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Vulture menu noise is very very annoying to me. Please reduce it or give an option to turn it off.

Its not even tied to menu music, so I cannot hear Huntress humming without the constant plucking sound of the bird.


  • nea_isnt_a_killernea_isnt_a_killer Member Posts: 24

    if anything needs the volume reduced, it's how ear-piercingly loud most of the female survivors scream when they get hooked, swear i'm gonna blow my eardrum one day

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 882

    Vulture needs to be stuffed inside a sack and shoved far into the background of the menu. (The unnecessary "dead body" should also share that same fate. That cadaver most certainly does not tactfully add anything atmospheric to the game. Moreover, it detracts from my "fear of the unknown" experience.)

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