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Get rid of Mori's

KolossoniKolossoni Member Posts: 108

I'm not the type that asks for killer nerfs but Mori is really unfun to play against.

Why on earth does a single attack kill a survivor in just a few seconds?

and don't even get me started on unlimted mori offerings.

If killers get to have mori's, then survivors should get instant gen perks or offereings to compensate.

It's lack lustering to see one of your teammates get down in one hit and then get killed in the first 2 minutes of gametime without giving them a chance.



  • KolossoniKolossoni Member Posts: 108

    So basically, prepare a s^&t ton as a survivor to go against 1 killer with an OP skill?

    Sounds fair enuff.

    I mean, killing a survivor in one shot should need more prep or compensation which it does not have.

  • Sasorii19Sasorii19 Member Posts: 11

    Run Spine Chill, Prove Thyself, Decisive and Urban Evasion with a toolbox or key so you dont have to worry.

  • animalmakanimalmak Member Posts: 382
    edited March 20

    I will forever defend moris because I love the animations. I don't even use them while playing killer (mainly because atm I only have Cypress on any of my killers, and I'm not good enough to have just one survivor left).

    I really don't see moris often enough for me to worry about them. And when I do? [Jake Peralta Voice] "Guess who just got MORI'D?"

    The answer is me. I suck.

    I could definitely see Ebony Moris getting a nerf. Every survivor needs to be hooked once before the Mori activates would be the most balanced option, I think. It counters tunneling just to mori but still allows the killer to make use of the mori. Currently the most balanced is the choose-your-own-adventure (or wtv the heck it's called, I can never remember) Mori. The killer should still be able to use the offering during the trial, no matter the play style I think. I'm not very good, but I usually manage to catch at lease one person twice during the trial. For an Ebony that would feel 3/4 wasted, but for CYOA, it works. And because it can only be used once, it doesn't overpower any of the game.

  • NamelessNameless Member Posts: 458

    The fact they were talking about adding more mori animations means nothing. It’s an idea like any other that can get scrapped when necessary. Besides, they can always rework mories while delivering new animations.

    Imo mories should be reworked, same for keys.

  • ReinamiReinami Member Posts: 950

    If they made mori require 2 hooks it would be pointless. Not only would it rob you of perks related to picking up and hooking like thrilling, BBQ, Hangman's etc. but many of them actually take longer than picking up a survivor and putting them on the hook. I have said this in many threads already, but if you fix moris you need to fix keys, and both are easy to fix:

    The problems with keys are the RNG factor of finding one in the game and being able to do nothing about it. Additionally having a free escape for the whole team at the end is bad, however, keys require survivors to work together to do at least part of their objective (depending on how many are alive)

    The problems with mori is that you can use it to hook someone, then tunnel them out of the match completely very quickly, since DS doesn't even counter it.

    Moris and keys can easily be fixed:


    • Make it so keys can't be found in a trial
    • Keys only allow 1 survivor to go through the hatch
    • Keys are now consumed once a survivor with it dies on hook.


    • Make yellow mori base kit
    • Ebony and Green mori stay the same but require you to get 6 hooks (no longer requires you to use it on a survivor that is already hooked)

    These changes solve both problems in preventing RNG keys, and allowing killers to prepare for them, as well as them having a way to remove one from the match completely. It also prevents the issue of the entire team getting a free escape when a killer works at getting a successful 3 gen. It stops moris from being oppressive in the early game, and makes them a mid to late game option, while still requiring the killer to get a good amount of hooks (remember 6 is half their objective) and makes it more in line with keys for survivors, requiring them to do a significant portion of their objective to be used. Yellow mori also does nothing in terms of gameplay and is just a fun way to end a match.

  • KolossoniKolossoni Member Posts: 108

    What kind of a f'ed up logic is that?

    "Killer's kill" therefore mori's are okay?

    Then, what about "survivors survive"? What do we get in return?

    I mean, hooking one person only once out of 4 people isn't that hard.

    Plus you get to get one guaranteed kill (more with offerings) after that so who gets the shaft here?

    If killers get guaranteed kills after 1 hook then survivors (at least 1 random player) should get something guaranteed after finishing a gen or so.

    Isn't that fair?

  • SasukeKunSasukeKun Member Posts: 711

    you're defying logic in like every horror movie scenario. You should WANT different ways to die, that's the whole point. You only get 5k extra points for surviving the trial. sheesh l;ol

  • SasukeKunSasukeKun Member Posts: 711

    You have to get hooked once, Mori's were changed before dude. The next thing is to give us different ones instead of one animation, other players are better at gen rushing and completely avoiding killers cuz they go try hard mode the minute they see the offering not flip over.

  • KolossoniKolossoni Member Posts: 108


    Why would a survivor want to die in different ways?

    That's just a passive way of saying: "killers want different ways to kill"

    Correct correlation would be: Survivors would want to survive in different ways 🤣

    and regarding 5k extra points being rewarded thing... I mean, that's just pathetic bringing that up.

    I'm saying it's not fun.

    Maybe to killers who must enjoy killing survivors with one shots, but think about what that does to the player who dies within 2 minutes?

  • ASurvkillivorerASurvkillivorer Member Posts: 1,041

    A survivor can escape if none of the objective gets done. Bet you don't think thats BS.

    Keys can be brought in game and award 2 survivors an escape if 3 gens get done. Of course that isn't BS.

    The ENTIRE team can escape without opening the exit gate.

    4 survivors and 1 killer. Good luck to the killer if the survivors actually intend to counter the fact a mori was brought into the match. Meanwhile the killer doesn't have any counter to a key that the survivors can't just counter back.

    Killers also get penalized for BP and rank for using moris. Survivors get rewarded for using keys.

  • SasukeKunSasukeKun Member Posts: 711

    it can how ever you want to feel about it but, Mori's make killer more fun hands down

  • TunnelVisionTunnelVision Member Posts: 863
  • CheersCheers Member Posts: 3,426

    Hmm you're saying "If killers get to have mori's, then survivors should get instant gen perks or offereings to compensate."

    Something to complete survivors objectives early.

    Ever heard of a key?

    Both keys and moris need balancing simple as that.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,282
    edited March 20

    "Run Decisive strike" vs a mori. Very good suggestion.

    We have a deal with keys but we can not get rid of swf.

    How is it more fun to have faster games? Many people are complaining that gens pop so fast and therefore games are over quick, but it is suddenly somehow fun when the killer can end a match extremly fast.

    What makes you think the majority of survivors like keys? I bet if they change or remove keys, there wont be much complaining from survivors. Is there really anybody here who think that way?

  • ZoneDymoZoneDymo Member Posts: 1,946
    edited March 20

    I dont mind mori's, I think they are a cool way to die, its just sad that it skews the game completely in the killer favor

    that's why I say all the time:

    Cypress Mori should be basekit, last in the trial and the killer downs you? you (can) get mori'd.

    Other Mori offerings require the player to be on deathhook before you can use it but you get extra points for using it over a sacrifice.

    Survivor also gains extra points for a mori death (just like obsession adds points) for providing a spectacular death to the entity (and so survivors arnt too mad when it does happen to them).

    More Mori's can be unlocked per killer based on the achievements that belong that killer, base mori, Adept killer mori, the other achievement that belongs to the killer mori.

    (and I would love for this game to shake its PG13 nonsense and actually adds some messed up blood and gore to their mori's).

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