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Revert the Nurse basekit nerf.

DepressedNurseMainDepressedNurseMain Member Posts: 671
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I think it's time the "nurse is in a good place" charade ends, you took a gamble with the rework, but it didn't pay off, we all made plenty of points and provided a huge amount of feedback on the nurse rework, but the basekit nerf is still within the game. Our feedback was ignored and nurse remains in limbo since the rework, she needs quality of life changes and bug fixes galore and I know the devs don't want nurse within the game and they regret ever making her due to the painful experience of balancing such a killer, but completely destroying her isn't what needed to happen nor is it something we wanted to see.

Nobody, but the people that truly despised nurse actually wanted to see the killer disappear from the game, although it's an overstatement anyone can clearly see that the number of people who actually want to play nurse has significantly decreased because of quite a few reasons. The Nurse nerf added many bugs into the game that completely destroy the game for her as well as the dead zones that litter plenty of the maps. (Though I will give credit where it's due that they did fix some issues she was having in the new map.)

The Nurse nerf makes games a perpetual nightmare to play as her, due to the issues with bugs and the many "counters" that were added as well as the old ones, because of the cool-down on top of the fatigue animation survivors can quite literally just sprint away like Olympic athletes and it will take two blinks just to play catch up, depending on positioning when before the nerf as soon as you saw a survivor simply running in a straight line was a death wish, but it's a strategy now as the stuns allow too much time for survivors without giving Nurse anything to compensate.

This combo'd with dead hard make it less of skillful interactions with the killer and survivor, but one of oops they had dead hard guess I got to catch up to them again, oops they are running straight again so it will waste more of my time, oops 2 gens are gone already guess the toolbox nerf really helped make gens take more time. Now I have nothing against people using dead hard, but pairing it with these other mindless strategies makes a horrible experience that adds nothing to the game, besides making a killer even less approachable than she was beforehand as dead hard completely denies skilled blinks while also extending the chase significantly.

There are other counters as well on top of these that can also be used and have been used before, but they are even more prevalent and helpful to the survivors as the Nurse quite literally can't afford to miss blinks or against true rank 1s you lose. The skillful interactions between survivors and the Nurse are no longer there, because it's quite easy to mess up the Nurse's ability to catch survivors or deny hits as well as extending chases, most people don't realize how easy it is now because there aren't that many people who actually attempt to play the mess that is Nurse.

Nurse is in need of major bug fixes to help her become somewhat reliable to play as, since even if you play as good as it's not a matter of skill playing nurse at this point, it's a matter of whether or not you can finish the game without any of the stated occurring. The addons that were given to Nurse did not help her to finally get more useful addons it actually decreased the number of addons that were helpful as before there were at least 8 that helped somewhat, but not it's reduced to 4 and with those for being recharge addons and fatigue which really says a lot much about the nerf.

Many people actually were fine with her base-kit, the truly op part of nurse were the addons as they could make any player who was somewhat experienced in the play style of Nurse really powerful and in the right hands it was an unbeatable combo (double range addons) and the extra blink addons made it really hard to escape a nurse as they could get away with missing blinks more frequently. Before the nerf if you played Nurse exclusively you would get a reward which is not hitting a ceiling in terms of skill as there wasn't a clear limit on how good a player could be with Nurse, some people could say it was a problem, but it was actually fun that you could only get better each time you play Nurse.

If you don't want to revert the changes at least give us something that will make Nurse bearable to the long time players who actually took the time to learn her, like changing the useless ultra rare addon that makes it so you can't blink through objects to an addon that allows you to play without a cool-down, something to make it less of a pain to play as her. Or you can leave Nurse as is and continue to blatantly ignore our feedback while saying "yep our stats say Nurse is doing great!" because obviously stats really show how everything truly is performing.

In conclusion stop leaving Nurse in the closet and actually do something to improve her game play don't make it a dare I say legion 2.0 where you consistently deny that these changes were harmful to the delicate balance of killers in all ranks, when clearly it wasn't a good change as the numbers of people actually attempting to play as her or continue to main her plummeted faster than pre-nerf legions kill rate after the nerf.

How to fix Nurse;

1.) Fix the bugs.

2.) True addon rework. (Actually make the addons worthwhile.)

3.) Make Nurse either easier (if you decide to stubbornly insist that Nurse is fine) to new players.

4.) Balance the fatigue and cooldown so it's not stun simulator, nobody likes it. (Learn your lesson from Legion's 4s stun.)

(Also, I don't think it's a great indicator of how a killer is performing when to play effectively as Nurse you need two recharge addons and get this, three tracking perks and a perk that makes the looking down effect bearable.)

~Super Depressed Nurse Main

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  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 1,608

    The strongest killer in the game had to be nerfed eventually, no one is entitled to Old Nurse. People need to let it go...

  • OicimauOicimau Member Posts: 898

    @Tro bring us your suggestions.

    RIP my beloved Nurse...

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    So you just wanna have op nurse back. How about no?

  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 2,159

    I like the constant stuns, but the short duration of doing nothing afterwards is not that cool.

  • OmegaXIIOmegaXII Member Posts: 1,601

    They probably didn't learn from legion. They just released a killer that punishes you for doing too good

    He get 4 sec stun if the chain breaks, which happens far more often when you make precise long shots. And if survivors are already injured, free sprint burst lol.

