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The toolbox update and sabotage update is pretty bad

mike4156mike4156 Member Posts: 222

Why is it that you ruin toolboxes and then ruin saboing too, and then every person playing new killer in the past 2 hours is running ebony mori???/

so its ok for killers to have ebony moris at any level but i cant use a toolbox longer than 10 seconds LOL they make no sense purple toolbox with tremendous speed isnt worth the 6k points anymore, here's a thought how about improving luck add ons


  • EnderloganYTEnderloganYT Member Posts: 561

    The toolbox change isn't a complete nerf, and gens can get done faster at the start with these. plus was sabo any good before? it took lots of time off gens to 99 one so that you MIGHT have been able to temporarily save the survivor. now it's a lot easier to sabo save. the mori was probably because people wanted to experience the new mori for themselves rather than looking it up. those 10 seconds of toolbox time can fix a large portion of a gen fairly quickly, and you won't even lose it assuming you escape after using up the charges. the only real survivor nerf that comes to mind is the add-on change, and killers have been dealing with that for a while anyways. I also want to mention that a jar of salty lips increases everyones luck by 3%, making it a 7% chance to escape hook. there's also perks, salty lips, and the fact that they stack as well. if everybody ran a salty lips and Up the Ante, the survivors would start with a 28% chance to escape hook! over a 1/4 chance!

    TLDR: it's not as bad as it seems

  • alexk377alexk377 Member Posts: 1

    Old toolbox charges please... this speed boost is eh but the old way was amazing. I’d rather get a min or two use out of it instead of 10-15 seconds

  • OrangeJackOrangeJack Member Posts: 410

    I don't think it's as big of a nerf as you think for toolboxes. And I personally think sabo has been buffed, you need way less prep to get saves.

  • YAMIHOGYAMIHOG Member Posts: 19

    I bet you also think X, Y, and Z killers need a nerf because they downed you while you were tbagging them, huh?

  • 12345678901234567890 Member Posts: 8

    this game turn to shittyer evrey day... .🤮

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