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Camping penalties

Please enforce a camping penalty for players that use killers. The game get redundant and reduces the fun factor where we encounter several games in a row that have players that camp constantly after hanging a survivor. Can you implement a mental/visual distortion mechanic like the blindness if they camp around the hanging survivor?



  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 535
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    1/ He lose bullshit. Don't make me make you a video with killer ending with 30k points after camping a person for the full duration of his hook

    2/ I don't want camping killers to decide my perks. I paid for this game and I want to play what I want . Who are you to tell me what I want to play ?

    3/ Look at 2

    4/Good SFW will be able to do that. 4 Solo will do nothing because they don't have coordination. They are not supposed to. Also as the that person said that is just so boring.

    Please don't tell random people how to have fun in the game and say things like "understand the game" when you clearly don't understand the core of gaming which is having fun. That is your problem if you are okay to play like this not his

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  • CheersTCCheersTC Member Posts: 3,094
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    Well if you don't understand the games core mechanics, aswell as that camping is a viable tactic, then the way he phrased it was fine.

    Also the killer will only get +30k points by camping if the team is over altruistic.

  • HumanarianHumanarian Member Posts: 145

    1/ He lose bullshit. Don't make me make you a video with killer ending with 30k points after camping a person for the full duration of his hook

    I'm talking about rank-deciding points. Since you obviously insist on me being more clear, I'll clarify: Killer is losing the points of his Chaser Emblem. To be more precise:

    • -3 points: deducted each second you are within moderate proximity (16 metres) to a hooked Survivor (only applied after 10 seconds)
    • -7.5 points: deducted each second you are within extreme proximity (8 metres) to a hooked Survivor (only applied after 10 seconds)

    Bronze Emblem: 650 Points

    Silver Emblem: 1 230 Points

    Gold Emblem: 1 800 Points

    Iridescent Emblem: 2 550 Points

    In red ranks, EVERY Emblem must be Iridescent in order to get 2 rank points.

    2/ I don't want camping killers to decide my perks. I paid for this game and I want to play what I want . Who are you to tell me what I want to play ? Exactly you are nobody

    I thought OP wanted to get better at the game and learn more about it's mechanics and the ways of countering the certain things. If that's not the case with you, I wonder why you bothered reading it at all.

    Please don't tell random people how to have fun in the game and say things like "understand the game" when you clearly don't understand the core of gaming which is having fun.

    Dead by Daylight has nothing to do with fun. If fun is what you're looking for then you would need to pick up a different game. Either that or find yourself a good SWF group.

  • RezblazeRezblaze Member Posts: 594

    The fact is, the game loop doesn't reward the killer enough for leaving a kill. If a killer can secure even one kill, he's usually in the clear unless the survivors are well coordinated, and unless you're out of the low ranks, this isn't usually the case.

    Sure, people can say you can "just punish the killer" for wasting time, but often times the pug team isn't coordinated enough to identify, punish, and secure a win for that behavior.

    The sacrifice mechanic needs a complete rework before tunneling and camping can be actually addressed, as well as game pacing in general. I had an idea for a sacrifice rework and made a thread on it a while back.

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,209

    Umm, there already is... You get penalized for camping and lose points...

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 535
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    I am very aware what you meant so that explanation was unnecessary. But the qustion is why do we exactly care about rank points ? Do you get extra bonus for being high level ? No ! Do you get matches with similar rank all the time ? No ! Do you want actually to be at red rank to play against the best survivors as a killer ? Hell no ! For me this is like a win win situation. You camp you get your BPs you came for and yet you don't pip which keeps you where you want actually. Personally I keep my killer at low ranks and it feels great because I can do all the challenges without any effort.

    And imagine saying DBD has nothing to do with fun. Then why do you exactly play this game ? I really want to hear your reasoning behinde that .... /a streamer is the only thing that would make sense but I really doubt you are one/ ? But I still want to hear what other reason beyond fun you can have to play a game / that is not competitive /. People are really strange here...

    Are you having fun when being camped on a hook for the entire duration ? Yes or no ? If it's a yes I'll need explanation what exactly gives you the joy. If no then your post is entirely redundant

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  • HumanarianHumanarian Member Posts: 145

    Do you want actually to be at red rank to play against the best survivors as a killer ? Hell no !

