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Ranking up as survivor is stupid easy, and it needs to change

KrispiesChickenKrispiesChicken Member Posts: 171

I'm nowhere near a good player in DBD. I'm level 90, haven't even hit 100 for the first time yet. However as Survivor I've hit purple and red ranks when I really shouldn't be. I could be horrible at chases but as long as I avoid that 3rd hook I pip and get higher up, when I really should have just safety pipped

I main killer quite a bit, and I see so many potatos that it's stupid. Games go either two ways. It's a P3 SWF and they usually all escape, or it's one P3 carrying an entire baby survivor rats fest. I don't care if I face all P3 SWF every game. As long as the survivor ranks was fixed so it wasn't so easy to pip. Ruin was that band aid.

New survivors didn't typically cleanse it or hit the skill checks. That's what ruin was used for in my opinion. Keeping the low ranks as a low ranks. It wasn't to slow down high ranks as they typically cleansed it early on.

This isn't a thread saying bring back Ruin, but replace what ruin stood as. A border between decent high ranks and people who didn't deserve purple or higher


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