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So killer meme games are bannable

EchorionEchorion Member Posts: 1,883

Friend played "Get off your lawn" Hillbilly for a few games the other day, and one match people reported him for it and he was banned for 24 hours.

This is unfortunate, he got 2 kills playing this way and safety pipped but it made people angry that he played that way so apparently that is a punishable offense.

So people know what that is, you take the old man skin as Hillbilly and then move into a house on the map and defend that house; and if anyone comes near it or such you chase them off the lawn with a chainsaw.

Anyways, I was always under the impression that you could play killer however you wanted and it was fine, but apparently it's a bannable offense. While I personally think that is kinda lame and unfair; I imagine there are others that feel you are "ruining the game" somehow.

Just opening a discussion on this topic since I know I've played meme games a bunch as killer once in a while it helps me de-stress, but I am going to have to stop now that I know it's actually bannable.

How do you guys feel about these kinds of games?



  • The_Bootie_GorgonThe_Bootie_Gorgon Member Posts: 1,202

    was the game held hostage somehow?

  • EchorionEchorion Member Posts: 1,883
    edited March 17

    No, you just chase people off your law with a saw; if you down them or hook them or such you can, but as long as they are off your lawn you leave them alone.

    They asked support as well, opened a ticket, they called it "Griefing and exploiting game mechanics" apparently. I don't see how myself but it is what it is I guess.

  • CoderCoder Member Posts: 580

    which lawn? you mean the grass? I've never heard of this meme I think...

  • JunebugJunebug Member Posts: 64

    cool story bro

  • The_Bootie_GorgonThe_Bootie_Gorgon Member Posts: 1,202

    if you hold a 3 gen hostage as a killer for more than 10, i believe that is bannable

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    I play Trapper, and make "The Trap House", and have yet to be banned.

    Also you don't get banned for a single offense, for any reason. It would require him to perform something that breaks the code of conduct multiple times before he get's a ban, and to be honest based on how many people I see still telling people to self harm, and being racist. I think you can get by with ALOT of reports before even being considered to be banned.

  • bobcat946732bobcat946732 Member Posts: 579

    I think that one is more a gray area and depends on whether or not the killer intends to kill everybody. It's all about intent and sometimes you just end up in a stalemate with a lot of back and forth which I don't think should be bannable. A Doctor with a 3-gen and two people left and only shocks them to keep them in tier 3, kicking gens to keep them from being done but never attacks, that I could see being bannable.

  • VIleVIle Member Posts: 75

    If harmless memey killer matches are bannable, well I guess I'll never play killer again.

    I suck at killer. I don't want to get better. I 'enjoy' survivor.

    I enjoy BP so I'll load in and meme for a bit to get dailys or some rift things done if i can farm.

    Especially if I've played a bunch that day and the killers have been particularly toxic. I consider it community service. It's welcomed by 99.99999% of survivors I get. Most FINALLY get that rift challenge done and thank me profusely because they can now move on, progress and have FUN (remember fun kids?) again.

    I'll play shy Mikey and run away when survivors find me, I'll play Don't touch my chest! and stick to the basement and guard the treasure chest. Ding dong hide and seek. Trapper conga line where everyone steps in a trap, we undo it, then trade! Boop my Piggy snoot and I'll come 'fix' gens with you, etc etc...

    Though, I'm not sure if it's because no one memes/farms anymore, but I've only gotten salt over it once or twice in my 2k hrs, but even then, all they did was gens and leave then say 'boring' post chat. Even then it was just one clueless dude of the 4 man stack so I figure hey could be worse. Could be trying to meme with people these days is like slamming your genitalia in the car door, only the car door doesn't teabag you when you're OBVIOUSLY not hitting them. (Bro.. I've been running next to you licking your cheek for 3 minutes and not hit you.. I think you can calm thyself XD)

    I've not seen get off my lawn in a long time, and honestly, the house has 1 gen, 1 chest, and MAYBE a set of bones... I don't see that as holding anything hostage as theres a bunch of other gens to do and the survivors are free to do as they please. Do gens, do bones, rob chests, gtf outta dodge.

