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Plague changes

1. Allow the killer to see the infection bar of the survivors.

2. Make survivors who are infected have decreased action speeds; add ons can change to reflect this. It just makes sense that sick survivors aren't able to hold up as well. Also, since healing is quick, this helps with those who don't want to cleanse.

3. Make generators and exit gates that are infected regress at a faster rate. Make pallets and walls corrode over time.

4. The only crazy change I would want for her that I know I won't get is being able to cleanse from anywhere. It's all about pressure and when her it's hard to keep that when you have to walk to the other side of the map for your power.

How do I get devs to see this? I'd really like their opinion on these ideas.


  • XRuecianXRuecian Member Posts: 118

    I definitely think they need to find a way to make survivors want to cleanse/heal against her. It seems pretty backwards that her entire kit is built around getting people infected and having them cleanse, and yet the smart survivors will just go on without cleansing instead. It's way too easy for survivors to completely deny her power. Sure, she can get everyone injured, but all that really does in the end is make her a really crappy version of myers. It's the same reason why legion is considered low tier. Getting people injured means nothing when you just end up as a base-stat M1 killer afterwards. Why play a killer who can get everyone injured, but then has zero tools to actually secure any of those kills, when you could just play myers or ghostface and do the M1ing except only need one hit from the very beginning?

    It's not even like they need to do anything extreme, but if a survivor doesn't want to cleanse they should be punished for it in some way, so they have to make a choice between keeping a bad debuff or cleansing.

    Instead of making her power non-denyable, they just gave her a free fountain every game. The free fountain is nice, but thats like just a huge band-aid for the real problem.

    They could just do something like whenever a survivor becomes fully infected, they become debuffed with sickness. And the longer they remain sick, the stronger the debuff becomes, until eventually they just have to cleanse. The debuff could be anything from slowing all of their action speeds, or even making them Hindered (slightly slower movement) until they cleanse.

    As for the fountain location, it does feel like it could be fixed. Rather than having random fountains on the edges of the map they could just make them all spawn more centralized so that you are never too far from one.

    All that being said, she still isn't the worst killer to use. It's just a shame that the power that defines her is so easily ignored.

    Even if they have to make it where two survivors need to cleanse before she can ingest the corruption, that would be fine, if they just made it where the survivors had to cleanse eventually.

    They need to take a note from how they built Oni. You WANT to heal against an oni because you know if you don't it will be worse for you.

  • Bludge23Bludge23 Member Posts: 184

    I think they should also reduce the amount of pools there are. There should only be four, one for each survivor.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,384

    Everytime i see a change about Plague i will say this:

    If you want survivors to cleanse by decreasing action speed or any other debuff, corruption version should get nerfed.

  • XRuecianXRuecian Member Posts: 118

    I agree that if they make the infection stronger in order to encourage cleansing, they would need to balance down her corruption. That is why i suggested requiring 2 people to cleanse before she can get a corrupted fountain. This way her corruption can still stay useful and strong, but she wouldn't just have infinite fountains available from everyone cleansing constantly. Suppose they could maybe just reduce how long corrupted mode lasts or something instead.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 882
    edited March 20

    If you're suggestion deterrents to sick survivors due to survivors not cleansing, you obviously haven't experienced being doomed after that one Meg decides to cleanse, The Plague gets Corrupt Purge, and everybody's in the dying state within five minutes.

    I've understood the design behind The Plague to be similar to Myers' in that she interacts with survivors from a medium range and receives the potential to do a large amount of damage in a short period of time. If smart survivors can avoid that, they will.

  • LordEmrichLordEmrich Member Posts: 258

    Am I the only one who plays Plague and actually doesn't want anyone to cleanse? I just enjoy being able to one hit everyone and leave my infection on everything. I get frustrated when I play against people who cleanse cause now I eventually gotta use Corrupt Purge. Meh.

  • XRuecianXRuecian Member Posts: 118

    If you just simply like the idea of injuring all of the survivors and making them easier targets for later, then you are playing the wrong killer. This is what legion is for. Or if you really just want to one hit people period, play ghostface. Her corrupt purge is very deadly and very difficult for survivors to dodge, i don't know why you wouldn't want it available more often.

