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Dear nurse mains and ex nurse mains, what would you want tweaked with the nurse ?



  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,010

    Not a "main" but always played her a fair bit, and still do.

    Fix her bugs before anything else. I don't even mind the cooldown too much, but at little leniency where it keeps charging for a limited amount of time after starting to charge a blink would be nice. Sucks when stuff gets hectic and you start charging a blink 0.001 seconds too early and you're left with 1 instead of 2.

    Cooldown could also be shortened a bit but I don't have any good ideas for specific numbers on that one.

  • Kagari_LehaKagari_Leha Member Posts: 546

    More baby nurse friendly add-ons instead of gimmick "+200 bps" add-ons

    Nurse is such a hard killer, and people wont even try to play her because she's so hard to learn and take so much time to practice, it's a shame, I love playing as and against her, I would love more people to be able to do so, but for that we need new baby friendly add-ons for her

  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 2,159
  • LiunUKLiunUK Member Posts: 527

    just make it so if you hit a survivor after a blink you get 1 charge back so by the time the fatigue ends you will have both blinks fully charged this will make nurse feel like she used too but only if she hits a survivor bringing back her lethality on good blinks whilst keeping her ability to blink across the map limited this would still be fair and would feel better to play

  • MigrantTheGreatMigrantTheGreat Member Posts: 920

    The reason why we say get rid of her blink CD is because it's her main source of movement and the devs practically nerfed her movement. It's like being in a race and the officials give you ankle weights you can't handle to intentionally piss you off and/or hold you back

  • MigrantTheGreatMigrantTheGreat Member Posts: 920

    A. Nurse can cancel the movement of the blink by simply looking down at the ground and she won't move. Just gotta be careful that the basement or a bottom floor isn't underneath you.

    B. This is why I tell people to stop using her Plaid Flannel add-on when they get comfortable with her blink ranges, because you become more focused on WHERE your going to blink, instead of where you NEED to blink. Nurse requires a lot of map knowledge and awareness, and once you learn that it becomes Trial and Error to improve your gameplay with her.

    C. Increasing her movement speed would make her even more boring and most Nurse's main (That I've talked to at least) used her because of how unique she was

    D. I would rather keep fatigue than get rid of it because her fatigue was actually a CD that she had control over how long it lasted, rather than keep blink recharge which makes her annoying.

    Not trying to 1 up you, just trying to get you to look at it from a former Nurse mains prespective

  • HeroiqHeroiq Member Posts: 1,101

    she's still the most powerful killer IMO.

    and as a previous nurse main (who left her because of dedicated servers and oni). i can say that the real nerf she got was the dedicated servers.

    once she gets fixed and stops punishing me because servers think i charged for less distance. and a new meta that gives me a harder time playing oni. I'll probably get back to her.

    the blink cool-down was a well deserved nerf. the only change (that is not related to how dedicated servers suck) she needs is a change that makes her less frustrating to play as.

  • BattleCastBattleCast Member Posts: 623

    Not often, but that's how it should be. Nurse is supposed to be hard to play.

  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 2,159

    I needed about 1k hours to get good as nurse. Should she be that hard?

  • BattleCastBattleCast Member Posts: 623

    If you want to easily 4k every single game then yes. She should take a long time to learn because then we'd be going against Nurse 24/7 in red ranks and it would just be a slaughter house. I'm fine with SOME games being an instant lose as soon as you hit ready up just not all of them.

  • NursesBootieNursesBootie Member Posts: 2,159

    The base nerf changed nothing for me. It only made her learning curve hell.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188
  • SoulSeverSoulSever Member Posts: 40

    Anything that does not make survivors able to force 2-3 blink cycles by simply running in a straight line. Blinking is how the Nurse moves about, putting a cooldown this harsh on it is like putting a cooldown on W for other killers.

    Suggested fixes:

    Slightly increasing the blink range to compensate for distance lost during cooldown.

    Reducing the cooldown and making so that both blinks recharge independently (Meaning charging a blink does not halt the recharge of the other one, like Tracer in Overwatch).

    Removing the cooldown entirely.

    Increasing base movement speed.

    Increasing blink movement speed (The speed at which you move during the blink. This would mess with existing muscle memory so it is less preferable).

    Increasing blink charge speed (Has the same problem as the last suggestion).

    Increase the speed in which you move whilst charging the first blink and during fatigue to balance the distance lost (Currently they are 72% and 24% respectively).

    Additionally I would ask for Plaid Flannel as base-kit for consistency and to help with the learning of new players, too many are the times where you attempt to blink past a wall on an indoor map only to be blocked by some random junk in the middle of the corridor. Looking at you, Lery's hospital beds

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,114

    I just want her bugs fixed.

  • Jigsaw_pprentice1993Jigsaw_pprentice1993 Member Posts: 178

    its all about keeping the 2nd blink for the chase that way u have a small cooldown dont overblink too much and ur fine

  • TroTro Member Posts: 221

     The only people who think she's OP are people who treat her as any other killer. Even at red ranks or with people who know how to use her correctly, her kill rate is still under 50% and is far more inconsistent than any other killer. Any killer is "great" against survivors who don't know how to play. I have not said to implement all these suggestions;

    To answer your question, the 2 biggest complaints I have are: Bring back the lock on swing if you correctly predict the pathing and blink correctly. Countless times I'll blink correctly and swing with survivor in front of me only to have the game said "you missed". Also, all killers can cancel their ability and swing, except nurse, why? give the ability to cancel blink and swing.