    Is it because of deranking / de-pipping? I mean I loose pips left and right because i 'displease' the endtiddy but as I don't play killer seriously i really dgaf. I have ended up killing clueless survivors out of boredom and just wanting to move on to the next match because Clicky Flashlight McGee here thinks PP big because hes 'run' me for 10 pallets and blinded me while I've destroyed them. Yanno. For points? And I get EZ BB Killer Boring git gud etc.... So these days being a Civil Servant for the fog to try and help survivors is a bit.. trying these days. Even if they DO apologize once I've told them I was trying to help them and they got their team killed because they dumb :B

    Killers love memes.

    Survivors love memes.

    Streamers love memes.

    People watching streamers love memes.

    Yanno what people don't like? End game collapse. Yee Haw McGraw killer, Tool box nerfed to the point of why bother bringing them?, Killers slugging and not hooking and leaving everyone with pp in hand for 4 mins to bleed out while they i dunno, get a sandwich? Lockers that suck you into them when you are clearly trying to slam a pallet, Billy being able to see through fricking WALLS since the dawn of time, Billy not having a cool down and being basically Sonic the chainsaw, Nurses base skin skirt being purple and has been for like 5 patches, Hook suicides are STILL DCing (Fite me), hatches that wont open/close, Being hooked to hang beside the hook because animations are broken, etc etc etc. Being called slurs in post chat by a someones brat kid for no good reason other than they mad.

    Theres SO much more to ban people for besides having FUN.

    But after having heard the Devs/Bhvr were actually angry with the community for getting together and having FUN and working together for the Summer BBQ event, and the fact we legit haven't had a 'fun' event since tells me BHVR is not interested in making a FUN game. GASP Killers and survivors teamed up to grind for the event items because they were DESIRED by the community oh no! Traffic was up, matches in seconds. Some farmed. Some played as per the norm. Everyone got a little of everything that event and it was grand.

    But now Grandpa Billy can't even protect his antique cans inside his own home without facing salt and bans.


  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 3,678

    I mean, the game punishes scratched mirror myers or Tombstone myers with less pips/depips. I never thought a meme build would be banned though.

  • EchorionEchorion Member Posts: 1,883

    Yeah we are in the process of doing that now, because I play with them in all their survivor games they don't do anything punishable ever; and when they play killer they don't mori spam or hold a game hostage. They are the kind of person that if like, they see a teammate sandbagging the team they will tunnel that person and let everyone else go, they are not an exploiter by any stretch of the imagination. This is the only thing they have done they could think of.

    They opened a ticket with support and asked if that was the case, support just responded with a copy and paste response saying it was for "Griefing and exploiting game mechanics" and they don't do anything that is exploiting.

    They are trying to get a reply back with more info still because like, if they DID do something they would happily stop, but they don't even know what it was- all they did that anyone even said they would report them for were the meme games.

    I can update if we get more info, but the last response we had when they asked if it was the meme games or not was that copy/paste explanation. If we hear anything different back I'll update the thread; but currently it looks like they are punishing the odd meme game if people make a big enough fuss over you doing it.

  • bobcat946732bobcat946732 Member Posts: 579
    edited March 17

    The only other thing I could think of is maybe he got mass reported and it was an automated thing, that or he's just really really really unlucky. I mean, even straight up farming isn't bannable and that's the complete opposite of playing the game. Very very strange.

    Edit: Okay, just saw your update post. That makes a lot more sense. Sorry he got banned for it but at least the meme thing has been solved.

  • EchorionEchorion Member Posts: 1,883
    edited March 17

    Yeah we think it might be the other scenario I just mentioned now, waiting to find out.

    Honestly though this whole system is a mess, like he wants to play clean he doesn't want to cause trouble- but he has no idea what he did wrong so it's like, what is he supposed to do with that information?

    Edit: and yeah maybe? That is just a theory though, they won't tell him which or what it is, so we don't even know if that is correct yet. That is just the only thing we can think of brainstorming between us.

    I will update again if we get new information.