  • XRuecianXRuecian Member Posts: 118

    I have seen those games, but they are largely caused by her addons rather than her corrupt purge on its own. I think they need to slightly tune down her iridescent addons so that they can allow corrupt purge to be more available without being completely game-crushing. When she is using both iridescent addons, and she activates a fountain while most of the survivors are sick, its basically a free win right now.

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 2,615

    Plague being unable to see the Survivors’ sickness meter is really stupid. Knowing which Survivor is about to break can’t be OP in any way. It’s the same thing with Pig’s traps. Knowing how close a Survivor is to death can’t be OP because the timer pauses while in a chase.

    The reason there isn’t an extra effect to her Vile Purge is because Corrupt Purge exists in its current state. She becomes a 115% Huntress with it.

    If you want Survivors to cleanse, then bring Dying Light and Thanatophobia. Because the Survivors are going to be Broken, they won’t be able to take advantage of the boost Dying Light gives them and they’ll always have Thanatophobia active. You can easily get 30% slowdown if nobody cleanses. In my experience, Survivors will rush to cleanse once they realize what perks you’re running, even if they’re only a little bit sick. They’re that scared of the combo. Survivors staying injured is actually a problem with the game itself and not Plague. Some Survivors rush the gens and either bring Adrenaline or rely on their teammates to heal themselves so they don’t waste time healing.

  • XRuecianXRuecian Member Posts: 118
    edited March 20

    Suppose that is not a bad idea. She could also use Play with your Food along with Dying light so that she gets even more benefit from ignoring the obsession. Since her Vile Purge does not cause her to lose stacks of PWYF, she can be +15% speed for a majority of the game.

  • NeotNeot Member Posts: 22

    or just a small buff like giving Oblivious status to infected survivors for 10 seconds when they hit a good skill check on generators. This way survivors will get some pressure and cannot rush gens safely.

  • HarkonnenHarkonnen Member Posts: 2

    Changes for The Plague:

    The Plague no longer gains her Corrupt Purge from the fountains! Yay!

    Instead of this, her power charges up over time from survivors being infected by the Vile Purge. 

    The more survivors that are infected, the less time her power takes to charge. Once charged The Plague can activate Corrupt Purge at a time of her choosing after going through an animation charge up. The charging animation would be to give the survivors time to take evasive actions. 

    When using Corrupt Purge, the "Corruption Bar" would drain quite fast as you use it so that you don't get a whole lot of it. The way I see it is that every time you press M2 to activate Corrupt Purge, you would drain 1/3rd of the Corruption power with only stuns being able to cancel it while being actively used.

    Now, I know what you're all thinking. You're thinking that that is crazy overpowered and the survivors will have no chance escaping her? Well... You'd be right. If I didn't already think about that!

    The solution for this is that the survivors will now no longer become broken, OR injured after receiving a dose of Vile Purge. Instead, once fully sick(puking) they will recieve a debuff to the speed of ALL actions(repairing generators, healing, vaulting, sabo, etc.) of say... I dunno... What's an arbitrary percentage? Four percent? We'll go with four percent just for sake of arguement. 

    Now this is where the Fountains come back into play. Cleansing from the fountains will now take quite a bit more time than it currently does. Let's again pick an arbitrary number. *Reaches into a hat with numbers written on paper. Pulls out twelve.* Twelve seconds to cleanse. The Fountains will also NOT heal survivors from the injured state anymore. Only remove the infection. Side bonus; medkits will work again after infection is removed.

    This makes it so that the survivors will now have choices to make. Keep repairing this generator even with the debuff while infecting it and anyone else, or leaving it and cleansing to slow down the Plague's Corruption acquisition? 

    The killer now also has choices to make. Do you go around infecting everyone to get your power faster and get the survivors off the generators to go cleanse. Do you use the slower action speeds to your advantage in chases to M1 the survivors? 

    Obviously some of the finer details would need to be worked out. Such as the action speed debuffs. I think it's a good start.

    Some addons would obviously need to be changed. Like her "Iridescent Seal" ultra rare. Instead of activating Corrupt Purge on completion of a generator, it could instead add one extra charge so that it only drains 1/4 of her power bar giving Plague four chances with it.

    What do you all think? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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