    So, you seem to be strongly against people telling the others what they want, yet have no problem doing that yourself? How very interesting... I believe, I'll answer this with your own words: "Who are you to tell me what I want?"

    And imagine saying DBD has nothing to do with fun. Then why do you exactly play this game ?

    I play for my own reasons. Piloting some Killer characters feels like fun to me, for example, but that is extremely subjective. An objective definition of fun has been removed from the game, because for the Killers playing Dead by Daylight is a torture, and for Survivors there is next to no challenge left. In other words, the competitive side of a competitive game is nearly non-existent.

    Most of the games I play are competitive, and my subjective fun comes from improving and achieving good results. However, it is only possible with the ballanced games, making that definition of fun completely out of question when it comes to this one.

    Are you having fun when being camped on a hook for the entire duration ?

    As a Survivor player, you're never on your own. You're a part of the team of 4. Say what you want about your teammates, but you are forced by the very game to be a part of that team. Those are the rules. There is no way out of it. It's not you vs Killer. It's your team vs Killer. And in order to achieve the best result, sometimes sacrifices must be made. And if the Killer is face-camping you, you can easliy laugh at their face, knowing full well that they're losing their time, their rank and even their Blood Points, if they really do nothing else for the rest of the game. So, in that situation, they are wasting time in more ways than one.

    If you're playing against the low rank Killers, try perfecting your looping skills and, perhaps, consider taking some speed/second chance Perks with you for the Trial, as well as Flashlight. Then you'll be able to have a lot of fun running around the map from the clueless low rank Killer who will have no idea of even how to mind-game you around the pallet. By the time the Exit Gates are open, they would be lucky to land even one hit on you.

    And finally...

    I don't want camping killers to decide my perks. I paid for this game and I want to play what I want .

    As a Killer main, I would very much like to take any Perks I want into a match in the game I've payed for. However... Some Perks are locked, some are not viable at all. Guess where that leaves me? In the situation of being forced to take not what I want, but what I have to. Otherwise, there is no chance of winning against good Survivors.

    So, the question is... what things should Survivors be punished for then? Because "I don't want" them "to decide my perks".

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632

    We can tell you're new to the game. I would suggest getting at least around 2000 hours into the game before particpating in the forum, or at least before making entire threads suggesting for large game impacting changes.

    If you took the time to learn more about the game before making your thread you would know that there already is a penalty system for camping, and that's in the Chaser emblem. You can learn about the emblem system here.

  • HumanarianHumanarian Member Posts: 145

    Good advice. As for me personally, I bought the game 2 or 3 years ago, but have only 138 hours in the game. However, if I count the timespan of DbD gameplay videos and streams I've been watching, I'm sure it will be more than 2000. xD

    That's why I've been to Purple Ranks as a Killer. Could probably get Red Rank, but simply don't have enough time to play that much within 1 month.

  • NullEXENullEXE Member Posts: 1,632
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    I'm sorry my comment wasn't really directed at you. More towards OP. This isn't the only thread he made so far, and you can tell by his comments on other threads as well he is very new to the game and is still in the "You're going to lose a lot at the start" phase, since this game really doesn't have training wheels for Killers or Survivors.

  • HumanarianHumanarian Member Posts: 145

    No worries. I knew you were talking to OP. I just wanted to point out that quite some game knowledge can also be aquired through watching the experienced players (like Otzdarva, Tru3Ta1ent, Monto) play it and explain why they do what they do. And in this exact game that knowledge might even have a bigger impact that the actual in-game practice. Understanding the counter plays for the certain things can go a long way.

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 535

    Poor try to use my own words. They don't fit in at all in what I just said. Have I told you not to get to red rank ? No ! Did I say you gain no benefits from getting at red ranks ? Yes I did. Do you have a choice ? Yes you do. If you want be a red rank just don't camp and you will get there. Or are you trying to tell me you should be able to get there even when you camp ?

    Now lets add this to what you said about DS. Lets decide not to use it anymore because you said so! Do you get not camped anymore ? Nope you are still getting camped because it is up to the killer !

