so extreme and not fun at all.

I dont have any good sugestion right now how to fix that killer, i think he is just broken. i know many of you are hyped and enjoy him because he is new, but he is definitly not healthy for the game in a long run. At least not if he stays that way.

How do you feel about deathslinger?

Kind regards


  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    Whats more frustrating are the hitdetection and the servers. I got hit through walls, trees, boxes, tires, and even cars and through other survivors, as well as got some "homing" spears, making curves to hit me, where they obviously shouldnt have hit. Also in my experience theres no action that has any effect on struggling: WASD nothing does anything, sometimes not even changing directions. Thats bs. With those 110% hits on windows its even worse. Hes literally unplayable against.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,972

    Thats a problem aswell, i get hit through trees and even gens, but even if they fix that, that wont fix the gameplay vs this killer. The most fun in DbD is chase and yet, this is the least effective vs him. The boring stuff (sitting on gens, hiding) is the more effective way to play against him.

    He reminds me about the feeling i had with and vs old nurse so much. The only killer that is boring and annoying at the same time.

  • Kate_Main_01Kate_Main_01 Member Posts: 504

    It is still very early and I am admittedly not an amazingly talented player. I enjoy the game, I like to flatter myself and think that I am decent, but I have never and will never have the time or desire to be one of the pro level, god-tier Survivors that I've seen Killers talk about on the forums. I am a Survivor rank 2 if for no other reason than playing a lot of rounds + having some decent games here and there + how easy it is to rank up.

    Having said all of that... I do not love going against the Deathslinger for one simple reason. He can move while he has harpooned you and is reeling you in. In my opinion both Survivor -and- Deathslinger should have to stand still if he has harpooned you and is reeling you in. Let me explain why I feel this way...

    As of now he reminds me of the ranged attack of Huntress but the immobility of a Trapper's beartrap. I have yet to break free from a harpoon based on the 'struggle' feature - he literally always walks up to me and downs me before that meter is even remotely filled. On top of that I will swing myself around a corner or an object just for him to swing himself right around it too. The only effective unhooks I have gotten are when I dropped a palette just before I was harpooned.

    I really liked the idea of Deathslinger bringing some spice and a new feature to chases but I don't love that that feature currently feels like it has no way to counter.

    Now the general advice for countering him that I see offered on the forums is "don't get hit" which is the most low level bait I have seen on these forums in a good while. What Survivors are asking for his how to counter him once you are harpooned. Yes we can all weave and try to get around things, but without an audio cue as to when he is going to shoot his gun I often find myself weaving so much that I am wasting forward momentum and then get downed from a natural hit. He is faster than Survivors and he doesn't have to do all that bobbing back and forth. People say the chain 'breaks' when you swing it into something, but I have swing it literally through cars and fully around corners and watched the chain just remain intact while Deathslinger walks around things and downs me.

    Then there are some maps that are very open or are filled with hallways. Indoor maps against Deathslinger have been comically bad for me. I think that without the ability to merely move around obstacles and even corners while reeling, Deathslinger would still be plenty challenging in that he is literally hitting you and immobilizing you from across a room / down a hall or street / through a window / etc.

    Just my two cents!

  • emyungemyung Member Posts: 135

    I am not a professional player but here is my 2 cents...

    The killer felt a bit weak for me because I am not good at aiming. Seeing some youtube videos, I get amazed on how powerful this killer can be if one is talented on shooting games. Even so, I managed to get at least 2 kills but I play a little dirty by semi camping.

    Against it, it is either weak or strong foe. Really depends on how much the killer is good at aiming and how smart is the team. I frequently die when I play against him, but I have my fun too because I dont like easy games.

    Overall I like the new killer. He could be buffed a little bit, maybe adding walking speed or maybe not allowing survivors to vault while being harpooned. There is some nasty stealhy builds that could make him more deadly.

    Gen rush is a problem for any killer that have low map pressure.

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 5,112
    edited March 2020

    I've been playing deathslinger all day and I'm convinced he is weak as far as gen pressure goes. I deranked back to 18 when I started playing again. I'm back to like 12. I've been in plenty of matches with potato survivors but I've also had plenty of reds/purples. When I was lvling him up I got m&a early which is sweet on him. At like lvl 15 I got pgtw and my game completely changed at that point. There have been severla matches where all the gens would have been completed if I did not bring that perk. If he had better movement speed or gen pressure, he could be pretty dangerous but I think it's still too early. Also I havent used him at red ranks yet so I can't comment.

    This is a shot I don't think should have connected. At the slow mo it looks like I was aiming at her medkit.

  • johnmwarnerjohnmwarner Member Posts: 3,793

    You’re spot on, he doesn’t necessarily give you a great chance to “win,” but if you really want a certain survivor you’re getting him. Reminds me of old Legion who you could just frenzy 4 times basically no matter how good they were at looping

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 4,002

    Really? In my experience it seemed the other way around if anything. I feel like some of my shots go right through survivors, but I haven't yet got hit by any shot that looked like it shouldn't have hit me. The hitboxes in general seem pretty fair on him.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 4,002
    edited March 2020

    I personally enjoyed my time with and against him up until now. I do feel like there is fair counterplay against him, clever routing and trying to predict when he will shoot, and where he'll aim at. His shots aren't hitscan so you'll always have a chance to avoid his shots, but it's based on you predicting his shots, not necessarily reacting to them.

