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Here’s some controversy for ya. Otz recent Clown videos show just how oppressive Clown can be.

DudeDeliciousDudeDelicious Member Posts: 7,821
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I’ve watched some of Otz recent videos playing Mr. Puddles (I think it’s great that this cosmetic has gotten players a little more curious about looking into Clown).

Otz gets it. Sure, like Otz, it’s difficult to perfectly place gas in the perfect place every single time, and sometimes brain fart and throw a bottle AT the survivor instead of AHEAD of the survivor. But for the most part, Clown can be extraordinarily oppressive in a chase, and greatly reduces survivors defensive/evasive options.

Otz could even forego any gen related perks and still not need to worry about gen speeds because once a player learns how to use Clown properly, Clown achieves immense game stall by proxy simply through how ridiculously fast he can end chases. Gens pop quick early but then the survivors become far FAR too preoccupied with the frequency at which they either need to unhook teammates, revive slugged teammates, or heal teammates so that Clown isn’t downing them even faster than he’s already capable of.

When survivors get caught out not being able to avoid running through a full gas cloud, or get hit directly by a bottle, they’re usually pretty screwed or simply EXTREMELY lucky if they still avoid a hit.



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