    If you let survivors decide your perks that is your problem. I play what I want as a killer while I look for good combos based on the killer power.Being forced to play perks just because others are not viable has nothing to do with survivors deciding your pekrs. We overreact much here don't we? There is no way you can use eveything on the same killer unless it is a BIlly. Actually devs supported the removal of perks dependency for killers in the past when I think about it by changing some perks so you don't feel forced to use one perk or another. DS-> Enduring is the best example. Too bad nothing has be done for the survivor side ... Maybe Balanced can count for that ? Too bad they made it useless

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,062

    2) Who are you to tell the killer how he should play? You got the game, you got the players you have to play with / against and you got the tools to deal with it. Use them or eat it.

    4) You don't need super efficient SWF to notice a camping killer. SWF is just faster in spreading the information.

    From what I have seen over the years is that most survivors simply reward camping. Unhook greedy and some strange need to deny "bad killers" every kill possible. Resulting in throwing the game rather than just letting the killer camp and do nothing. Just saw a stream against a doc, one of them said "he's camping, ah now he even checks the lockers" and then used a Blast, finding 2 survivors near the hook. Stream buddy said "old camper, and against Blast I can't do anything." The doc did it completely right. As most survivors play like this, killers can almost expect that someone is around. The doc saw his ability is ready, checked close lockers to make sure the Blast isn't countered and found 2 survivors. Best map pressure you can get. One on the hook and knowing that at least 2 survivors are not on gens. Just protect the hook until you get the chance to down the next survivor. And that often results in double downs, which stalls the game even more.

    If less people would just force the killers to go patrolling by doing gens for at least 20 seconds (!) before they rush to the unhook, they would be less confident in finding people around the hook. And that would lead to less camping (after some weeks at least). And that would also lead to higher punishment to the killers who still camp

  • HumanarianHumanarian Member Posts: 145

    Have I told you not to get to red rank ? No !

    You have litteraly said "Do you want actually to be at red rank to play against the best survivors as a killer ? Hell no !", meaning that you believe yourself to be in a position to decide what I want and do not want. That is not and shall not be the case.

    Now lets add this to what you said about DS. Lets decide not to use it anymore because you said so!

    Where in my words "Decisive Strike will save you in case you're being tunneled after getting unhooked and Killer will end up wasting their time" can a plea for not using it be found? Instead, I recommended it for OP to use as a way of punishing Killers who play dirty.

    If you let survivors decide your perks that is your problem.

    Then the same goes for you. If you don't like being in a need of certain Perks against certain Killers or certain types of Killer players, that's your problem.

    I play what I want as a killer while I look for good combos based on the killer power.

    I can only wish you best of luck here.

    Be it as it may, I believe this conversation is done. I shall not reply to your further comments. Believe what you want to believe and be as arrogant and disrespectful to the others as you want to be. That's not my problem. It's actually yours.

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 535
    edited March 18

    You need at least kindred to notice camping in time as solos. There is no oither way around. One person will go near the hook and see the killer camping. If that is not me I'll wait a bit more and I'll start running too assuming noone else is runing for him to save him. As a solo you don't know where everyone else is. And then you will see the killer camping but you ran already from the other side of the swamps/or another big map/ . You have to run back to that gen you started but that time you spent running is already lost. Also your doc example explained how boring camping is. You have to remember in solo games you cannot control your teammates. So they can do that every time you play and you can't prevent it. I don't see what good that brings to the game ? Letting the killer camp just sounds so terrible. I guess that is the new moto of the game. Let he killers camp. What a shitshow this game has become

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  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 535

    I am just going to quote you from you first post - "Please, make sure that you really understand the game well before asking for the changes to be made" , saying that to a random guy with 2 posts on the forum /which means no post history for info/ who said he did not have fun cause reasons he mentioned and then we assume we know eveyrtihng about him. For all I know he may be just like me and do not want to be forced to use perks he does not want to mentione or he may not even have them. So when YOU are being arrogant and disrespectful you should expect similar treatment even though you never got that here. I feel like I've had a conversation before with you when you were trying to make yourself look like a victim which is not the case. At least by saying "You have litteraly said "Do you want actually to be at red rank to play against the best survivors as a killer ? Hell no !", meaning that you believe yourself to be in a position to decide what I want and do not want..." which is a complete lie you made it sound that way.