    His map pressure is pretty bad though, but his chase potential is really good which is why he actually seems fairly balanced to me, though I wouldn't mind some tiny buffs. I do think killers with a good balance between map pressure and chase potential is better, because if you just focus on a killers chase potential, it's very likely that the killer will become uncounterable for them to make up for their lack of map pressure. But I personally don't think Deathslinger has that problem. He is really deadly, but he has fair counterplay in my opinion.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,972

    CAn we really talk about counterplay when the only thing survivors have is "guessing" where and escpecially when he is shooting? As been said, there is no reacting to his shot but predicting which is in reality just a gamble at best.

    For example a situation vs huntress, when she winds up her hatchet. The survivor tries to dodge the shot by for example moving left to right to left to right. Before windup animation he has nothing to fear. Since deathslinger can quickscope and the shot is basicly bulletspeed, you are constantly in that described Huntress scenario.

    The only real counterplay you have is getting distance superfast and just keep running and trying to break LOS constantly simply avoiding chase at all (Say goodbye to evader emblem). You can not loop him on any tiles since his shot is more or less an instahit. People who think he can be looped just played versus non optimal deathslingers, thats it.

    Let me guess, are you playing on PS4 or Xbox? I think it is mainly a pc problem, because of dedicated servers. I get hit and i land hits through walls,trees and gens all the time.

  • iuse2bgoodiuse2bgood Member Posts: 20

    The only thing I dont like playing Deathslinger is because the sensitivity when aiming is too low. I have always been a wrist aimer not a arm aimer, so my sensitivity is always set higher than most (most people are arm aimer). So when all of a sudden im playing on X sensitivty then I aim the sensitivty goes wayyyy down, it throws me off...

  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 2,159

    I think his harpoon should have a short scoping time and addons should reduce that. Make him 115% for that one.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 4,002
    edited March 2020

    Most of this game's counterplay is preactive, not reactive. The entire concept of mindgames is that you try and predict the move of the opponent. Deathslinger is just harder to counterplay because you have no warning when he is about to attack, which means you are constantly forced to try and predict when and where he will shoot. It's just harder, but it's still counterplay. Also, if you drop a pallet early enough, if you play it right, at many loops the Deathslinger won't be able to down you. Of course it's loop dependent.

    I've been able to dodge other Deathslingers and I've seen people be able to predict and dodge my shots properly. He is very hard to counterplay, but that's honestly fair seeing how he himself has quite the high skill cap as well. Survivors don't need a reliable counterplay that allows them to consistently counterplay the killer, because people who play killer also want counterplay. Survivors just need a chance to counterplay him, and they certainly have that.

    Also, I play on PC. Just had another game where two shots looked like they went right through survivors.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 4,002

    If he got 115% movement speed, I feel like that change would be fair. Though I do feel like it's pretty easy to avoid the Deathslingers shots by just moving left and right, because the hitbox of his weapon is very small. So if survivors always knew when to move left and right in order to dodge Deathslinger's shot, his weapon might become a bit weak.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,972
    edited March 2020

    I like that idea if they add some sort of windup. I dont know if it is neccessary to give him that much of a buff for that, since his terror radius is smaller anyway. If they adjust the terror radius, i would at least try it out on a PTB and see how it works.

    We definine counterplay a bit different i guess ;)

    The problem is, that you can not say that you have anything vs deathslinger if you anticipate where and when he is shooting, since his bullet ismore or less instantly hit. He can do flicks and stuff.. i dont think i have to explain you how quickscoping works, just watch some cs go pro videos, you get the idea.

    Said that, mainly your counterplay is relying on the killers inability to hit, since in the millisecond he shoots, he hits if he is on you. Even you try to dodge, the deathslinger can react to that dodge, if he has very fast reaction time. He just has to be good and fast enough to react to survivor movement and fire, its a 100% hit.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 4,002

    Against Huntress, your counterplay is to react to when she winds up a hatchet, and then start and predict when and where she will throw her hatchet. The difference between her and Deathslinger is that you know when you have to try and predict her shot. With Deathslinger, you pretty much always need to try and predict when exactly he wil shoot as long as you are in his field of view, but you still have the ability to predict and dodge. He has counterplay, it's just harder, but he has the downside of having to pull you towards him in order to down you. Of course a particularly good Deathslinger can try and predict your dodge, but you can try and predict that as well. A Deathslinger can not react to sudden movements of survivors and always guarantee a hit 100% of the time.

    If his weapon was hit scan, I would agree with you, but it isn't. It has the same projectile speed as a fully charged Hatchet of Huntress, so a Deathslinger also needs to try and somewhat predict where exactly a survivor will be right when the shot reaches the survivors distance.

    Here's the counterplay that I know of against him:

    • Predicting his shot and trying to dodge it, the farther you are away from him the easier it gets
    • Keeping objects between you and him to break line of sight, it's dependent on map and what area on a map you are, but still counterplay
    • when injured, throwing down pallets early enough will ensure he won't be able to down you at many loops, it is loop dependent though
    • if he hits you from a decent range, you can try and and get an object or a survivor between you and him to break free before he gets you

    His counterplay is no doubt challenging, he is very deadly in chases. But he needs to be because of his very bad map pressure. And I feel like the counterplay I listed is more than enough against a killer who only has his chase potential going for him and nothing else. I am pretty positive he won't be nerfed, since most people to seem to agree that he is not overpowered. If anything, his poor map pressure makes him unviable against optimal survivors that know how to counterplay him. If the devs do nerf his chase potential, he will need some kind of ability to help him with map pressure, that's for sure.

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