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My little Nurse...

vikuryuvikuryu Member Posts: 15
edited March 14 in General Discussions

I am the only one seeing this?

Before the Nurse "rework" she was so good to play.. the only one i could handle strong SWFs.. (i get those SWFs on every 3/5 games...)

I understand some addons was broken (omega blink) but im talking about her base power.. i loved t play her adoonless.. and i was effective like that..

Now after Nurse "rework" she is so stressfull, painfull and buggy that is almost impossible to play her addonless..

she can only do OK with addons..

its so rare to see a nurse.. i really loved to play as and against her.. She is the one who break this Looping simulator this game is..

I Miss u Sally...



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