  • Rizzo90Rizzo90 Member, Mod Posts: 5,735

    Please keep the discussion civil and respectful, no need to attack others over a different opinion.

  • HumanarianHumanarian Member Posts: 145

    I would very much like it to be this way, but instead I personally seem to be treated with false accusations and offensive language. At least in this thread.

  • CheersTCCheersTC Member Posts: 3,094

    No one enjoys being camped on hook, but all you have to do is spend two minutes and then hop into another game. Simple as that.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,062

    You somehow don't refer to what I've said. What should the killer do? Just leave and wave the survivors "have fun"? I think it was not really boring for the doc, he had another chase within 10 seconds. Why should the killer be penalized if the survivors do stupid play? As I said, camping would be less of a problem if survivors wouldn't be camping hooks as well.

    And regarding the "identify camping" thing. Yep, may happen. But hom much does it cost you? 20 seconds? In 20 seconds you can get 40m away and back. And iof you lose 20 seconds on a gen, you still have 100 seconds left to work on gens, before the person dies. And if I am across the whole map and need 30 seconds to get there, I don't even go there because I expect others to be quicker. If they don't unhook, I expect a potato team or camping. Both means, working on gens has more value. Might be bad for that one guy on the hook, but I think he will not blame the one yellow pixel far far away if he dies on the hook.

    And you didn't mention something about my response to 2) you cannot say "I play how I want" and claim that behavior for yourself. Everyone paid for that game and can say so. How about giving half of the unhook points to survivors if they unhook within 10 seconds? Would reward time efficient play.

  • variantgameplaysvariantgameplays Member Posts: 45

    look at number 2: (I'll return it back to you) then who the hell are you to tell me how i play as a killer? i also paid for this game.

    if you're not having fun get off the game...( simple )

  • HakuHaku Member Posts: 535

    No I'll return it back to you. I want you to quote me the exact words where I told you how to play the game. I doubt you'd be able to do that because I never said anything like that. Saying camping is not fun does not equal "I told you how to play" . I don't know if it is a language barrier or something else but you are way way off ...

    The situation you described is very common even if the survivors don't actually want to commit for the hooked person. I can give you million reasons why there can be other survivors around the one who just got hooked. From a simple one like the new map that is so small and gens are so close to each other that you have quite a big chance to be close to the killer to - you just never got the time to leave vs insta saw Billy. The fact there is someone around it does not mean he wants to unhook him right away. Problem is even if you don't see anyone around you, the moment killers don't see anyone with BBQ either they often get paranoid and they never leave the hook. Then they claim how they heard someone around. I had such game yesterday where my entire team was outside the killer range he hooked me and yet he stays around for more then 20-30ish seconds checking everywhere. By that time ofc the surviviors will come to unhook me but he had plenty of time to leave. There was nobody. Now the opposite where there is someone around - well most killers don't commit even if they see another survivor. They don't care they have other survivors around them which means gens are not done. All they care is that hooked person which makes is extremely boring for that person on the hook. And yet if they are really not that smart/the survivors/ and don't run away that person on the hook is dead. But what can a solo players do? You can't chose who you play with and you def can't force the killer to leave in any way on your own. It has to be someone else. I have ran million times away from a camper making noise with a locker from a far so he can join me. I give him target - myself. But that never helps. If he has decided he will camp that person is never getting unhooked even if I am the only person alive besides the one on the hook

    And just for the record seeing the killer for 1-2 seconds around the hook does not mean anything. You need a lot more time to tell if he is really camping or looking for someone that is around. So the time lost is much higher number than your calculations. That logic where doing gens has more value and you expect your teammates to be faster there so you don't really bother going for the hook and instead you consider either camping or a bad team is really vague. I mean that is why genrush as a word exsist because people like you actually defend doing gens as a top prior over saving people and here I though you were defending the killer side :) I can tell you 99% of the time at the end of such a round the moment you ask the killer why he camps he will say - why you genrush question mark.... But you just told me to do that....

