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A win win!

tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 2,982

Just had a game where I was murdering people. This survivor just walks up to me and stands there (like...the game just started less than 30 seconds ago). So I smack them. They just continue to stand there so I smack them again. I suppose I should have known it was some jerk being a jerk cause I hook them and hey, they suicide on the hook

While whaling on the one survivor, another one does the same exact freaking thing. Presumably they were together cause of course I downed them and they did the same jerk trick.

So now two poor bastards are basically screwed over because there's zero chance that two survivors are going to be able to take on a killer with five gens to go. I wander around a bit and start smacking them until I saw it and EUREKA!

The Hatch

I found the hatch! I need the hatch as I happen to be on that Archive Challenge but how do I do this? I feel bad that I have to murder one of them to get it to open until I realized...no, I don't. I very slowly kick them both a message (Xbox Live so typing on a controller) and tell them "Hey, I just want this hatch. You guys grab your gens and just one of you leave so I can close it, then you can both leave". They get at least some points for this junk, I get my hatch closed, everyone wins!

Got me kind of curious how common this kind of thing might be. As someone who flip-flops from survivor to killer and back again, I'm all too familiar with how much it sucks as a survivor to get screwed over by a jerk survivor who just ditches the match right away. You have any fun stories of something like this happening to you?

Unless of course this counts as Killer and Survivor working together to cheat the system and is bannable, in which case this was all one super funny and fake story! :D


  • DWolfAlphaDWolfAlpha Member Posts: 927

    This is the type of thing people are talking about when they mention farming. So yeah, this happens every now and then.

  • Demonl3yDemonl3y Member Posts: 1,416

    If 2 Survivors kill theirself or DC and the other remaining survivors werent Toxic, ill let them go because in my view it would be unfair for them. But i understand if a killer wouldnt show mercy im a case like this.

  • tippy2k2tippy2k2 Member Posts: 2,982

    Well Farming (at least to me) are them working together from the very beginning with the express idea of doing whatever task they want to farm.

    I suppose you could say this was different in all but name but I do feel like my act of mercy/mutual benefit is very different than going into a game with the express idea of farming.

  • KwikwittedKwikwitted Member Posts: 641

    I've done this before when I had an AFK and then a death on first hook. The Dwight and Nancy continued to play until I found the Nancy and hooked her, and the Dwight came for the rescue and stopped and looked at me, I kind of tried to motion to "go ahead" before he unhooked and healed her, then I proceeded to chase and down him and let Nancy unhook and rescue. Once they were both on death hook they kind of stared at me not sure what I would do next, I kind of motioned for them to follow and I let them do all the generators save 1. Then I killed them both but they were able to both pip (they didn't have items so they lost nothing from the death) and I got to pip thanks to the 6 extra hooks and extra hits.

    I'm fine with working with survivors who got screwed by others, what I am not fine with is entitled survivors who think that just cause I took out their three teammates I am required to give them the hatch or let them open the exit gates. Nah bro, I earned my 4k, I'm gonna take that 4k.

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