  • EleghostEleghost Member Posts: 450

    I don't fully understand that. Is it griefing because one person was killed? it sounds like they really don't know to be honest unless whoever he killed wrote a detailed description feeling personally hurt. I've done meme games a ton and have had a forum post about one because of how much hate i had gotten for it from survivors and a mod said it's not bannable. If there was a bug with an add-on that might be the actual reason for the ban as i've not received a ban for meme games to my knowledge. They are bad at informing you that you are doing a no-no especially if you're memeing and don't realize it.

  • EchorionEchorion Member Posts: 1,883
    edited March 22

    No, they specifically said that was the reason, we pushed for information on the exact match and everything to be 100% sure. It took a bit of back and fourth to get there.

    It was not due to a bug, or any exploit, they specifically explained it was because of how he was playing; and that he was alienating other players in playing that way. You cannot target or alienate survivors basically based on your own set rules is more or less what was said.

  • EleghostEleghost Member Posts: 450

    Still doesn't make sense and doesn't say that anywhere in game rules from what i just read on the forums. Unless those people felt so personally attacked that they were not chased idk. Like i said i meme a ton as killer and have not received a ban or anything to my knowledge.

  • RobMeister88RobMeister88 Member Posts: 351
    edited March 22

    It's unfortunate that there are so many try-hards who complain over the silliest shite. Imagine people getting riled up over killers playing silly. Too many people try to make the game competitive (when it literally revolves on too many situational outcomes and almost never requires skill on either role) and end up becoming entitled players who think either role should play a certain way in order to appease them. DBD's casual nature is pretty much declining.

  • BenZ0BenZ0 Member Posts: 1,831

    That sucks honestly, sry for your friend thought. But well I guess we could already think about that... Killers are never able to have fun or stress less. Only survivors, if there are game breaking buggs like sound, lunge, nurse, hitboxes or any other bugs for Killers then the devs dont care and fix it in the next few months/years. But if there is 1... only 1 single survivor bug then its getting fixed in the next few days. I just love that bias.

  • EleghostEleghost Member Posts: 450

    That's not true, remember the wake up! bug where it gave you increased speed on everything?

  • bobcat946732bobcat946732 Member Posts: 579

    I think in this situation, he was banned more for targeting a player then the meme game itself or at least that seems like how it was put.

    Kind of like if you go to farm in a match and one person doesn't want to farm so you kill them and let the others go which is a bannable offense. In this case depending on how the video looks, it might appear like he was specifically targeting that one person only to let the others go.

    Seeing as to my knowledge this is the only instance ever of a meme game ban even with the tons and tons of youtube videos of such things, the report must have been pretty detailed and the video must have seemed like your friend targeted that guy out of malice.

    I have no intention myself of stopping meme games even if the devs announce they're all bannable but as a note for when I do them, I never hook or kill the players unless it's something where I can move freely and get everybody. I've done basement protector and get off my lawn games but I always leave the person slugged or I just pick them up and drop them elsewhere. I'm not saying this ban is right, far from it but unless we could see the video which isn't possible, from an outside perspective it could appear to be player targeting which would be just bad luck for your friend. 😕

  • EleghostEleghost Member Posts: 450

    Sounds that way to me as well. I've never been banned for meme builds and i do them frequently and have people say they're sending footage in and such but nothing has happened to my knowledge. Not sure if you can be banned and not know because i do take a few days break at times.

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 2,874
    edited March 22

    That's pathetic. Why can't the Killer just mess around if they want to? It's sad that some Survivors are that competitive to where they get salty over a Killer just having some fun.

    I wonder what this means for the three gen strat. Will it join meme games in becoming bannable?

  • AtchooAtchoo Member Posts: 319

    This is definitely not bannable. Devs already said that farming is also not bannable, so why should some meme builds be bannable at all?

    The only thing that makes such builds bannable would be farming with 3 survivors and purposely ruining the game of the 4th survivor.

  • AtchooAtchoo Member Posts: 319

    As far as I know you cannot discuss soft bans. So I dont know where your friend got the info.

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