    I did answer you to 2/ that I never told you how to play as a killer. I just don't understand how saying something is not fun on a feedback forum is remotely close to telling you how to play as a killer. And I don't have to claim anything. Everyone is free to play whatever/however they want unless it is forbidden. And also everyone is free to share their experience here. As a result you can can see that many threads here are about campers/tunnelers. I have never seen anything reported here about my playstyle as a killer just because I don't play that way and I prefer the weaker killers like Wraith,Myers so I feel pretty fine the way I play. I actually had people saying they enjoyed my silent bing bong even though they were pretty bad /low ranks/ and got all killed ... I literally say how sorry I am by using Mori after games just because I have to do a challenge...

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 2,062
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    The scenarios you bring up might be a case, but it doesn't change anything on the fact that the average unhooking time is about 10 seconds. And that is at least one of the reasons why killers get paranoid.

    You see people randomly close to the hook, I see people jumping off a gen the second someone gets downed. Btw giving target from a far doesn't help because that is a lost chase. He needs to take 10 seconds to get close while you already start running when you see him from a distance. Making noise from a distance is the typical SWF note to the killer that "there is someone right behind you that wants the unhook, so come here that I can trigger my BL". That's why no killer takes this "opportunity". If you want the attention, give him a chance to hit you, not to chase you.

    Not sure about your experience, but I see camping that I give up on about 1-2 times a week, when I go for the unhook and decide to let go. Mostly you can see it from a distance what's going on, especially if you already see another tbaggin survivor around. If I see that, I normally at least get one gen done, most of the times already sitting on the next one. And as survivor I don't call the killer camper if I didn't see him doing so, and I don't call out for gen rush until I see 2 BNPs and Prove Thyself. Me sitting on a gen without having pressure for 80 seconds is no gen rushing. I wouldn't blame the survivor but the game when gens go too fast.

    Btw I am still defeinding the killer side. In my doc example the streamer was sitting on a gen and 3 were around the hook. Same situation with me being too far away. Still 3 survivors not working on gens, which is normally not that easy to achieve. Means you have at least 5-6 minutes having fun with the hook exchanges before you need to take care of that one person doing gens. And if you get one kill during that time it makes it even easier.

    And I can't find where you were talking about killer play. I just found "Let the killer camp = shitshow" which means you want to tell killers to not camp. And the thread title is camping penalties. That is equal to setting rules for playing behavior. There are enough perks to deal with a lot of situations, but you prefer your own build, expecting the game to handle the rest for you. That's what I read from your comments.

    What I'm trying to say is, there are ways to work around it. Less insta unhooks = less camping. "Punishing" killer behaviour by doing gens or bringing the right perks, not by "give back all these bloodpoints and pips!". Or simply just don't give a F and hop onto the next game. If you are the one on the hook, typically flap your arms to tell "the killer is camping, do gens". Was quite a common way of communication about 1 or 2 years ago. Maybe unfun, but instead of self sacrifice, give the team the time to work on gens. But that is not the way most people play this game. It is just for your own personal fun, and if that is not given, people throw the game. Causing a lot of follow-up frustration. Like got tbagged? Next team gets a Mori. Got camped? Next killer gets flashlight, OoO and Dstrike. Or what I described, that killers just get used to camp because it pays out, or get used to slug because everyone runs DS. All in all you will never be able to set up a "rule system" that makes everyone play in a way that everyone has maximum fun

  • Lazerboy88Lazerboy88 Member Posts: 159

    Don’t want camping killers to choose my perks? They don’t... perks are used to either play a certain playstyle for memes or to counter a certain killer play style. If you hate slugging you run unbreakable or tenacity. If you hate tunneling you run DS. Same goes with camping you run Borrowed time to help save camped survivors. Camping is a viable tactic when used right. Based off what I read you only play at low ranks where camping is most prominent because players like yourself don’t know how to deal with it. Go see red ranks and you will see camping can be stopped by strong survivors the only exceptions are if you are being faces camped by a killer with a insta down like Hillbilly and Leatherface.

  • HumanarianHumanarian Member Posts: 145

    I apologise for the intervention, but I believe it to be an act of good will to let you know that by trying to prove anything to that exact person you're simply wasting your time. They have shown that their favourite thing to do here is to twist their own words and the words of others in the direction they want it to go, even if that makes no sense in the end. Just giving you this warning in hopes of you avoiding the same experience I have gone through in this thread.

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