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Guys, stop saying "gg" when you roll survivors/killer...



  • Lavos99zLavos99z Member Posts: 51

    Nah, I'm just saying that being a cocky survivor isn't cool and it's not fun for the opposing person to sit there having a bunch of entitled survivors barrage you with "gg". It comes off very egotistical. I play both and I just don't like seeing it either way. Be more respectful. If it was a bad game, don't say it was a good game. If the other person obviously got rolled, either say "well played" or just move on. It isn't hard.

  • Lavos99zLavos99z Member Posts: 51

    Saying "gg" isn't toxic. Saying "gg" when it wasn't is. Rolling a killer and then barraging them with "gg gg gg gg" isn't funny or cool. Rubbing it in is toxic. Saying "gg" when it's a fine game and no one did anything salty, that's okay. If it was a gg and they were the losers, all the better. You're not taking this the right way when you think that way.

  • Lavos99zLavos99z Member Posts: 51

    I'm not realy taking it the wrong way, the opposite actually. Apparently not many people take into consideration the implication of saying it at the exact wrong moment. A killer who stomps a team of survivors and rubs it in by saying "GG" is not being respectful, he's being duplicitous. He knows it wasn't a good game for you. The reverse applies as well. If it is obvious the other side did NOT have a gg, don't say it. A "wp" and a move on are fine.

  • kaylawakekaylawake Member Posts: 15

    Gg sounds sarcastic af at all times. I always have to type out something along the lines of “genuinely, good game”. Or if I died and the killer played fair at least I will thank them for that. Gg rarely means gg.


    I don't think it's toxic. I rather think it's redundant.

    I think it's more meaningful the way people devote their precious time to other people.

    A "gg" is meaningless to me. A "Thank you for your time. I hope you had as much fun as I did." is more meaningful to me.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 882

    The only reason I agree with OP on some level is because often times, I "lose" a game because of a bug/hiccup in the game, the servers, or my internet connection. If I'm downed through a pallet when the killer is at least 2 meters away, and I was about to escape, I of course will be salty if the killer says "gg", because from my perspective, it clearly wasn't, and I see the killer as claiming the game's inconsistencies as part of his/her skill. The same applies for hits not registering in the end game. I, of course, understand that not everyone thinks this much about a "gg", and I don't blame anyone for giving me a "gg" in a particularly "bg", but I thought my perspective should be shared.

    I always try to say "gl" rather than "gg" just out of respect that the other party may have had a terrible time that prevented them from enjoying themselves/the killer's self. If it's clear that both parties had put forth their all and/or were content with the outcome of the trial, I'll say "gg" or "wp". Even so, I think to myself every time, Is DbD a "good game"?

  • Tunnel_Me_PleaseTunnel_Me_Please Member Posts: 301
    edited March 16

    gg = ok

    GG = not ok

    Am I the only one? I feel like saying GG is to just tilt other people and rub in the fact that they won.

    Also, I totally agree with this. Sometimes I will get hit through 20 pallets and the killer will say gg wp and I am just sitting there on a mountain of salt because the game screwed me over.

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