    4 sec stun + sprint burst + reload + 110 % ms makes a huge distance, forcing you to drop the chase

  • LetsPlayTogetherLetsPlayTogether Member Posts: 2,117

    If you guys think no addon Nurse was fine, you obviously never faced them on a daily basis in redranks. This was bs, and nobody wants this bs back.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,282

    And that is simply wrong. A nurse main does not deserve 4K every round, especially not when he plays against survivors that have more experiecen and are better then the nurse player. Why do killers think they have the right to 4K every round when they are good? Other people are good aswell.

  • rhodamiarhodamia Member Posts: 272

    OP I opened a thread that was MUCH shorter and asked for way less.

    What did I ask?

    Is there any word on bug fixes for Nurse?

    We don't need her tweaked or stronger or buffed or reworked. We have no clue how strong she is right now because she is unplayable buggy.

    Response? None.

    From what I have gathered from the numerous threads. There has not been one response on the status of Nurse bug fixes.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,282
    edited March 18

    He said "The actual good players who played her addonless at rank 1 and had 1k hours on her deserved to 4k every game." I highly disagree.

    But in reality that was the case. I was no nurse main, i maybe had 200 hours on her, but after i knew how to play her, i was not loosing anymore with her. Or at least it was really really rare.

    I agree with those people who say, she is not as much fun anymore as she used to be, but bringing the old nurse back or even slightly buffing the new version of her would break her again. Nobody really wants to have the old nurse back if you think about it - a game vs a good nurse was loose unless you were lucky and played on Lerys. And no, it wont matter how good you are as survivor. Thats why they changed her for good.

    Please fix her bugs and she is more then fine, sitting far on the top of every killer tier list.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 3,025

    I still think she is one of the strongest killers in the game, if played correctly. But I do understand that she isn't that fun to play as anymore.

    However, if they do remove her cooldown on blinks, I think they should nerf her in a different way slightly.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,282

    Good question, idk? I never said SWF is fair, especially not ballanced against weaker killers. Why do you shift to SWF topic, when it is all about the nurse?

  • ThisGuuy83ThisGuuy83 Member Posts: 1,303

    They can't do that. It would ruin the survivors experience. They have to be able to have fun and enjoy the game, even if there potatoes...

  • TroTro Member Posts: 221

    She is subpar right now.  Implement any ONE of these suggestions or something else. Anything, these are just suggestions I've gathered from other forums or other players. She needs to be looked at again, that's all we are asking for.

    a) DONT reset bloodlust timer on every blink. Make it like the rest of the killers, lose LOS for x time/get stunned/brake a pallet/ get a hit you know, same as other killers.

    I will also repost the other suggestions but note we are not asking for all of these, only for 1 of these to be implemented:

    b) Return her base kit to preenerf, leave addons as they are now.

    c) increase her base speed to 4.2-4.4 just like hag/spirit/huntress, leave rest as is.

    d) give her 3-4 blinks as opposed to 2, leave rest as is.

    e) Make one recharge bar recharge blinks to maximum (ie. one recharge bar gives you the 2 blinks at once), leave rest as is.

    f) remove the fatigue, leave rest as is.

    g) remove the blink c/ds while not in a chase, that way you start every chase w 2 blinks.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,282
    edited March 18

    Hire this man, he knows a lot about ballancing Nurse.

  • Nos37Nos37 Member Posts: 1,224

    The devs put the blink recovery in to give survivors a chance to evade and escape her. However, this limits her ability to patrol the map and pressure gens. The blink recovery should only apply during chases.

  • DepressedNurseMainDepressedNurseMain Member Posts: 671

    They never respond to these kinds of threads ever, I haven't personally seen any replies on whether or not they will do anything. The only attention this topic was given was a month back I believe when they said nurse was doing well and left stats on nurse..

  • DepressedNurseMainDepressedNurseMain Member Posts: 671

    Yet I bet you also are one of those people that complain about the lack of variety in killers that you face, yet you are in fact contributing to the fact that only certain killers are able to be played in high ranks. If you are really that entitled to literally take a killer out of play then go on to complain about your next target (ex hillbilly or doctor) then I don't really know what to say to that. :)

  • tehshadowman33tehshadowman33 Member Posts: 939

    This is probably one of the most well-written Nurse threads I've seen. This should get reposted once every week until Devs finally acknowledge that they haven't given Nurse the QoL that she deserves. <3

  • DeathBeamDeathBeam Member Posts: 220

    Can they at least fix her bugs? Some of her bugs like the noise spamming, blink in place, and not able to blink through objects have been around for over a year, not to mention the basement blinks are still a thing.

  • BradyBrady Member Posts: 1,370
    edited March 20

    For every "revert basekit nerf to Nurse" thread is a nickel in BHVR's "we don't give a [BAD WORD] what you think" jar

  • FieryauraFieryaura Member Posts: 47
    edited March 20

    For me, the new accessories are a complete load of bullshit. 

    Like the old Nurse before her rework. The devs have no idea so they put several accessories that nerves the nurse in exchange for blood points instead of creating real accessories.

    I'd like to see the percentage of nurse red rank that plays with this must be close to 0, because simply playing with nerve accessories is unplayable.

    Also the Nurse bugs (Rollback, double stun) are very annoying. 

    I'm not saying the nerf is useless because yes it was necessary. I'm just saying that he's a mess and the killer community is not being listened to.

    He's obviously trolling x)

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