    Other than that, implement any ONE of these suggestions or something else. Anything, these are just suggestions I've gathered from other forums or other players. She needs to be looked at again, that's all we are asking for.

    a) DONT reset bloodlust timer on every blink. Make it like the rest of the killers, lose LOS for x time/get stunned/brake a pallet/ get a hit you know, same as other killers.

    I will also repost the other suggestions but note we are not asking for all of these, only for 1 of these to be implemented:

    b) Return her base kit to preenerf, leave addons as they are now.

    c) increase her base speed to 4.2-4.4 just like hag/spirit/huntress, leave rest as is.

    d) give her 3-4 blinks as opposed to 2, leave rest as is.

    e) Make one recharge bar recharge blinks to maximum (ie. one recharge bar gives you the 2 blinks at once), leave rest as is.

    f) remove the fatigue, leave rest as is.

    g) remove the blink c/ds while not in a chase, that way you start every chase w 2 blinks.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 2,839

    Bugs and hit registration. Her interaction with the dedicated servers is really bad.

    Many map objects still function as pseudo deadzones (gens, trees, tires, HILLS) that require you to grossly overcharge a blink to clear them. You pretty much have to be frame perfect at low wall pallet tiles with a lot of clutter around them. Overcharge to actually blink to the other side, but not so much that you blink well past the target. And because of how framey she gets at the end of the blink animation, you're probably going to be super disoriented in relation to the survivor, so you'll have to perform another perfect blink within the chain window. You actually experience less motion blur if you rotate your mouse during the blink animation instead of keeping linear sight. Wut.

    The hit registration is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. I often hit survivors who are well outside of my lunge range and mysteriously fail to hit survivors that are colliding with my hit box after blinking. This is at 50ms ping at 500mb down/300 up. I can't imagine playing her with higher ping. It's legitimately possible for survivors to be too close to her for blink lunges to register.

    And lastly, the bugs. This is pretty well trodden territory at this point. The most notable one in recent memory was a blink grab where it played the blink animation, froze my character mid animation, and I proceeded to glide out of control into a wall as the survivor finished the gen. Delete the servers for PC. It's a worse experience for all but those playing on McDonald's wifi.

  • MurdleMurdle Member Posts: 119

    I would say increase the window of time you have to chainblink. As I can almost never chainblink when I should have been able to. 1 more second is probably all it needs.

    The stun after every blink is what usually makes the nurse unfun to play. It's moreso the limited vision that's annoying. Even after a successful hit, it really can cause you to lose the survivor anyways. Somehow make the limited vision shorter or remove it alltogether but keep the stun.

    Allow her to basic attack, blink, basic attack, blink, basic attack. How it is now, removes her ability to attack after blinking or vice versa.. Sometimes which kinda sucks and defeats the purpose of blinking.

    Speed up the distance charge time of her blink. If I wanna blink as far away as possible, I have to wait ages for the thing to charge up.. Huge time waster.

  • TroTro Member Posts: 221

    Compare her to huntress or deathslinger, hell billy or spirit; none of them get stunned AND have a giant c/d AND lose LoS every time they use their ability; in fact, no other killer. Buff nurse. 

  • TroTro Member Posts: 221
    edited March 2020

    The biggest argument I hear is "well she can blink trough pallets and can blink trough walls. Hell if those two things are enough for a stun, the longest ability c/d (beside doctor) AND loss of LoS AND loss of movement speed to ven slower than survivors? I don't know everyone else but I would give up the ability to blink trough walls and pallets in order to remove half her handicap.

  • PeenutsButt3rPeenutsButt3r Member Posts: 681

    Keep the cooldown with a new ability to cancel charged blink without penalty

  • OrangeJackOrangeJack Member Posts: 410

    cooldown/recharge for her blinks to be reduced.

    Her bugs to fixed

    The issue of blinking deadzones or obstacles that require longer blink charges than they really should.

    dedicated servers and auto aim are also problematic for her but we won't get any solutions for those two any time soon.

    Statistically in terms of killrates and number of people playing, she isn't doing that well from what I've seen. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

    They just need to make playing her feel more smooth I guess is the best way to put it.

  • Eightball_uwuEightball_uwu Member Posts: 54

    ill be happy if they giver her the original base kit back, but BHVr can keep the old addons, they were horrendously OP

  • GorgonzolaGorgonzola Member Posts: 164

    And if you miss the 2nd blink you may as well abandon the chase.

  • YEEHAW_MainYEEHAW_Main Member Posts: 31

    As a 2000 HR Nurse Main since day one of her literal release, (Now Deathslinger after a longgggggggggg break from DBD, as I see some insane potential.) Revert basekit, keep addons. Fix [BAD WORD] bugs with dedicated. :)

  • oh_0koh_0k Member Posts: 674


    Remove the Cool down


    Increase her movement speed

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