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About the issue where your game is showing as having deleted DLC's or lost game totally. Go to your Steam app. Go to Steam < Settings < Downloads < Clear Download Cache. This should restart Steam and you should have access to your game & DLCs.



Fix his BLEEPING Terror Radius with a hot fix or disable his ability to run M&A. It's absolute nonsense. Enough is enough already.

It's bad enough you don't hear his TR when he is at a far range and can hit you because his range is map-wide, but to have literally no TR is ridiculous.

Long-term, if you want to keep these stupid custom terror radius songs, they need to ramp up like the original one does to show proximity. They do not right now. It's as bad as supposed change to TR songs to show whether they are above or below you on The Game map -- that does not work at all.

Get it fixed ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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